The CIA in Vermont, As Found in the Papers of Karen Wetmore

The CIA in Vermont, As Found in the Papers of Karen Wetmore
Autumn Foliage in New England, Photo:  YouTube video “Explore White Mountain National Forest” 

by Mary W Maxwell, LLB

As argued in my 1990 book, Morality among Nations, humans have a dual standard of morality: Be kindhearted and fiercely loyal to your own tribe, and be neutral or ruthless when dealing with outsiders.

In the US we have an organization that pretends to be loyal to America. It makes noise about the wonderful mission it performs for Americans. Our national purse coughs up big money for this organization. The citizenry tolerates anything this organization does, believing that even its most ruthless deeds will work to our advantage, since it’s directed at foreign enemies.

Will that organization be deceitful and cruel?  Sure, but who cares — we have no regard for strangers.  As Professor Pierre van den Berghe put it, in his 1981 masterpiece The Ethnic Phenomenon, outsiders do not come under our “umbrella of altruism.” Protecting our own people is the name of the game.

The Shock of Vermont

I live in New England.  It has six states — Maine, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island, and Vermont. Everyone knows that the loveliest and most innocent state is Vermont. The foliage is great.  They tap for maple syrup.   They do sleigh rides. No one there would ever hurt you.

Oh really? What if I told you that “Vermont” killed 2,885 people over a period of 23 years, in an experiment to find out how to kill people quietly and unobtrusively. During the 23 years they received “funding” (ah, good ol’ funding) to do the experimental killings.  When the funding stopped, the deaths stopped.

Was Vermont doing this to its enemies? No, it was doing it to its own people. Wait a minute! Didn’t I say that the game is to love your own? Yes, but I mentioned that there is an organization that is paid from the national purse to do cruel and deceitful things.  That organization ostensibly exists for the sake of Americans — to keep them safe, as it were.

What if it got tired of doing cruel things to enemies and, instead, offered its cruelty-skills on the open market? There, anyone could hire these hirelings. What if the paymaster continued to be the American government but now the American government were staffed by people who had lost their domestic loyalty and perhaps lost their very minds? There could be a Festival of Cruelty.

Your Basic State Mental Hospital

Welcome to Vermont State Hospital. The cruel organization that I was referring to is, of course, the CIA.  The Central Intelligence Agency. What does “Central” mean?  Nothing, really.  What does “Intelligence” mean? It means know-how and information-collecting. How about “Agency”? What’s an agency?  It is a … um… a thing that … um … does things. The name is meant to be obscure.

The CIA.  You pay for it.  What do you think you are getting from it?  Karen Wetmore, born 1952 in Brandon VT (current population 4,200) had an urge to find out. When I say urge, I mean obsession. She HAD to know what that agency was getting up to.

And by God, she found out.  And by God, if you manage to live another 10 minutes, you will find out, too.

Karen came across an accidental release of the pertinent information about the CIA’s “terminal experiments.” You’d think the CIA would have had the brains to disguise the name — how about “the maple tree experiments,” or “the 555 experiments”? No, they called it the terminal experiments.

Most of the persons they killed were mental patients in Vermont State Hospital — the VSH. By the way, if you have a loved one in a looney bin, be sure to send him not only letter-mail but packages. When they were checking for “eligibles,” they eliminated people who had someone on the outside who cared about them, as evidenced by receipt of an occasional box of candy or new underwear.

Karen Herself, the Abridged Version

I am going to skip most of the book. “Surviving Evil.” by Karen Wetmore. I hope to review it later and in any case I urge you to buy it now — forty bucks and worth it. The front cover is ghastly; I had to make a paper cover to hide it (picture of electrodes being stuck into her brain).

Briefly: she grew up after three childhood traumas that I think were accidental. Some of my MK-Ultra friends were chosen from birth, or even earlier, but Karen would not have fallen into the clutches of the CIA except for the fact that at age 13 in 1965 she was taken to VSH because her parents realized she had a psychotic breakdown. (It was possibly brought about by a flashback to the childhood traumas.)

Once there, the cruelty of the hospital — as compared to three other hospitals she stayed in where there was no cruelty — became manifest. For starters, she was kept “in seclusion” with her hands bound in leather wristlets tied behind her back, no mattress, for months. You get the idea.

Never did anyone tell her about the MK-Ultra stuff until, around 1996, she came across it. (Beat me by 9 years; I woke up to it in 2005 by attending a Survivors Meeting, though I am not an MK-Ultra alumna; I’m just a fascinated citizen.)

Karen would not have found out about MK-Ultra except that she asked to see her medical records and noted the name of Dr Robert Hyde, who split his time between Vermont and the Boston Psychopathic Hospital, later renamed “Mass. Mental.”

As soon as she happened upon a connection between Hyde and MK-Ultra, she started to send Freedom of Information requests to the feds, and also, under the Vermont Records Act, to various bureaucracies on the state, such as the Department of Mental Health.

As I said, I am skipping over her interesting personal life to get to the point of the terminal experiments. But I must make a statement here about Ms Wetmore’s amazing tenacity. She tried everything, many times over if necessary, and that is why she struck paydirt.

Complete Lack of Conscience of the CIA and the Government

It is my personal opinion that CIA people are bad people. Maybe they go home after 5pm and are nice to their spouse and kids. Maybe they care about America in some way or other. But for most of the day they act without conscience, and as we shall see, without scruple.

This ties in with my thesis, mentioned above, that we all have dual morality.  Tribal loyalty is stronger than moral scruple.  Reinhold Niebuhr, a theologian noted this in 1932.  His book, which was widely discussed, is called “Moral Man, Immoral Society.”  Here is an Amazon review, by Mark H, of that book:

“Niebuhr says, ‘The inferiority of the morality of groups to that of individuals is due in part to the difficulty of establishing a rational social force which is powerful enough to cope with the natural impulses by which society achieves its cohesion….,’

“So, Individuals seem to be moral, but when they are a part of a group, religious or political, they become influenced by their own self-interest and desire to see their group maintain dominance – injustice follows.   Niebuhr says that reason and religion are not enough to keep a society moral because as groups we become irrational and self-protecting. A group’s power must be met with a dissenting group’s power in order to keep society more just and moral.”

Our Nature

Today it would be helpful if everyone could accept these facts about our nature. It’s not that good is struggling with evil.  It’s that a group of humans is, as Niebuhr said, inclined to do evil. Consider the simple fact that you may feel tribal loyalty to your employer. He asks you to sell a bad product.  You may be willing to sell it for the good it will achieve for the company.  You’ll suddenly develop the ability to blind your eyes to the fact that the product will harm people! you do not feel guilty.

Over many years we have heard about CIA people doing bad things — and their “good” colleagues rarely come out in public to say “Dammit, that’s my organization. This behavior is disgusting! I don’t agree with it.” People do close ranks.  You may say it’s so they can keep their job or their pension. OK, but the same phenomenon occurs where there is no money involved. Niebuhr was right — moral man, immoral society.

At the moment, we are having a horrible event, the vaccine mandate, pushed by government.

Let me repeat my paragraph from above:

“In the US we have an organization that pretends to be loyal to America. [the CIA] It makes noise about the wonderful mission it performs for Americans. Our national purse coughs up big money for this organization. The citizenry tolerates anything this organization does, believing that even its most ruthless deeds will work to our advantage, since it’s directed at foreign enemies.”

See? We Americans, deep down, support the CIA; we approve of it. That is — to some extent — a reflection of our being a tribe.  We feel competitive with other tribes, as we had to in the past as a matter of survival. It’s impolite to mention this, and anyway we Yanks get off on patting our backs as the saviors of the world.

Am I saying we must remain stuck with our innate evolved biological traits? No. We can get somewhat free of them by acknowledging their existence. Consider martial infidelity.  It is definitely natural — a lot of spouses cheat. But there are social supports for monogamy and spousal loyalty.  That is, infidelity is a problem we try to fix rationally, as folks can see the benefit of intact families. We try to fix dishonesty by praising honesty.  We fix racial discrimination by urging appreciation of all citizens.  Etcetera.

Which Is Not To Deny That Some Are Psychopaths

Alan Dulles, who had joined an elite group in Europe, the OSS, during WWII, became head of its successor organization in 1947, the CIA. Congress furnished the charter for it.  Probably our elected representatives did not have the insight to know that authorizing a secret organization with no accountability was not a good idea. If some members did see it, they would be afraid of being called disloyal for not supporting America’s control over foreigners. (See what I mean?)

Alan Dulles was personally involved in handling my friend, the late Blanche Chavoustie (b 1938). What a slavish life she led. Alan tried out the mother-child separation experiment on her at age 2 or 3. His brother, John Foster Dulles, became US Secretary of State under Eisenhower in the 1950s. I do not know the personal background of the brothers but Alan lacked a conscience.

Reinhold Niebuhr (and Mary Maxwell, from a sociobiological perspective) claim that the aforementioned “dual morality” is a driving force.  But apparently some percentage of any population contains individuals who are conscienceless. They may be psychopaths or sociopaths. They enjoy hurting others.  It simply brings them pleasure.

Now Back To the Terminal Experiments

In a future article, I hope to say more about how the CIA’s terminal experiment in the Vermont State Hospital were carried out. For now, it is enough to say that they were carried out.  This went on from 1950 to 1973. Karen Wetmore sued the hospital in the late 1990s but eventually tossed in the lawsuit as it was too energy-consuming.

I want to thank Karen loudly for what she accomplished that serves us all. She tracked down the medical publications made by the monsters. She found, for instance, that there were journals discussing “schizophrenia rehabilitation” when in fact that was not what was going on.  These were treatments, like the Montreal experiment of Ewen Cameron on the depatterning of the brain. (Montreal is quite near Burlington Vermont; there was an exchange of doctors.)

To a large extent this was a pharmacological endeavor.  I recall in the 1960s, the intellectual excitement we felt reading about the then-new neuroscience. Also it was said that patients would not have to be institutionalized anymore as there were miracle drugs. Geez.

Maybe somewhere there was decent research being done, but not at VSH. Karen was allergic to Thorazine, but it was still prescribed for her in large doses.  Almost certainly she was fed LSD and this may account for weird flashbacks later. The means of death for the 2885 patients in the terminal experiment was drug-based, I think. In some years there were 186 deaths — one dead body going out every other day. When the federal funding stopped, the number of deaths per year reverted to normal — one or two.

Vaccine Mandates, Anyone?

After reading Wetmore’s book, Surviving Evil, I am strengthened in my willingness to scream about the Covid vaccine genocide (and the accompanying mandated restrictions, which are a prelude to death for us dear dissidents). Karen tracked down the identity of the person who was quashing her demands for information.

At first, she thought it was someone in Vermont and she was furious with her state. indeed, there does seem to have been a deal whereby Vermont doctors (and uncredentialed murderers?) were not outed when the US Senate hearings of 1977 did out many MK-Ultra practitioners, including some hospitals, universities, and military bases (See my book, Deliverance.) But, in the end, she was surprised to find out who locked the gate against her FOIA requests.

It was Donald Rumsfeld (1932-2021).

I wonder who it is today.  Possibly it is the infamous Dr Tony Fauci.  To whom did Rummy answer?  Whom is Fauci kowtowing to?  Why do those two American men want to see America ruined? Probably they are both psychopaths.

We should find ways to counteract the ability of flaming nutjobs to seize power via occupying our proper organs of government.  In the US, the year 2022 will see the midterm elections.  I wish young people would get together and make a unified attempt to knock every legislator out of his/her seat. (435 representatives and a third of the 100 senators are up for renewal.)


I think it can be done in US, and also in Australia. Will there be bloodshed?  How can there not be bloodshed?  It’s perfectly normal for people to clash violently. Human history is violent.

Is there anything more violent that forcing children to get vaccinated with DNA-altering toxins?


Political prisoner Solange is free AGAIN after BEEN KIDNAPPED twice by self confessed terrorist criminal groups Click HERE for TRUE story


The Covid-19 Vaccine Kills!

What is going on is a bio weapon heart stopper - the elites call a 'vaccine'

Medical Apartheid, Junk Science and a Pivotal Moment

Medical Apartheid, Junk Science and a Pivotal Moment

by G5

The Medical Apartheid that was bound to occur as a separation of the resistant, sane, rational, and critical, against the compliant, captured, submissive, authority terrorized, collaborative, vengeful, and malevolent disengaged, has delivered what it only could.

Throughout the entire CovidSARS2 Affair from its planning in 2009 to the fictional statistics manufactured by The Imperial College London, to the current opportunistic tyrannical power grabs by the exposed single-party systems and their complicit power bases, there would always be an attempt to manufacture the division of the sane resistant and the insane collaborative. The attempt to variously force the sane, through both subtle and malevolent socio-economic pressures to succumb to the observance of the tyranny.

The unseen CovidHoax, weaponised by the use of false amalgamated injury and death statistics, would fall. As the alleged protected by injection would be naturally exposed as the carriers, transmitters, and compromised immune as they were and would become.

The greater the isolation of those injected to the sane, would rebound, as it has. The manufactured statistics of false amalgamation have rebounded. The redefinitions of; Pandemic, Fully Vaccinated, and Immune, have rebounded. As they would. The liars and conjurers of fact and reality are exposed, to those who can be honest with the deception that was perpetrated n them by their ill-founded trusting of all things postured governmental.

We ignore the appurtenances of the power bases and their exposures. The police, military, industries of law, and those who chose to succumb to junk science. Those who now have zero credibility, at their very own hands. Recidivist behaviour is well known historically by the sane, who have witnessed nothing new, and nothing about which they incessantly warned.

The path to normalcy will be long and tragic, as it usually is; when such tyrannical manifestations align; as they do. Obeying orders, and doing what one thought was correct for the people; being the meaningless, unforgivable garbage that they are.

They can’t be wished well on their journey, as their interests and convictions were never well-intentioned. The forceful attack of The People never is. All power base force is initially derived as loaned by The People, who cannot be divided amongst themselves for purposes of elitist manifestations of dictatorial control.

The Trick

To control a nation, you only need to variously control those who control the power switches and the propaganda outlets. Not that many.

The trick is to get The People to stand up from their various illusions of compliance and being scared to move or speak. If you fear government and its powers, hide in the corner, obey orders, and rot.

How many delusional owned were needed to control the entire industries of law, medicine, and science? Scared little lemmings with intellectualized and moralized illusions of the socio-economic social-presumptive that dictates their miserable little owned and meaningless lives.

Editor’s Note: I now add a video posted by Crowhouse (sent by a reader) — THE PIVOTAL MOMENT


Political prisoner Solange is free AGAIN after BEEN KIDNAPPED twice by self confessed terrorist criminal groups Click HERE for TRUE story


The Covid-19 Vaccine Kills!

What is going on is a bio weapon heart stopper - the elites call a 'vaccine'


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