Broadcast|The White House Correspondent’s Twitter was Blocked; She Moved to GETTR to Continue Speaking Truth

By: MOS Fitness Team – Saturn

White House correspondent Emerald Robinson was permanently banned from Twitter for exposing the suspicious ingredients of the COVID-19 vaccine.

Last week, a circulated Tweet analyzing the ingredients of Moderna’s COVID vaccine mentioned that the Moderna vaccine contains an enzyme that can be traced. Robinson affirmed the Tweet and provided supporting analysis. Subsequently, Twitter blocked Robinson’s account.

After being banned from Twitter, Robinson moved to GETTR to continue speaking the truth, and her supporters also went to her GETTR account to express their support. Robinson wrote in GETTR, “My essay on Luciferase and the COVID vaccines: 160,000 views and climbing. Don’t miss my exclusive blockbuster story.” Some critics say that as a truth-speaker, Robinson deserves attention and support. GETTR provides a platform for Robinson to continue revealing the truth, and supporters are willing to continue to follow Robinson on GETTR.

Article: The White House Correspondent’s Twitter was Blocked; She Moved to GETTR to Continue Speaking Truth

Posted by: Yuki jiang

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