Bronx Tina speaks to huge crowd at MAGA Interstate Rally!

GOD, I LUV THIS WOMAN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am Italian from my Father’s side, who was raised in the Bronx, and I know exactly how New Yorkers are, talk-says it is to your face. New York Italians (not the fake facsimile Cuomos) are the most Patriotic Americans you will ever find anywhere on the East Coast !!!

This is what the radical America hating Marxist Communist Democrat Left really hates, they can’t get the rest of the country to hate America, Pres Trump like them.

The radical racist BLM and AntiFA America hating Marxist Communist Democrat Left knows that Patriotic Courage is contagious and strong willed, and is why they are trying destroy us, the country, but as in 1860 will lose in utter total defeat, again !


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