Broadcast| A U.S. Ballistic Missile Nuclear-powered Submarine Publicly Exhibited Its Deterrence When Visiting Guam

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USS Nevada, the U.S. Navy’s nuclear-powered ballistic missile submarine, sailed into Guam Naval Base on Jan. 15, local time, marking the first visit to Guam by a ballistic missile submarine since 2016 and the second public visit by this vessel since the 1980s.

When nuclear submarines appear publicly, they must have a political purpose since they rarely do so. Recently, with North Korea test-firing a missile and the continual threat of warfare shrouding the Taiwan Strait from the intimidation of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), the presence of the U.S. nuclear submarine at this time and at this location is obviously a demonstration of U.S. deterrence power in the Indo-Pacific region.

The U.S. Navy said: The purpose of this visit to Guam is to strengthen cooperation between the United States and regional allies, demonstrate U.S. warfighting capabilities, flexibility, and responsiveness, as well as show a continued commitment to security and stability in the Indo-Pacific region. The nuclear submarine is carrying 20 Trident ballistic missiles and dozens of nuclear warheads, allowing it to maintain its military power to suppress the CCP.

Experts say the Indo-Pacific region is engaged in a tense military confrontation, and the United States needs to demonstrate similar military power more frequently.

Article: A U.S. Ballistic Missile Nuclear-powered Submarine Publicly Exhibited Its Deterrence When Visiting Guam

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