British Intelligence Warned MPs to Watch Out for CCP United Front Infiltration

Translated by: MOS Information Team- BlueAngel


Taiwan media reported on January 14 that the MI5, Britain’s internal intelligence agency, recently warned Congress that a CCP woman surnamed Li was associated with the United Front Work Department of the CPC Central Committee and had secretly been involved in interfering in British political activities.

MI5 warned that a female lawyer named “Christine” Ching Kui Lee, who was wandering in British political circles, was secretly cooperating with the CCP’s United Front Work Department. After research and judgment, the United Front Work Department of the CCP tried to use Christine to establish contacts with British cross-party parliamentarians to secretly interfere in British politics, and tried to cultivate relations with influential figures to ensure that Britain’s political form was good for the CCP. The findings show that Christine has been involved in funding political parties, parliamentarians, and seekers for official positions, including from non-British nationals in Hong Kong, who have publicly claimed to represent the interests of Chinese communists in Britain.

The statement of the Transnational Inter-Parliamentary Union on China Policy said it was deeply disturbed that CCP proxies had successfully established influential relations with some parliamentarians and important parliamentary groups. Tugenhart, chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee of the Lower House of Parliament, said the challenges from Beijing were clearly increasing and Britain must defend its democratic system and ensure that it is not compromised by malicious acts.


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