‘Candace vs Zuck’: Candace Owens sues social media fact-checkers

November 6, 2020

Source: Candace Owens on Youtube

BLEXIT founder Candace Owens is suing independent social media fact-checkers as she and other prominent conservative voices online continue to be censored, especially during a presidential election. The lawsuit names Facebook fact-checkers USA Today and Lead Stories Fact Checker, according to Fox News.

“For the first time I think America is realizing how censored we are,” she told followers in a video posted across her social media platforms Thursday. “It’s supposed to be a free country. The President of the United States getting censored every time he tweets, Eric Trump getting censored, me getting censored, opinions getting censored.”

She continued, “So, if you, right now tweet that my ballot was stolen and it could be 100% true, the fact-checkers will come in and swoop in and you will get censored. I am not allowed to hit the retweet button on my account, I’m allowed to quote tweet this week, but I’m not allowed to retweet because it’s election week, and somehow automatically if you have a certain amount of followers you get censored.”

Owens, who has already empowered many young Black Americans to embrace conservative values, is trying to get every American to also wake up to a creeping Marxist movement in our country. She believes fact-checkers are a part of that push and she’s felt their push to quiet dissenting voices. Very recently, when she was demonetized by Facebook for not fitting the narrative, she was motivated to finally take legal action.

“Well, now that you guys are alive and realizing that we have an issue in this country and these people that are fact-checkers I decided months ago when I had an incident on Facebook happen where quite literally my opinion was fact-checked and then quite literally a doctor gave his opinion on COVID-19 which I shared and Facebook issued a strike on my account because they said only information that they agree with about COVID-19….was acceptable and then another doctor giving his opinion that the lockdowns were bad was not allowed to be on their website. So, Facebook demonetized my page and I decided that I was not going to give up and sit down because there is not a more remarkable time in this country for patriots to stand up and fight than right now when we are being turned into a Marxist, Communist, Socialist country right in front of our faces.”

Owens has hired Todd McMurtry, who represented Nicholas Sandmann and won his case against CNN, and John P. Cole, who won the largest lawsuit against big tobacco, to fight her case. She said the legal battle has already cost her about $40,000, so she is asking for donations from supporters through her new website ‘factcheckzuck.com.’

“Our freedoms are being stripped away,” the site reads. “The overlords of Big Tech are determining what Americans can and cannot say, share, like, and post. Support our legal efforts today as we fight back against Facebook’s fact-checkers, confronting those who are suppressing free speech, thought, and expression across our great country.”



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