Biden Climate Advisor Is Happy About American Job Losses [Video]

Biden Climate Advisor Is Happy About American Job Losses [Video]

Biden Climate Advisor Is Happy About American Job Losses

American oil producers lost more than 31,000 jobs last year

Steve Watson

One of Joe Biden’s senior advisors bragged this week about how the administration’s forced transition to green energy is causing people working in the fossil fuels industry to lose their jobs.

Speaking from the Aspen Ideas Festival, Biden’s climate advisor Gina McCarthy stated “We have opportunities now to transfer to clean energy in a way that grows thousands of jobs. We just had a recent report that is showing that all of the energy and the employment stats from last year. Clean energy is winning. Fossil fuels losing jobs.”

McCarthy is referring to a Department of Energy (DOE) report that reveals American oil producers lost more than 31,000 jobs last year, while American coal producers lost over 7,000 jobs.

McCarthy bragged that jobs had been created in green energy sectors, without explaining that those sectors fulfil less than 20 percent of the country’s energy needs.

McCarthy previously called for anyone criticising the green energy transition to be silenced and censored.

The administration has spent two years trying to “end” the fossil fuel sector, and is openly bragging about it, meanwhile Biden is threatening oil companies in an effort to try to get them to produce more.

Independent Petroleum Association of America spokesperson Jennifer Marsteller reacted to the DOE report by saying it “is not only reflective of the broader pandemic slowdown, but also highlights an Administration that has worked overtime on restricting American natural gas and oil production.”

Meanwhile, in the midst of a supply chain crisis, Biden’s climate czar John Kerry is pushing for ‘green shipping’, the infrastructure for which also does not even exist.

Kerry made the comments from a conference in Portugal. Presumably he got there on a private jet as per usual.

Kerry has also previously called the loss of jobs in the fossil fuels energy sector a necessary ‘sacrifice’:


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Header featured image (edited) credit:   Gina McCarthy/Twitter grab

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The truth about the attack by the Russian Air Force on Kiev and Kremenchuk

Ryota Nakanishi – June 29th, 2022

On June 26, the Russian Air Force fired four high-precision missiles at the Artyom Missile Company’s workshop in the Shevchenko district of Kiev. The company produces weapons for the MRLS.

According to data recorded at the site, all four missiles reached their targets and the facility was obliterated. Due to the high precision of the weapons, civilian infrastructure was not affected.

However, two S-300 missiles used by the Ukrainian military were intercepted by Ukraine’s own Buk-M1 system due to the lack of interoperability between the launch pad and the electronic equipment deployed in the residential area. One of the intercepted missiles may have landed on a residential building.

However, two S-300 missiles used by the Ukrainian military were intercepted by Ukraine’s own Buk-M1 system due to the lack of interoperability between the launch pad and the electronic equipment deployed in the residential area. One of the intercepted missiles may have landed on a residential building.

The fact that the Russian military attacked the Kredmash vehicle plant in the Ukrainian city of Kremenchuk on June 27 was confirmed by Nikolay Danileyko, chairman of the plant’s supervisory board. The plant is located right next to a shopping mall that was later set ablaze.

As evidence of the fact that the Russian military attacked the Kredmash vehicle factory in the Ukrainian city of Kremenchuk on June 27, local media published a video showing the depression where the missile hit and the factory.

SourceSouth Australian Gov Criminal Organisation

Roe is Overturned: Here Are 7 Things I’ve Noticed in the Aftermath

Roe is Overturned: Here Are 7 Things I’ve Noticed in the Aftermath

Earlier this year, the US Biden Administration replaced the word ‘mothers’ with ‘birthing people’ in its federal maternal health guidance document.

And Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling received backlash over her attempts to uphold a biological definition of the word woman.

But now that Roe v Wade has been overruled, many on the secular Left are happy to use the word woman again, as per previously. As the satirical news site The Babylon Bee wrote:

‘[American Politician] Nancy Pelosi took the stand today to defend “women’s rights to make their own reproductive decisions.” Onlookers found themselves befuddled by the rhetoric about the “women’s right to choose,” since Pelosi should have no way of knowing what a woman is since she is not a biologist.’

2) The Pro-Choice and Pro-Life Camps Live in Two Different Realities

There is an intractable disagreement between the pro-choice and pro-life camps, with both sides extremely passionate about their cause.

At its heart, there are two views of reality driving each side. As political science professor David T. Koyzis points out, many of the battles in the political realm are shaped, not simply by the refusal of one side or another to ‘face facts’ or ‘be reasonable,’ as one typically hears, but by differing views of reality rooted in alternative worldviews. [1]

The key question in this debate is whether the unborn baby is a human person. The pro-life says yes, absolutely: but the pro-choice side seems reticent to engage with this question. Instead, they start with what women should be free to do.

3) While Christians Should Celebrate This Victory For the Unborn, We Should Not Be Triumphalist

While Christians can be thankful for the rolling back of abortion because of this ruling, we must be careful of triumphalism.

Yes, God saw fit to raise a Supreme Court that is anti-abortion. Yes, abortion will be more restricted in the US. Yes, this ruling will save countless lives. Let’s rejoice and be glad — it is a momentous decision!

But God doesn’t promise anything about legal victories (even as we thank Him for them).

After all, the USA’s post-Christian culture may become more pro-choice over time, eventually leading to more abortions. Thus, our hope must not rest in any human institution, black-robed justice, or politician, but in God and His Son, who works out everything in conformity with the purpose of His will (Ephesians 1:11).

4) There is a Danger that Christians See the Pro-Choice side as the Real Enemy (When They’re Not)

The sad reality is that abortion is the killing of unborn human beings.

And so, it’s natural to be angry with those who promote and support it. But as the Bible tells us, we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly places (Ephesians 6:12). Yes, we should use every possible moral and legal avenue to stop the killing of the unborn. But we must not demonise and attack pro-choice people for whom Jesus died (John 3:16).

Instead, we should pray that God opens their eyes to the reality of this practice.

5) The Pro-Choice Message Sounds So Compassionate (and That Shouldn’t Surprise Us)

The pro-choice message is one of love, freedom and compassion for the vulnerable.

It’s couched in human rights. It speaks to our love for choice. And it claims to stand in a long line of hard-won freedoms.

Who could be against such a compassionate-sounding movement? 

Humanly speaking, however, the nicest-sounding ideologies are often the most oppressive (eg communism). And theologically speaking, Satan is behind much of the evil in this world, including the false beliefs and ideologies that permeate our culture (Ephesians 6:11-12). He’s clever enough to dress those ideologies — be they communism or pro-abortion — in fine-sounding words and arguments that capture the hearts of millions.

Even as such ideologies destroy lives.

6) Many Pro-Choice Activists Are Fearful And Alarmed Over The Future of Women’s Rights In General

The Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe v Wade means that each US State gets to decide its abortion law through democratic means.

That merely puts the US in the same boat as other democracies like Australia and much of Western Europe. And yet, it’s interesting to note some of the rhetoric coming out of the pro-choice movement. Author Margaret Attwood’s dystopian novel The Handmaid’s Tale, where a kooky religious sect suspends the US constitution and makes women into sex slaves, is making an appearance:

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Joe Biden Knew About Hunter’s Foreign Dealings And Lied About It, Voicemail Shows

Joe Biden Knew About Hunter’s Foreign Dealings And Lied About It, Voicemail Shows

Not only did Joe Biden know about his son Hunter’s shady and compromising business with China, he lied about it, indicates a voicemail revealed by the Daily Mail on Monday.

The voicemail from December 2018 was retrieved from Hunter Biden’s scrapped laptop, which contained records from a backup of Hunter’s iPhone. The call starts normally, with Joe Biden addressing his son as “pal” and saying he just wants to talk to him. The claims that followed, however, disprove his negligence to his son’s business.

“I thought the article released online, it’s going to be printed tomorrow in the Times, was good,” Biden said. “I think you’re clear.”

The article referenced from The New York Times on Chinese oil tycoon Ye Jianming only briefly mentioned the Biden family without going into detail on how interconnected their business was. The voicemail almost certainly contradicts President Biden’s past statements that he never knew about Hunter’s involvement with China.

“I have never spoken to my son about his overseas business dealings,” Biden told Fox News’ Peter Doocy at a 2019 campaign event in Iowa. His former press secretary Jen Psaki doubled down on the claim in April.

On the same scrapped laptop, records show that the president may have also inadvertently paid for $30,000 worth of Russian escorts for his son after wiring him $100,000 between December 2018 and January 2019.

This recent development has conveniently flown under the radar as the Jan. 6 Committee continues hearings in their egregious show trial.

The latest leaks from Hunter Biden’s laptop do not fare well for the Bidens or their shady family business. As Rep. James Comer has stated, Republicans see Hunter Biden as a “national security risk” as investigations into his international dealings with both Russia and China continue. The voicemail revelation also further calls into question President Biden’s own role in his son’s compromising affairs, and his trustworthiness after repeatedly lying about his involvement.

Elise McCue is an intern at The Federalist and student majoring in multimedia journalism and professional and technical writing. She also reports on the Southwest Virginia music scene for The Roanoke Times. You can follow her on twitter @elisemccue or contact her at


The Most Revolutionary Enactment in all of History is our American Birthright

The Most Revolutionary Enactment in all of History is our American Birthright

Greg Reese – Jun 26, 2022

The US Constitution is the most valuable precept for liberty ever drafted by mankind and it must be secured

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SourceSouth Australian Gov Criminal Organisation

Trump: ‘God Made the Decision’

Trump: ‘God Made the Decision’

Donald Trump was instrumental in placing judges on the Supreme Court who acted on the fact that Roe vs. Wade was based on bad legal reasoning. Yet, he gives all credit to God for the astounding developments last Friday.

The unconstitutional decision of Roe vs. Wade has now been consigned to the dustbin of history. But not before over 60 million children have been aborted. And that’s just in the United States alone.

Significantly, when Donald Trump was asked if he thought he played a role in the legislation’s reversal — especially after having appointed three conservative justices to the high court — the former president is reported to have told Fox News:

“God made the decision.”

It wasn’t that long ago when in the midst of a violent demonstration, President Trump stood outside St John’s Church in Washington — historically referred to as ‘The President’s Church’ — holding a Bible and denouncing the actions of the protestors. Many evangelical Christians even declared how ‘offended’ they were at such actions.

Forked Tongue

Well, approximately two years later, here we are witnessing Joe Biden, a self-confessed Roman Catholic, saying that he’s going to do everything in his power to enshrine the right of a woman to be able to kill her unborn child. Whether she needs to access the abortive drugs through the mail, or travel interstate to do so. According to Joe Biden, being able to have an abortion is a woman’s constitutional right.

And yet, what is the response? Outrage at the blatant religious hypocrisy of someone who claims to belong to the Church? Indignation at the undermining of basic Biblical ethics? Possibly even being offended at not properly representing all people of faith? Maybe even a social media campaign complete with the hashtag #NotMyPresident?

Well, at least now everyone seems to be able to agree — without doing a degree in biology — on the definition as to what a ‘woman’ is! But that sound you’re hearing right now is the chirping of crickets. Because self-appointed cultural watchdogs are now noticeably silent.

Just in case you might have missed it — and you’re not sure what his unequivocal support of abortion looks like — President Biden said to the media:

Make no mistake, this decision is a culmination of a deliberate effort, over decades, to upset balance of our law.

It’s a realisation of an extreme ideology and tragic error of the Supreme Court in my view…

It’s a sad day for the country in my view. But it doesn’t mean that the fight’s over.

Let me be very clear and unambiguous. The only way we can secure a woman’s right to choose — and the balance that existed — is for Congress to restore the protections of Roe vs.     Wade as federal law. No executive action from the President can do that.

And if Congress, as it appears, lacks the votes to do that now, voters need to make their voices heard. This Fall you must elect more senators and representatives who will codify into law a woman’s right to choose into Federal law…

This Fall, Roe is on the ballot. Personal freedoms are on the ballot. The right to privacy, liberty and equality. They’re all on the ballot.

Until then I will do all in my power to protect a woman’s right in states who will face the consequences of today’s decision.

Cowardly Watchmen

One of the passages I was scheduled to read in my yearly Bible reading plan — I follow the one by Robert Murray McCheyne — is Isaiah 56 and 57. It’s where God’s prophet says:

Israel’s watchmen are blind, they all lack knowledge;
they are all mute dogs, they cannot bark.
(Isaiah 56:10)

And then in the very next chapter we read:

Whom are you mocking? At whom do you sneer and stick out your tongue?
Are you not a brood of rebels, the offspring of liars?
You burn with lust among the oaks and under every spreading tree;
you sacrifice your children in the ravines and under the overhanging rocks.
(Isaiah 57:4-5)

The problem with the watchmen of Israel is that they were silent. They were like dogs who refused to bark. What were the kind of things they should have been making a noise about? Well, the perennial pagan problem involved with the idolatry surrounding lust and child sacrifice. It’s that their children were being routinely and ritualistically slaughtered.

But, once again, the problem with the watchmen of Israel is that they were silent. For one reason or another, they refused to speak. Maybe it’s because they didn’t want to be hated (see John 15:18-20). Maybe it’s because they didn’t want to cause further division (see Matthew 10:34-39). Or maybe it’s because they just didn’t want to suffer (see 2 Timothy 3:12). Whatever their reason was, it’s good to remember the warning of Jesus in Luke 6:26:

Woe to you when all men speak well of you,
for that is how their fathers treated the false prophets.

Think of Trump what you will. But history will record that when others remained silent, one US President had the courage to still bark.


Photo: Mark Wilson/Getty Images 

Thank the Source

Emergency Saturday Broadcast! Leftist Mob Attacks Infowars Reporters In Front Of U.S. Supreme Court In D.C.

The Alex Jones Show – Jun 26, 2022

Alex Jones goes live on this emergency Saturday broadcast to cover current events and check in live with Savanah Hernandez and Drew Hernandez from in front of the U.S. Supreme Court building in D.C.

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SourceSouth Australian Gov Criminal Organisation



SGT Report – June 25th, 2022

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Ann Vandersteel joins me to discuss the sedition and treason of Biden and his morally bankrupt administration. The good news is, WE the People are fed up, increasingly informed and ready to take our nation back. May God bless the Patriots.


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