The Bloodshed Plaguing the People of the Horn of Africa. What is America’s Role?

The Bloodshed Plaguing the People of the Horn of Africa. What is America’s Role?

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 “As the Director-General of WHO, I have a duty to protect and promote health wherever it is under threat, and there is nowhere on earth where the health of millions of people is more under threat than in Tigray.”Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, Director General of the World Health Organization, March 16, 2022 [1]

What’s really shocking about this is that all of the mainstream news is about the suffering in Tigray and how Ethiopia is starving Tigray, and there’s very little word about Amhara and Afar.” – Ann Garrison, from this week’s interview.


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While the opinions of people in Europe, Canada and the United States is riveted to footage of the spectacular Ukraine war drawing them to the television sets and internet browser regularly, there is little attention drawn to the situation in Ethiopia. [2]

While casualties in Ukraine are counted in the thousands, the death toll in the one and a half year war in Ukraine is tallied in the hundreds of thousands. And on top of that, food shortages unparalleled in nearly forty years are beginning to threaten still more lives.[3][4]

According to an article written for the BBC, the government of Abiy Ahmed who became Prime Minister in 2018 made sweeping reforms, including removing the Tigrayan government leaders charged with corruption and repression. He also ended the war with Eritrea. [5]

The critics in Tigray however branded Mr Abiy’s moves as an attempt to centralize power and destroy the Ethiopian federal system. On account of the coronavirus, the Abiy government withdrew the ability for Tigray to host a regional election and withdrew their funds. This was interpreted as an act of war by the Tigrayan administration, and in November 2020, prompted their forces to attack army bases and steal their weapons. Abiy saw this as crossing a “red line,” and forced the Ethiopian federal government into a military confrontation. [6]

Thus began the civil war. [7]

At least one journalist has taken notice of the situation and raises concerns seldom expressed by the mainstream Western media. In particular, she has written several articles documenting the role the so-called Tigrayan People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) played while in power for close to thirty years advancing the interests of the United States. The Tigrayan people, she argued, attacked federal authorities. They were not bullied by Ethiopia and Eritrea. Yet, they are frequently portrayed as the victim, even by the WHO chief Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus.

Given that this branding of the players in a country Americans barely know resembles the approach taken in Yugoslavia in 1999, or Syria in the last decade, it seemed like this journalist would make a valuable contribution in a discussion about yet another “genocidal war.” The journalist in question is Ann Garrison. She has covered African countries as a reporter for community radio station KPFA and also for Black Agenda Report. She was in Ethiopia as part of an investigative tour of the region when she was interviewed, and brings a full half hour report to the Global Research News Hour.

However first off, following an article summary, we heard from the activist originally from Eritrea now in San Francisco, Elias Amare, to relate a little about his concerns about the new developments, and whatever he might be hearing from folks on the ground.

Elias Amare is a journalist and editor of Horn of Africa TV. He is also involved with Peace Building Centre for the Horn of Africa. He originally came from Eritrea.

Ann Garrison is a reporter for Pacifica community radio station KPFA operating out of Berkeley, Fresno, California and Santa Cruz.  She is also a lead reporter for the Black Agenda report. She received the Victoire Ingabire Umuhoza Democracy and Peace Prize  for promoting peace through her reporting on conflict in the African Great Lakes Region.

(Global Research News Hour Episode 356)


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Northern Australians will not be subservient to the communist states of southern Australia – communist coup rejected – breakaway mooted

Northern Australians will not be subservient to the communist states of southern Australia – communist coup rejected – breakaway mooted

Take Back Australia – from Australian National Review

Five countries, known collectively as the “BRICS” (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa), form an important economic block. They account for more than 40 percent of the world’s population and over 20 percent of global GDP. Together, they produce more than one-third of global cereal production.

Take Back Australia, suggests a breakaway Republic of Northern Australia should join the expanding BRIC Nations, and dump the New World Globalist order that’s collapsing from the falsified Covid pandemic and Great Reset being exposed.

It said Texas and other States in the US and other countries that are considering becoming their own breakaway Republics to defeat the Globalist’s agenda, should join forces and support each other as more and more regions demand breakaways from being a Globalists controlled puppet states being vaccinated to death from continued falsified pandemics.

Take back Australia, recently announced plans for the top half of Australia to break away, in deference to the proposed State of North Queensland.

Will Australia Become Two Societies – A Parallel Society and Possibly Even a Breakaway Republic?

Plans are progressing for the top half of Australia to become a Republic, and break away from the rest of Australia, as many reject the Great Reset Totalitarian Globalists agenda, being pushed by Klaus Schwab of the World Economic Forum, former Prime Minister Scott Morrison and billionaire, left wing elites.

Take Back Australia, a not-for-profit organisation says:

“Many Australians refuse to accept the outdated and corrupted and Globalists controlled political system in Australia any longer, especially after 2 years of lockdowns and crackdowns on our way of living.

“Plans for both a parallel society, that defends human freedoms, civil liberties, less Government interference, with a real democracy, and a breakaway nation are afoot. The support is substantial and growing” a spokesman said.

“After the largest political protest in Australian’s history in February, 2022, in the nation’s capital, Canberra, where more than 500,000 people peacefully protested the Government vaccine mandates, Government extremism and the Global communist agenda. The Globalists agenda has been pushed and supported by former Prime Minister Scott Morrison (who has been in direct communication with Klaus Schwab about Australia’s support of the dangerous agenda, and State Premiers who violently cracked down on any Australian that supported democracy and human freedoms, under the guise of necessary crackdowns over the now known falsified Covid pandemic, used like a ‘ Trojan horse ‘ to attempt to usher in  a ‘new world order ‘, known as the Great Reset.

“A parallel society will happen regardless, and will include at least 30% of the population, who refuse to be vaccinated, who refuse to accept Government vaccine extremism, medical malpractice and clear overreach and abuse of human rights by the current State and Federal Governments. This is a large economy on its own.

“It will push for criminal sentences for all the politicians, Health Officials, business leaders, main stream media and executives who have been complicit in the Covid fraud. This fraud that’s led to so many unnecessary deaths and injuries from the Covid Vaccines, which were never safe, effective or necessary as spruiked, but knowingly fatal, ineffective and unnecessary, considering cheap effective alternatives that were fraudulently banned.”

However, if enough support is achieved, then the possibility of a breakaway Republic will occur, with plans for the top half of Australia being separated from the rest.

It’s not the first time States or Regions have considered seceding with WA often threatening to become its own country, and North Queensland and New England NSW their own states.

The new border for the New Republic of Northern Australia, would either be at the NSW /Queensland Border, Northern Territory/ SA border and the top half of WA becoming the new National Southern Border and above that the new Republic of Northern Australia. Or the border could be moved further South into NSW, to possibly the Sydney Harbour and Parramatta River becoming the National border to the South, effectively Splitting Sydney into two, and across NSW to the SA border and up to the Northern Territory/SA border, and once again Splitting WA in half.

This would give Australians a clear choice of which Australia they wish to live in.

The freedom loving North of Australia, becoming a Republic, that values human freedoms, civil liberties, informed consent, and protection of National Sovereignty, and the push back of Global Institutions, such as the corrupted WEF and WHO organisation and their totalitarian agendas. It would have much lower taxes, reduced bureaucratic red and green tape, increased manufacturing and defence, an entire new modern day education system and a complete overhaul of the failed medical system.

Or those Australians who are closet communists, want Dictator Dan Andrews as a leader, want to continue with the cesspool of corrupted Canberra Politicians, want higher taxes, and a country that no longer supports civil liberties, and human freedoms, a nation that can continue to bash and shoot at innocent protesters, and force dangerous mask wearing lockdowns, mandatory vaccinations, track and tracing of citizens, introduction of a digital passport, and love Government overreach.

They will be able to enjoy all these wonderful benefits in the old, outdated, communist, southern part of Australia, where statues of Klaus Schwab, Bill Gates, Anthony Fauci, George Soros, other Globalists elites, Dictator Dan Andrews and his communist Chinese backers will be erected, and can be celebrated by waving Red Flags provided by Simon Holmes a Court.

The new Republic of Northern Australia would proceed immediately to slash taxes, and the reduction of income taxes within 5 years to a 15% flat rate, the creation of several economic free zones, and the establishment of two new cities to help de-urbanise the nation, along with a push for regional Australian development and to develop the North’s untapped potential for irrigated food production.

One new city would be built, to become the new national capital of the Republic of Northern Australia, which would be likely to be built in a Central Regional part of Australia, potentially in Central Queensland, with an area between the regional city of Rockhampton (100,000 population) and Yeppoon (30,000) already scoped as a likely location, only minutes from a spectacular coast line. It’s a region with a lot of existing jobs, desperate to attract new workers, who could be enticed to populate the region, reducing crowding in major cities, and support the more de urbanised goal of the Republic of Australia.

Townsville, because of its substantial port facilities could also be considered because of the industrial city’s western rail network and potential to expand to the west.

 A second large city, one that had concept plans and a video generated a decade ago, would be established most likely near Port Hedland in WA, to encourage less fly in fly out workers, and to populate this region, whose families could move to the new city, which would have an enormous number of jobs available in the nearby Pilbara Region.

The city would be built to attract major tourism, as being located closer to Asia, especially Singapore and Indonesia it has large international populations nearby.

Tenders would be considered for large entertainment and resort companies to build large resort complexes in this new city to kick start it plus massive Government investment for affordable housing and grants to entice many to relocate and a major airport. Designed to help it become a major tourist drawcard, for both domestic, and international tourists, considering models such as Sun City in Africa, and Dubai in the United Emirates.

Ultimately the goal would be to take back the entire nation of Australia, and free it from the Globalists control, that has infiltrated our Cabinets and illegally stolen our nation under an effective coup, which is now apparent to the more knowledgeable that the Covid fraud was ultimately designed to achieve.

However, to take back an entire country, it often starts with taking back a part of it, and making it a proven successful example of a better nation, and a better way of living that can inspire other regions and nations to adopt the new improved way to have a better functioning society.

The Republic of Australia movement, supported and endorsed by Take Back Australia, would seek input and ideas from a broad range of patriotic Australians, especially those who understand and see the dangers of unchecked rampant Globalism and the communistic Great Reset Agenda to our beloved Nation.

In such times, new ideas are needed and the development of a New Republic of Northern Australia must be considered along with the building of a parallel society.

Australians deserve their country back, even if it’s one half at a time.

The New Republic of Northern Australia will soon be put to an online vote to garner levels of support.

Key Points

  • Eliminate State Governments.
  • We are over governed.
  • Local and Federal Governments are enough, and this allows one national framework for things such as Education and Health.
  • This avoids overlapping, helps reduce red tape and lowers costs.
  • The abolishment of many taxes such as payroll tax, GST and Capital Gains tax with the lowering of personal income tax to 15% within 5 years.
  • The Republic of Australia would look to join bodies such as the Bric Nations and join the new Global Financial System, dumping the Globalists crumbling financial system that gives the power to the Central Bankers who have abused their power and wealth to dictate to Sovereign nations.

China wants to expand the group of emerging economies known as BRICS, a senior Chinese diplomat said on Thursday. The economic bloc currently consists of Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa.

“China proposes to start the BRICS expansion process, explore the criteria and procedures for the expansion, and gradually form a consensus,” Wang Yi, China’s state councilor and foreign minister, told an online meeting of BRICS foreign ministers, as quoted by Reuters.

In an address ahead of the BRICS foreign ministers’ meeting, Chinese President Xi Jinping urged to strengthen cooperation. Xi had previously invited the Argentinian government to participate in the BRICS summit. Argentina has been striving to join the group for more than a decade. In February, during an official visit to China, Argentinian President Alberto Fernandez reiterated the request.

Brazil, Russia, India, and China initially established the bloc in 2009, with South Africa joining in 2010. BRICS has more than a 16% share in global trade and represents more than 40% of the world’s population.



We May Never Know If Covid Leaked From A Lab Unless The United States Stops Helping China Cover Up The Truth

We May Never Know If Covid Leaked From A Lab Unless The United States Stops Helping China Cover Up The Truth

The only Covid narrative that doesn’t directly aim to control people has to do with determining the origin of SARS-CoV-2. Discovering the origin of the virus should have been a top priority, but it was not. Why? Perhaps, instead of controlling people, the goal in this case was to cover for complicit behavior. 

There are only two plausible competing virus origin hypotheses: “lab leak” and “wet market.” Instead of imploring scientists to work together and discover the truth, then-National Institutes of Health Director Francis Collins wrote in an email to presidential medical advisor Anthony Fauci early in the pandemic: “Wondering if there is something NIH can do to help put down this very destructive conspiracy [i.e., ‘lab leak’], with what seems to be growing momentum.”

Knowing that SARS-CoV-1 leaked from a Chinese lab on at least two occasions in the early 2000s, why would Collins and Fauci be so quick to “put down” the lab leak hypothesis? 

Evidence Wuhan Lab Was Doing Risky Experiments

A 2016 publication in the premier journal PNAS entitled “SARS-like WIV1-CoV poised for human emergence” gave us more than enough evidence that risky experiments were being conducted at the Wuhan Institute of Virology. Specifically, the authors stated: “This manuscript describes efforts to extend surveillance beyond sequence analysis, constructing chimeric and full-length zoonotic coronaviruses to evaluate emergence potential” (emphasis mine). 

In other words, the authors were creating novel viruses and determining how well they could infect human cells. A curious feature of SARS-CoV-2 is the presence of a furin cleavage site in its spike protein that gives it remarkable infectivity. Human cells display a specialized enzyme called “furin protease” that can cleave the SARS-CoV-2 spike protein at the furin cleavage site to facilitate efficient infection. 

Surprisingly, this furin site is absent from the spike proteins of the closest known relatives of SARS-CoV-2, leading to the hypothesis that the furin site could easily have been inserted into a bat virus to create a “chimeric coronavirus” (i.e., SARS-CoV-2). The importance of furin protease cleavage was well known to the PNAS researchers, as evidenced by their statement: “Differences in these regions of spike may yield increased protease targeting, enhanced spike cleavage, and/or expanded tropism leading to more robust infection for the epidemic SARS strains” (emphasis mine). 

It was not until around May 2021 that enough scientists called out the politicization surrounding the origin of SARS-CoV-2 that Fauci (and shortly thereafter his megaphones, including Facebook) decided it was permissible to discuss the possibility of a lab leak. Perhaps this explains why, after an astonishing full year of unexplained rejections and delays by journal editors (in a time of Covid-19, when an avalanche of pandemic-related manuscripts was rushed to print in record time), research from Nikolai Petrovsky’s lab showing that the earliest strains of SARS-CoV-2 were extraordinarily human-adapted was not accepted for publication until June 2021. 

Prior to this hard-earned progress toward more open discussion, media outlets like CNN blared headlines equating “lab leak” to “something out of a comic book.” With much of our attention now diluted by other concerns, once again a group of researchers led by Michael Worobey of the University of Arizona published a paper in February that attempted to take us back to 2020 and declare the “lab leak” dead. 

There’s No Proof Covid Originated in a Wet Market

Notably, this paper does not report a closely related sibling of SARS-CoV-2 displaying a spike protein with a furin cleavage site. It also does not explain why the earliest SARS-CoV-2 strains defied evolutionary theory with their incredible affinity for human cells over bats and other animals. Nor does it produce a shred of evidence that an infected animal at the seafood market transmitted the virus to a person. 

Still, the authors claim “dispositive evidence” in favor of the Wuhan market as the virus origin because: first, a cluster of early cases were allegedly geographically centered around the market; second, animals known to be susceptible to SARS-CoV-2 appear to have been sold at the market; and third, highly sensitive PCR testing detected evidence of the virus in various environmental samples at the market. 

The samples they described were taken between January and March 2020. But by January, with initial cases in Wuhan recorded in early December, the virus had already been spreading for at least one month. By mid-January, the virus had gone international. 

In fact, the joint WHO-China report states: “Transmission within the wider community in December could account for cases not associated with the Huanan market which, together with the presence of early cases not associated with that market, could suggest that the Huanan market was not the original source of the outbreak.” None of the 457 live animals sampled at the market tested positive for SARS-CoV-2, so there simply cannot be “dispositive evidence” of zoonotic spread. 

Furthermore, nothing in the detailed analyses of the paper’s authors eliminates the possibility that an infected person walked into the market and spread the virus. In fact, the few locations where live viruses were detected at the market are “likely to reflect contamination from cases” according to the WHO-China report. In other words, an infected person most likely deposited virus in these locations (i.e., walls, floors, etc.). 

The authors of the study that reported the virus sampling referenced by Worobey et al. came to a different conclusion than Worobey et al. did: “Thus, the market might have acted as an amplifier due to the high number of visitors every day, causing many initially identified infection clusters in the early stage of the outbreak.” According to these scientists, the market was likely a super-spreader event, not the origin of the pandemic. 

What Other Data Is China Covering Up?

Curiously, 13 SARS-CoV-2 genomic RNA sequences from the earliest stages of the pandemic were inexplicably deleted from an NIH database at the request of Chinese researchers. Thankfully, the sequences were recovered from the Google Cloud and analyzed by Jesse Bloom.   

Adding to the intrigue, Bloom’s findings suggest that because Worobey et al. failed to include these deleted data in their study, their findings probably present an incomplete picture of the circulating viruses in Wuhan early in the pandemic. It’s further intriguing that one of the Worobey et al. co-authors apparently attempted to pressure Bloom to retract his publication. Bloom’s work should have us all wondering: What other vital data did Chinese researchers delete?

There are nearly 40,000 wet markets in China; what are the odds that this particular market (that happens to be near a virology lab making “chimeric coronaviruses”) was the origin of this coronavirus pandemic? Setting that aside and looking at the totality of the data, both “lab leak” and “market” virus origin hypotheses are still very much in play, as neither side has yet to present “dispositive evidence” on the origin of SARS-CoV-2. 

Still, politicized headlines from major news outlets continue to exclaim their wishful thinking: “Trump’s favorite COVID origin theory of a Wuhan lab leak just got crushed by new research,” as Fortune headlined.  

Why Chinese and U.S. Elites Want to Hide the Truth

Either way, whether lab or market origin, anyone trying to cover for China apparently must be reminded that both scenarios are humiliating for the Chinese government. Both represent extremely careless and unhygienic behavior, especially considering that wet markets are places where endangered animals like pangolins are slaughtered for completely unscientific medicines. 

The difference, of course, is that the lab scenario also implicates powerful interests in the United States. Thus, it’s not difficult to understand why stifling the lab leak would be important to those in power.

Covid caused those in power to react to events that they had little to no influence over with narratives designed to give the illusion of taking control of the situation. What makes this pandemic different are the tools available to control the narratives, namely the addition of Big Tech and their willingness to suppress debate. 

Still, the truism noted by Aldous Huxley that “facts do not cease to exist because they are ignored” remains. The challenge is to ensure that people in our society are never too intimidated to offer counter-narratives or debate the edicts from those with power. 

Pat Fidopiastis, Ph.D., is a professor of microbiology at California State Polytechnic University.


5/17/2022 Noticias financieras en China: La tasa de desempleo de la Encuesta Nacional Urbana se sitúa en el 6,1% en abril; la China comunista se hunde en un crecimiento negativo en varios indicadores económicos en abril, lo que pone de manifiesto el enorme coste del bloqueo de Shanghai

5/17/2022 Noticias financieras en China: La tasa de desempleo de la Encuesta Nacional Urbana se sitúa en el 6,1% en abril; la China comunista se hunde en un crecimiento negativo en varios indicadores económicos en abril, lo que pone de manifiesto el enorme coste del bloqueo de Shanghai


1.La China comunista cae en crecimiento negativo en varios indicadores económicos en abril, destacando el enorme coste del bloqueo de Shanghai

Los principales datos económicos de la China comunista se debilitaron en abril, con varios indicadores que incluso cayeron en crecimiento negativo, poniendo de manifiesto el enorme coste de las medidas de bloqueo de Shanghai. Sin embargo, el departamento de estadísticas del PCCh cree que esto no significa que todo el funcionamiento económico vaya a decaer en el segundo trimestre. Los datos publicados por la Oficina Nacional de Estadística del PCCh mostraron que las ventas totales al por menor de bienes de consumo de China comunista cayeron un 11,1% interanual en abril; el valor añadido de las industrias por encima de la escala nacional cayó inesperadamente un 2,9% interanual; el índice de producción de la industria nacional de servicios cayó un 6,1% interanual. Además, el crecimiento de la inversión en activos fijos de enero a abril, excluyendo a los agricultores, se debilitó hasta el 6,8% interanual, por debajo del 7,2% esperado.

2.La tasa de desempleo de la Encuesta Nacional Urbana se sitúa en el 6,1% en abril

La Oficina Nacional de Estadística del PCCh publicó datos que muestran que, de enero a abril, se crearon 4,06 millones de nuevos puestos de trabajo en las zonas urbanas, y la tasa de desempleo de la encuesta nacional urbana se situó en un promedio del 5,7%. La tasa de desempleo de la encuesta urbana nacional fue del 6,1% en abril, con un aumento de 0,3 puntos porcentuales respecto al mes anterior. La tasa de desempleo por encuesta de la población doméstica local fue del 5,7%; la tasa de desempleo por encuesta de la población doméstica extranjera fue del 6,9%, de la cual la tasa de desempleo por encuesta de la población doméstica agrícola extranjera fue del 6,6%. las tasas de desempleo por encuesta de la población de 16 a 24 años y de 25 a 59 años fueron del 18,2% y del 5,3% respectivamente. la tasa de desempleo por encuesta de 31 grandes ciudades fue del 6,7%. La media de horas semanales de trabajo de los empleados en las empresas de todo el país fue de 46,2 horas.

3.Ministerio de Asuntos Exteriores del PCCh: Se opone a que EE.UU. reprima a determinados países y empresas generalizando el concepto de seguridad nacional

El portavoz del Ministerio de Asuntos Exteriores del PCCh, Wang Wenbin, ofreció una conferencia de prensa regular el 17 de mayo. Un reportero preguntó que se ha informado de que Estados Unidos planea aumentar las sanciones a las empresas que violan las normas que restringen las exportaciones de productos que “amenazan la seguridad nacional de Estados Unidos”, y que se centrará en países como la China comunista y Rusia en un futuro próximo, y pidió una respuesta. Wang Wenbin respondió que no tiene conocimiento de la situación mencionada. Por principio, quiere subrayar que el PCCh siempre se ha opuesto al planteamiento estadounidense de generalizar el concepto de seguridad nacional, abusar del poder del Estado y reprimir injustificadamente a determinados países y empresas. Wang Wenbin dice que el enfoque estadounidense viola los principios de la economía de mercado y las reglas del comercio internacional, y socava la seguridad de la cadena de suministro de la industria mundial.

4.El consumo de electricidad en abril es de 636,2 mil millones de kilovatios hora, un 1,3% menos que el año anterior

Según las estadísticas de la Administración de la Energía del PCCh, en abril se consumió un total de 636.200 millones de kilovatios hora de electricidad, con un descenso del 1,3% interanual. Por sectores, el consumo de electricidad de la industria primaria es de 7.800 millones de kilovatios/hora, con un aumento del 5,5%; el de la industria secundaria es de 446.800 millones de kilovatios/hora, con un descenso del 1,4%; el de la industria terciaria es de 97.900 millones de kilovatios/hora, con un descenso del 6,8%; el consumo de electricidad residencial urbana y rural es de 83.700 millones de kilovatios/hora, con un aumento del 5,5%. De enero a abril, el consumo total de electricidad de toda la sociedad es de 268.900 millones de kilovatios-hora, con un aumento del 3,4%. Por sectores, el consumo de la industria primaria es de 32.000 millones de kWh de electricidad, un 10,8% más; el consumo de la industria secundaria es de 177.040 millones de kWh de electricidad, un 1,9% más; el consumo de la industria terciaria es de 453.100 millones de kWh de electricidad, un 3,1% más; el consumo de los residentes urbanos y rurales es de 425.400 millones de kWh de electricidad, un 10,5% más.

5. La recaudación del impuesto sobre transmisiones patrimoniales de enero a abril cayó un 29,8% interanual

El Ministerio de Finanzas del PCCh publicó los ingresos y gastos fiscales de abril de 2022. Los ingresos del presupuesto público general nacional fueron de 7.429.300 millones de yuanes, un 5% más tras deducir la devolución de impuestos de enero a abril. Entre los impuestos sobre la tierra y los bienes inmuebles, el impuesto sobre las escrituras fue de 194.100 millones de yuanes, un 27,4% menos que el año anterior; el impuesto sobre el valor añadido de la tierra fue de 265.400 millones de yuanes, un 1,7% menos que el año anterior; el impuesto sobre la propiedad fue de 126.800 millones de yuanes, un 12,9% más que el año anterior. Los ingresos presupuestarios del gobierno nacional acumulados entre enero y abril fueron de 175.650 millones de yuanes, un 27,6% menos que el año anterior. Los ingresos presupuestarios de la administración central fueron de 111.000 millones de yuanes, un 4,4% menos que el año anterior; los ingresos presupuestarios de la administración local fueron de 1.645.500 millones de yuanes, un 28,8% menos que el año anterior; 1.501.200 millones de yuanes procedieron de la venta de derechos de uso de tierras estatales, un 29,8% menos que en el mismo periodo del año anterior. El gasto presupuestario acumulado del gobierno nacional entre enero y abril fue de 314.880 millones de yuanes, con un aumento del 35,2% interanual.

6.HKMA: El total de los créditos de las tarjetas de crédito cae casi un 14% en el primer trimestre de 2022

La Autoridad Monetaria de Hong Kong anunció que el total de las cuentas por cobrar de las tarjetas de crédito cayó un 13,8% en el primer trimestre de este año, hasta los 116.000 millones de dólares de Hong Kong a finales de marzo, reflejando principalmente el menor gasto de los titulares de las tarjetas durante la nueva oleada del brote del virus PCCh y la disminución del impacto del gasto en vacaciones y del pago de impuestos sobre los salarios en el trimestre anterior.El índice de morosidad y reestructuración aumentó hasta el 0,33% a finales de marzo, desde el 0,27% a finales del trimestre anterior. El índice de cancelación de tarjetas de crédito disminuyó ligeramente hasta el 0,37% desde el 0,38% del trimestre anterior.

7.Los ingresos brutos diarios de Macao caen al nivel más bajo desde octubre de 2020

Los ingresos brutos diarios del juego de Macao se desplomaron a su nivel más bajo desde octubre de 2020 en los seis días comprendidos entre el 10 y el 15 de mayo, afectados por la estacionalidad posterior al Día del Trabajo, según la correduría Bernstein. En su actualización semanal de los GGR de Macao, los analistas de Bernstein Vitaly Umansky y Louis Li dijeron que los GGR diarios alcanzaron sólo 50 millones de MOP (6,2 millones de dólares), un 75% menos que en los primeros nueve días del mes y un 44% menos que la media de abril, en sí mismo el peor mes desde septiembre de 2020. Hasta la fecha, el GGR total de 2.100 millones de MOP (252 millones de dólares) es un 83% inferior al de mayo de 2019 y un 58% inferior al de mayo de 2021. Sin embargo, está rastreando por delante de abril con el volumen VIP rastreando un 60% más alto mes a mes y el GGR masivo diario un 50% más alto.

8.Moody rebaja la calificación de Sunac China Family a “Ca”, perspectiva “negativa”

Moody’s Investors Service rebajó la calificación de la familia corporativa de Sunac China Holdings Limited a “Ca” desde “Caa1” y redujo su calificación senior no garantizada a “C” desde “Caa2” con una perspectiva “negativa”. Kelly Chen, vicepresidente y analista senior de Moody’s, dijo que la rebaja refleja la expectativa de Moody’s de una perspectiva de tasa de recuperación más débil para los tenedores de bonos de Sunac tras el incumplimiento del pago de intereses. La perspectiva “negativa” refleja la opinión de Moody’s de que la perspectiva de la tasa de recuperación de los acreedores de Sunac puede debilitarse aún más. Sunac China anunció el 12 de mayo que no había pagado el cupón de sus bonos senior al 7,95% con vencimiento en octubre de 2023 en el periodo de gracia de 30 días, una medida que podría desencadenar un impago cruzado y una amortización acelerada de otra deuda. Moody’s cree que Sunac probablemente se someterá a un proceso de reestructuración de la deuda y se verá obligada a recurrir a la venta de activos o a inversiones de posibles inversores para financiar el servicio de la deuda.

Equipo Secreto de Traducción
Traducción: La Profecía Thiaoouba

Disclaimer: This article only represents the author’s view. Gnews is not responsible for any legal risks.


Exclusive — Sen. Rand Paul: Congress Has to Borrow from China to Send $40 Billion in Aid to Ukraine

Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) told Breitbart News Daily that America has to borrow the money to send $40 billion in aid to Ukraine.

Breitbart News Daily host Alex Marlow spoke with Paul as the Senate remains poised to pass legislation that would send $40 billion in military and economic aid to Ukraine while Americans grapple with inflation and food shortages. Paul has “single handedly” worked to hold up the Ukraine package, contending that the package needs an inspector general to ensure that the billions of dollars are spent wisely.

Paul said that America would have to continue borrowing from China to appropriate the proposed Ukraine aid package.

“I think it’s important to know that we don’t have any money to send, we have to borrow money from China to send it to Ukraine. And I think most people kind of get that, and many Republicans will say that when it’s a new social program, but if it’s military aid to a country, they’re like we can borrow that, that’s a justified borrowing,” Paul explained to Marlow.

Paul served as one of the 11 Senate Republicans to vote against advancing the Ukraine aid package, which included Sens. Hawley, Mike Crapo (R-ID), Bill Hagerty (R-TN), Mike Braun (R-IN), Marsha Blackburn (R-TN), John Boozman (R-AR), Roger Marshall (R-KS), Cynthia Lummis (R-WY), and Tommy Tuberville (R-AL).

The Ukraine aid procedural vote strikes a contrast between establishment Republican views on foreign policy, which favor more activist intervention abroad, and populist senators such as Paul, who believe that America should not engage in endless wars and conflict abroad.

Paul said that Republicans’ contribution to America’s deficit undermines their argument that President Joe Biden is solely responsible for the rampant inflation under his administration.

The Kentucky senator said, “The problem is that it all leads to inflation, so it kind of hurts the Republican argument that Biden’s spending and Biden’s debt leads to inflation, except for when it’s bipartisan spending and that doesn’t really count.”

Republicans added over $100 billion in new debt with Democrats in providing direct subsidies to semiconductor companies and also by increasing the National Science Foundation, one of the most wasteful organizations in Washington.

Paul lamented in his interview with Breitbart News Daily that many Republicans are now lining up to grant $48 billion in coronavirus relief to restaurants, even though most coronavirus lockdowns have been over for at least a year.

The Kentucky senator noted that many Republicans and Democrats liked the idea of having an inspector general have oversight on the tens of billions of Ukraine aid; however, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) pushed senators away from Paul’s proposal because the inspector general would be “ruthless” with the spending.

Paul said that it is a good idea to have a “zealous guardian” of the taxpayers’ money.

Marlow asked why so many Republicans, even though they sound like Paul in terms of rhetoric, often vote to borrow from China to send money to Ukraine.

Paul said the “bipartisan consensus” is to have Republicans vote for increased military spending, and Democrats boost social welfare spending.

“This is the bipartisan consensus right now on Ukraine. Republican and Democrat leadership are exactly the same. So they get together. But in order to get together to get this, it’s guns and butter, you look at the $40 billion, it’s a lot of guns, but in order to get the gun they had to give out a lot of butter and so there’s a lot of spending going to European countries for food throughout the world,” Paul said.

He added, “What we’ve done is given away the farm to make us weaker.”

Breitbart News Daily airs Monday through Friday from 6:00 A.M. to 9:00 A.M. on Sirius XM Patriot 125. 

Sean Moran is a congressional reporter for Breitbart News. Follow him on Twitter @SeanMoran3.


5/18/2022 Financial News in China: Some Banks in Tianjin Implement the Lowest 4.4% Mortgage Rate; Shanghai Customs Launched Recovering Measures

5/18/2022 Financial News in China: Some Banks in Tianjin Implement the Lowest 4.4% Mortgage Rate; Shanghai Customs Launched Recovering Measures

Image source

1.More Than 50 Billion Yuan Invested to Build Rural Water Supply Projects

According to the data provided by the Ministry of Water Resources, China will invest more than 50 billion yuan in the construction of rural water supply projects this year. According to incomplete statistics, this year, the country has started construction of rural water supply projects amounted to more than 5,000. Mainly local government special bonds, local financial funds, bank credit funds, social capital and other major.

2.Residential Housing Sales Prices Decline MoM in April

National Bureau of Statistics, May 18 news, the National Bureau of Statistics, City Division, chief statistician rope Guoqing interpretation 2022 April commodity residential sales price change statistics, said April commodity residential sales prices continue to fall year-on-year. 70 large and medium-sized cities, the number of cities with declining commodity residential sales prices increased, one, two and three tier cities commodity residential sales prices in general than the trend of decline, year-on-year continue to lower.

3.Foreign Institutions Held 3.77 Trillion Yuan Of Inter-Bank Market Bonds At The End Of April

Data released by the Shanghai headquarters of the CCP Central Bank on May 17 showed that as of the end of April 2022, foreign institutions held 3.77 trillion yuan of bonds in the interbank market, accounting for about 3.2% of the total custody volume of the interbank bond market. Compared with March, foreign institutions reduced their holdings of interbank market bonds by 0.11 trillion yuan in April.

4.China Has Built Nearly 1.6 Million 5G Base Stations

The reporter learned from the World Telecommunication and Information Society Day 2022 conference on May 17 that China has built nearly 1.6 million 5G base stations and has become the first country in the world to build a 5G network on a large scale based on the independent group network model. 5G applications cover many areas of life such as transportation, medical care, education and cultural tourism, with a total of more than 20,000 cases. Industrial Internet has been applied to 45 national economy categories, covering R&D design, manufacturing, marketing services and other aspects, and the industry scale has passed the trillion yuan mark.

5.China Released the First Intelligent Agricultural Machinery Technology Roadmap

Today (18th), guided by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, China released the first intelligent agricultural machinery technology roadmap. The Intelligent Agricultural Machinery Technology Roadmap was compiled by more than 120 experts in the fields of agricultural machinery, vehicles, electronic information and other technologies over a period of two years on the basis of four consecutive years of unmanned agricultural operations trials in China.

Based on unmanned agricultural machinery as the final product form, the roadmap proposes nine frontier and key technologies, including dexterous machine architecture, universal digital chassis, new power system, integrated sensing and information collection system, integrated operation tools and new energy system.

6.Coal Production Maintains Double-Digit Rapid Growth for Four Consecutive Months

May 18 (Xinhua) — According to the National Energy Administration, since 2022, China’s coal production has maintained a relatively fast growth trend, and coal supply security capacity has continued to increase. Production, January to April raw coal production increased by 10.5% year-on-year, of which Shanxi, Shaanxi, Inner Mongolia, Xinjiang 4 provinces and regions together accounted for 80.9%. Imports, January to March imports of coal fell 24.2% year-on-year, in April from the decline to increase, up 8.4%.

7.Some Banks in Tianjin Implement the Lowest 4.4% Mortgage Rate

The trend of cities following the principle of city-specific policies to adjust the real estate market is still ongoing, and after the central bank sounded the lowest mortgage rates down, Tianjin responded with fire. It is understood that Tianjin has started to reduce mortgage rates on the 17th. A number of local agents told Interface News that some banks can reduce the first suite loan interest rate to 4.4%, before that, the first mortgage rate in Tianjin is generally 4.9%.

8.Shanghai Customs Launched Recovering Measures

Shanghai Customs Deputy Director Liu Bo responded to the May 18 press conference on the prevention and control of the epidemic: in response to the impact of the epidemic on the supply chain of the Yangtze River Delta, the regional Customs has established a coordination mechanism to implement joint research and judgment, rapid response and coordinated handling of major emergency problems; to achieve mutual recognition of “white list” enterprises five customs (Shanghai, Nanjing, Hangzhou, Ningbo, Hefei Customs), to guide enterprises to use “land to water”, “land to rail” and “joint pick-up and drop-off” and other ways to speed up the operation of goods across the customs territory.

【G Translators- Financial Team】
Author: 和理非

Disclaimer: This article only represents the author’s view. Gnews is not responsible for any legal risks.


Dr. John Cheng Hailed as Hero for Charging Gunman in Taiwanese Church

Dr. John Cheng Hailed as Hero for Charging Gunman in Taiwanese Church

Dr. John Cheng, a 52-year-old sports medicine specialist, is being hailed as a hero for charging the gunman who targeted the Geneva Presbyterian Church in Laguna Woods, Orange County, California, on Sunday, saving lives at the cost of his own.

The Los Angeles Times reported:

The churchgoer killed when a gunman opened fire at a Laguna Woods church Sunday was a sports medicine doctor and master of martial arts who was slain while trying to stop the shooting, authorities said Monday.

Orange County sheriff’s officials said that when the suspect began shooting, Dr. John Cheng put himself in the line of fire and tried to prevent others from being shot.

According to the visiting pastor, Cheng, 52, of Laguna Niguel, was not a regular at the Irvine Taiwanese Presbyterian Church, which met Sundays at the Geneva Presbyterian Church, but had brought his mother to a special event honoring the former longtime pastor.

The Orange County Register reported:

Cheng also was a martial arts enthusiast, and he was big on youth sports and keeping children and young adults active.

Andrew Mashburn, the athletic director at Aliso Niguel [High School], said Cheng was the football team’s physician and ran yearly physicals with all the student-athletes.

“We just finished working with him last Wednesday where he personally cleared 400 of our student-athletes for participation in athletics for the 22/23 school year,” Mashburn said. “Dr. Cheng was an amazing man. Kind, caring, happy. He was calm, cool and collected and we were blessed to be able to work with him and his staff. Such a devastating loss for our community.”

The alleged gunman, a naturalized Chinese immigrant, was tied up by congregants after Dr. Cheng charged him. Dr. Cheng was the only person who died; four others were wounded. The motive for the attack, which is being called a hate crime, was apparently anger against Taiwan amid growing tensions with mainland China.

Joel B. Pollak is Senior Editor-at-Large at Breitbart News and the host of Breitbart News Sunday on Sirius XM Patriot on Sunday evenings from 7 p.m. to 10 p.m. ET (4 p.m. to 7 p.m. PT). He is the author of the recent e-book, Neither Free nor Fair: The 2020 U.S. Presidential Election. His recent book, RED NOVEMBER, tells the story of the 2020 Democratic presidential primary from a conservative perspective. He is a winner of the 2018 Robert Novak Journalism Alumni Fellowship. Follow him on Twitter at @joelpollak.


TLBTalk Radio: Why Joe-Bob’s The Perfect President For ‘NOW’

TLBTalk Radio: Why Joe-Bob’s The Perfect President For ‘NOW’

TLBTalk Radio – Episode #17 – Why Joe-Bob’s The Perfect President For ‘NOW’

Listen to Archived Show below Intro

See Related Talking Points & Articles below Archived Show

Commentary by your Host: Roger Landry (TLB)

Hello everyone and welcome to Episode #17 of TLBTalk Radio. The title of today’s show is Why Joe-Bob’s the Perfect President for ‘NOW’

Today’s show lists the reason that ‘ONLY‘ Joe-Bob could actually fill that seat in the White House at this very point in time …

Before we get started I would like to once again, say thanks to RBN for the platform (explained in broadcast), to Sam, the show producer, and to Annie at Shake and Wake Radio for this shows replays on Thursdays, and for also hosting my newest show (with Co-Host Stephen Roberts) Eagle’s Eye Report on Wednesdays from 4-5 PM Central. They are all a very significant part of the weekly success of The Liberty Beacon Project’s Message

As is usual the message I bring to you today is not entertainment, nor is it baseless guesses, or remote possibilities. Most of what I deliver is in your face reality, recorded facts or an inevitability depending on our course of action.

So, Down to Business …

Those who have done any research at all look at the man sitting on the Oval Office today and wonder … We wonder if those who worked so damn hard to install (not elect) him were aware of his many toxic issues and failings?

Were they aware he is compromised via Russia, China, and just about every U.S. Intel Agency due to the fact that they all posses a complete copy of Hunters laptop hard-drive? Were they aware of his mental slippage in both memory and presentation? Were they aware that these issues made him susceptible to outside influences that could, and most likely would work against this nations innermost security and in general against We The People?

My guess, and that of just about any semi intelligent researcher on this topic is that … they were not only aware, but these were exactly the qualifications required for a sitting president to accomplish a global agenda put on hold, or sidetracked for the prior four year. He literally can’t say no, and is well past the point of feeling any remorse for his actions that blatantly work to destroy the country he has sworn to protect and defend.

And if he is ever put on trial for treason … a possibility increasing in probability daily … would probably never serve a day in prison due to his increasing mental shortcomings. That is unless he is assassinated by the very entities who installed him to insure that in a lucid moment he does not spout off at the mouth.

Now maybe the title Why Joe-Bob’s The Perfect President For ‘NOW’ makes a little more sense!

Now before you push back on anything stated above, lets go over just a short list of the extremely dangerous and damaging issues Joe-Bob is implementing (on the puppet masters orders). The list is by no means complete, but will be more than sufficient to show beyond doubt his (his masters) goal of the absolute destruction of America as we know it. Why … Because after all is said and done … You can’t install global governance as long as the cowboys of the world are still standing tall and strong … and that is a FACT !!!

Listen Up …


Why Joe-Bob the Perfect President for ‘NOW’

Listen to this archived show by clicking on the image below:


Show Talking Points

  • Door #1, #2 & #3

  • Hunters Laptop … out of the news … WHY ???

  • Open Borders, Treason on Joe-Bob’s part

  • Tyranny and Cover-up in Ukraine … Biden family and Dems

  • The Ministry of truth (Mary Poppins) … Tyranny against America

  • Supply chain destruction … Choreographed scenario

  • Fuel production destruction … Choreographed scenario

  • Baby formula crisis … Avoidable … Choreographed scenario?

  • School takeover by liberals … Dividing tactic

  • Social destruction via LGBTQ assault on middle class America … WTF

  • Food shortage crisis … Choreographed scenario

  • Loss of our First Amendment rights cross multiple media platforms promoted by government … Choreographed scenario

  • Promotion and loyalty to Globalist policies by Liberal leaders and RINOs … FACT

  • Military destruction via illegal mandates & Wokeness … Choreographed scenario

  • Loss of faith in healthcare system and Doctors due to government & media COVID misinformation & disinformation !!! … Worsening Daily

  • FDA saying we must treat COVID like the Flu after all the massive damage … IT IS THE FLU !!! … WTF

  • Who else but a brain dead, compromised, fully controlled puppet could ever remain president, and push back on NONE of this ??? … FACT

  • He was picked by the globalists to be their front man (Puppet) … FACT

  • You Can’t have Global Governance until The Cowboys (America) Fall !!! … FACT


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TLBTalk Radio: A Few Questions For Joe-Bob


For more Archived Episodes click on the image below


Show Song


About the Author & Host: Roger Landry (TLB) spent about three decades of his adult life either in, or working for the military, with about two decades working directly for the Military Industrial Complex facilitating DOD contracts. His awakening to Political, Economic, and Health realities was about twelve short years ago. Since that time he has founded The Liberty Beacon Project (TLB) consisting of a half dozen proprietary global websites, media projects and partner websites across the planet. He contributes regularly to multiple forums both in and outside of TLB Project. Most of his work can be found on the TLB Flagship website

Image Credit: In Article Image“Joe Biden” by Gage Skidmore licensed CC BY-SA 2.0.


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