Houston Man Gets 45 Years In Prison, Claims He Murdered Neighbor Out Of Fear Of Tape

Houston Man Gets 45 Years In Prison, Claims He Murdered Neighbor Out Of Fear Of Tape

HOUSTON, Texas – A 48-year-old Spring man was sentenced to 45 years in prison Thursday after being convicted of murder for shooting his neighbor in broad daylight as she stood with her dog in her front yard, Harris County District Attorney Kim Ogg announced.

“Hector Campos is a violent and vengeful man who killed his neighbor simply because they did not get along,” Ogg said. “Ana Weed, a loving wife, mother and grandmother, is dead and her family is devastated because an angry man with a gun could not control himself.”

Hector Arturo Campos was convicted earlier this week for gunning down his neighbor, 53-year-old Ana Weed, in her front yard on Jan. 24, 2017, in the 3400 block of Mourning Dove in Spring.

Weed’s family members testified they had a feud with Campos that began when Campos’ then-wife took the couple’s infant daughter on a trip to Mexico in June 2016. Campos had arranged the trip, then changed his mind and tried to cancel it. Because of that, Weed drove Campos’ then-wife and the baby to the airport, which apparently angered Campos, who eventually filed for divorce.

Months later, Campos was cleaning a truck in his driveway when he confronted Weed in her front yard about where his estranged ex-wife and daughter were. The two began arguing. Weed’s small dog got away and started barking at Campos, who tried to kick the dog. Weed, who had been wrapping a gift for her grandson and had a roll of clear packing tape in her hand, tried to retrieve the dog. At that point, Campos produced a handgun and shot her one time.

Campos later told police that Weed pushed him and then made a motion as though she was going to wrap a length of tape around his neck to choke him, so he shot her.

Jurors rejected Campos’ claim of self-defense, and sudden passion, convicting him of murder and sentencing him to 45 years in prison.

“You took away the life of an incredible and valuable person,” Weed’s sister, Carmen Guillen, said during her victim impact statement. “We will cherish her memory and she will never be forgotten. She lives on through her son and grandchildren.”

Assistant District Attorney Christopher Condon, who prosecuted the case with Ryan Trask, said the jury came back with the right verdict and a just sentence.

“He showed no mercy to Ana Weed,” Condon said. “For this family, every possible joyful occasion will be marred by sorrow, so we’re thankful for the jury’s hard work in bringing them justice.”


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Boat Captain Went Overboard Near Panama City, FL, Survived For Hours Without A Life Jacket: USCG

Boat Captain Went Overboard Near Panama City, FL, Survived For Hours Without A Life Jacket: USCG

The Coast Guard responded to a report of a man overboard Sunday approximately 12 miles south of Panama City, Florida.

Coast Guard Sector Mobile watchstanders received a notification at approximately 4 a.m. over VHF-FM channel 16 from a crewmember on the fishing vessel Fiona Leone reporting that the captain of the vessel fell overboard while the vessel was on autopilot.

Watchstanders issued an urgent marine information broadcast and coordinated the launch of a Coast Guard Station Panama City 45-foot Response Boat-Medium boatcrew, a Coast Guard Aviation Training Center Mobile HC-144 Ocean Sentry aircrew and the crew of the Coast Guard Cutter Diamondback to assist.

The captain was in the water for more than four hours without a life jacket before the good Samaritan vessel New Beginnings rescued him. The Station Panama City boatcrew convened with the New Beginnings and transferred the captain back to the Fiona Leone to safely navigate his vessel back into port.

The captain was last reported to be in good condition.

“We’d like to commend the crew of the New Beginnings on their vigilance and willingness to help,” said Capt. Cassie Kitchen, a Sector Mobile search and rescue mission coordinator. “To survive in the water without a life jacket as the captain did is difficult for anyone to accomplish. The Coast Guard continues to urge the boating public to practice safe boating by wearing life jackets, using kill switches and having the proper communication equipment such as a VHF-FM radio on board.”


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‘Tiger King’ Star Indicted On Wildlife Trafficking And Money Laundering Charges

Booked 6/3/2022 2:38 PM
Status Still Incarcerated

FLORENCE, SOUTH CAROLINA — A federal grand jury in Florence returned a 10-count indictment alleging charges related to wildlife trafficking and money laundering against five individuals:

  • Bhagavan Mahamayavi Antle, a/k/a Kevin Antle, a/k/a Doc Antle, 62, of Myrtle Beach;
  • Andrew Jon Sawyer a/k/a Omar Sawyer, 52, of Myrtle Beach;
  • Meredith Bybee, a/k/a Moksha Bybee, 51, of Myrtle Beach;
  • Charles Sammut, 61, of Salinas, California; and
  • Jason Clay, 42, of Franklin, Texas

According to the indictment and other court records, Antle is the owner and operator of The Institute for Greatly Endangered and Rare Species (T.I.G.E.R.S), also known as the Myrtle Beach Safari. The Myrtle Beach Safari is a 50-acre wildlife tropical preserve in Myrtle Beach. Sawyer and Bybee are Antle’s employees and business associates.

Sammut is the owner and operator of Vision Quest Ranch, a for-profit corporation that housed captive exotic species and sold tours and safari experiences to guests. Clay is the owner and operator of the Franklin Drive Thru Safari, a for-profit corporation that housed captive exotic species and sold tours and safari experiences to guests.

The indictment alleges that Antle, at various times along with Bybee, Sammut, and Clay, illegally trafficked wildlife in violation of federal law, including the Lacey Act and the Endangered Species Act, and made false records regarding that wildlife. The animals involved included lemurs, cheetahs, and a chimpanzee.

The indictment and a previously-filed federal complaint in the case also allege that over the last several months, Antle and Sawyer laundered more than $500,000 in cash they believed to be the proceeds of an operation to smuggle illegal immigrants across the Mexican border into the United States. The filings allege that Antle had used bulk cash receipts to purchase animals for which he could not use checks, and that Antle planned to conceal the cash he received by inflating tourist numbers at the Myrtle Beach Safari.

Antle and Sawyer each face a maximum of 20 years in federal prison for the charges related to money laundering, and up to five years in federal prison for the charges related to wildlife trafficking. Bybee, Sammut, and Clay each face up to five years in federal prison for the charges related to the wildlife trafficking. Antle and Sawyer were previously granted a bond by a federal magistrate judge as a result of the charges in the federal complaint, and Bybee, Sammut, and Clay are pending arraignment.


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ISIS Supporters Who Distributed Child Porn, Instructions For Making Bombs, Sentenced To Two Decades In Federal Prison

The Department of Justice building in Washington, DC, on February 9, 2022. (Photo by Stefani Reynolds / AFP) (Photo by STEFANI REYNOLDS/AFP via Getty Images)

SAN ANTONIO – Two men were sentenced today for conspiring to provide material support to the designated foreign terrorist organization Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham/Syria (ISIS).

Kristopher Sean Matthews, aka Ali Jibreel, 36, of South Carolina, was sentenced to 240 months in prison and Jaylyn Christopher Molina (aka Abdur Rahim), 24, of Cost, TX, was sentenced to 216 months in prison.

According to court documents, since May 2019, Matthews conspired with Molina to provide services to ISIS by administering an encrypted, members-only chat group for persons who supported ISIS ideology; by collecting, generating, and disseminating pro-ISIS propaganda; and by disseminating firearms training materials and bomb-making instructions.

On November 24, 2020, and January 25, 2021, Matthews and Molina, respectively, pleaded guilty to one count of conspiracy to provide material support to ISIS. In addition, Molina pleaded guilty to one count of receiving child pornography. Both men have remained in federal custody since their arrests on September 21, 2020. Molina was sentenced to 216 months in prison on the terrorism charge and another 216 months in prison on the child pornography charge. Both sentences for Molina were ordered to run concurrently.

“The United States Attorney’s Office will work closely with our law enforcement partners locally, nationally, and internationally to do everything possible under the law to stop terrorists before they can harm our citizens,” said United States Attorney Ashley C. Hoff. “Matthews and Molina recruited individuals and provided bomb-making instructions to aid ISIS. In this case, along with our law enforcement partners, we successfully stopped Matthews and Molina before anyone was harmed.”

“This sentencing serves as a reminder that terrorist organizations such as ISIS and their affiliates remain a threat to the United States in the homeland and abroad,” said San Antonio FBI Special Agent in Charge Oliver E. Rich Jr. “Addressing this threat continues to be the highest priority of the FBI and our Joint Terrorism Task Force partners.”

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Reports of Mass Shooting at Shopping Mall In Copenhagen

DENAMRK – There are reports of multiple victims following a shooting inside a shopping mall in the city of Copenhagen Sunday.

Video posted to social media showed people fleeing the ‘Field’s’ shopping center amid the chaos and the apparent sound of gunfire.

This is breaking news update.

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DEVELOPING: Police Confirm Several Victims In Mass Shooting In Newark, NJ

DEVELOPING: Police Confirm Several Victims In Mass Shooting In Newark, NJ

File Photo via Shutterstock

NEW JERSEY – At least 9 people were wounded during a shooting Thursday evening in Newark, New Jersey, police say.

Officers responded to a ShotSpotter notification around 6:20 p.m. in the 200 block of Clinton Place. The location is near a corner bodega.

“Three adult victims and one juvenile arrived at Newark Beth Israel Medical Center for treatment of gunshot injuries,” Newark Acting Public Safety Director Raul Malave told NJ.com. “Four other adult victims were transported to University Hospital for treatment of gunshot injuries.”

All those wounded are expected to survive the shooting, Malave said.

It was unclear what led up to the gunfire. Detectives are trying to determine a possible motive.

No arrests have been made and no further details were given.

This is a breaking news update. 

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BOLAWRAP FOR THE WIN! New Body Cam Footage Shows Successful Police Deployment of BolaWrap

TEMPE, Arizona – June 28, 2022– Wrap Technologies, Inc. (Nasdaq: WRAP) (the “Company”), a global leader in innovative public safety technologies and services, today shared new agency body cam footage demonstrating another successful outcome from the deployment of the BolaWrap® Remote Restraint device.

On June 3, 2022, two officers of the Northern York County Regional Police Department in Pennsylvania responded to a domestic dispute. When the officers arrived on-scene, the subject responded with hostility and attempted to initiate a physical altercation. After various threats and erratic behavior from the subject and multiple requests by the officers for compliance, the officers were able to coordinate a plan to use the BolaWrap to restrain the subject.

The BolaWrap was deployed to the subject’s arms and immediately redirected the subject’s attention and de-escalated the situation. The officers were able to swiftly contain the subject with handcuffs without the need for other tools or higher levels of physical force.

The subject was safely taken into custody and transported to a nearby hospital for a mental health evaluation.

“The BolaWrap once again proved to our officers that it is an effective way to de-escalate volatile situations,” said Chief David Lash of the Northern York County Regional Police Department. “In this instance we had a man in crisis who was attempting to engage officers in a fight. The officers on-scene were quickly able to deploy the BolaWrap and take the subject into custody without the use of any force. In fact, the male asks the officers ‘Did you think they hurt? They didn’t hurt.’ Neither the male nor the officers sustained any injuries, and we were able to get the man the help he needed. There is not another tool or weapon that we carry that would have allowed this situation to play out the way it did. The device worked exactly as intended.”

“Northern York Police Department has truly exemplified proper training and field use of the BolaWrap and their dedication to force avoidance,” said Wrap CEO, TJ Kennedy. “We celebrate another successful BolaWrap deployment that ends with everyone safe, and the situation resolved.”

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SHOCK VIDEO: Gunman Fires Shot At Woman At Houston Gas Station

TEXAS (HPD News Release) – The Houston Police Department’s Robbery Division needs the public’s assistance identifying the suspects responsible for an aggravated robbery.

On Wednesday, June 22, 2022 at around 1:30 pm, the complainant was sitting in the driver’s seat of her vehicle after fueling up at the gas pumps at a convenience store, located at the 19400 block of Aldine Westfield, in Harris County. The complainant stated that two unknown males suddenly appeared on both side of her car while pointing guns at her and demanding that she get out of the vehicle. The complainant stated that she panicked and hit the accelerator, speeding away from the suspects. One of the suspects, who was armed, fired a round, striking the rear wing of the vehicle.

Both suspects then fled the location on foot.

Suspect #1: Hispanic male, 16 to 25 years old, dark clothing, armed with a shotgun.
Suspect #2: Hispanic male, black shirt and black shorts.

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