Bwahaha… Angry Alex Jones is the best Alex Jones…

“You wear your mask. As for me I choose to breathe oxygen. ”

Proving once again anti-mask Republicans are too sick and fragile to wear masks, despite the fact that masks are used all of the time by millions in many industries (construction, medical, mining, food prep, semiconductor manufacturing…). I guess the white folks in the USA will just have to keep exporting jobs overseas to foreigners capable of wearing a masks (or not needing one at all because their governments have COVID under control). Or we could import even more foreigners to replace white people in US jobs.

“I don’t understand how something is so deadly that you need to be tested to know that you have it.”

I guess you don’t understand HIV/AIDS either, despite it being around for decades. Someone can have HIV for months or years even before knowing it, if they aren’t tested. Apparently AIDS is no big deal to anti-maskers.

” They are telling us if we have the antibodies for it we are spreading it to others. I’m sorry but that makes no sense because what the antibody does is destroy the virus or pathogen it was created to fight.”

Wrong. The test associated with “positive” or “negative” results are diagnostic tests meant to check for the presence of the virus, not antibodies. If the virus is detected in your system there is a good chance you are contagious at the time the test was taken. The antibody test is a completely different and indicates whether you were exposed to the virus over the past few months.

“I encourage people to make sure they have a right vitamin intake many people are deficient in vitamin A, C, D and zinc. This will boost your immune system and I think most people will be just fine fighting off Covid. With that said if you are an individual with a compromised immune system you should take extra precautions as you should have already have done before Covid hit.”

All good advice.

“So before you start calling people idiots and talking about their over inflated egos I suggest you do some research of your own and stop spouting talking points your television told you to say. COVID-19 hoax is to break down normal hard-working Americans to get them to a low point to where they will submit to the BLM and Antifa Marxist movement. They want to end America as we know it and make us like Communist China”

Crazy Alert! Too bad you didn’t stop at the sensible vitamin comment.

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