Cabinet bureaucrats fretted over CAF support for the convoy

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Heavily redacted documents obtained by Blacklock’s Reporter published Monday show senior cabinet staffers passing around an enemies list of past and present Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) personnel who supported the Freedom Convoy in February. 

In testimony before the Public Order Emergency Commission (POEC), Deputy PM Freeland mused about using soldiers against people trying to enter Canada to participate in the week’s long peaceful anti-COVID mandate Freedom Convoy protests in the nation’s capital last January and February.

Text message evidence also entered at the POEC showed Alex Cohen plotting with another Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) staffer, Mary Elizabeth Power, to release disinformation about extremists within the Freedom Convoy before it arrived in Ottawa.

The POEC is the legally mandated examination of the use of the counter-terrorism law, the Emergencies Act, to end the Convoy protest embarrassing Prime Minister Trudeau internationally. The POEC will announce its findings in February 2023. To see and support Rebel News’ independent coverage of the POEC, please visit

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