Bronx mom is pissed about Barr – Profanity Warning

Fuckouttaheeuh Butch-uh. Ha! Couldn’t resist.

I normally don’t go for the vulgar, profanity-laced tirades. Especially not from a New Yawkah. But she has grown on me tremendously in the last couple of weeks. She’s on my side ideologically. And that Trumps! everything else.
I like her. F-bombs and all. Muthafuckahs. I’ll take as many loud-mouth, foul-mouthed Tina Fortes as I can get and trade, one for one, for milquetoast, spineless Republicans.

Not saying Butcher is any of those. Just saying I like her attitude. It’s time to go kick some ass and take the country back. Fuckouttaheeuh. 🙂

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