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I Have Decided

I have decided, and I have offered
A service to all my Progressive friends
A drive, however distant, I have proffered
To the voting booth, and back again.

For these Progressives, I have rented
A forty-nine foot black limo bus.
Money well spent, and I spent it
To transport right around 30 of us.

Nobody seemed to be a knowin,
Nobody seemed to be noticin the time,
So much booze, it was a flowin,
Except for one, sobering up right behind…

“Mr, aren’t we goin kinda far?”
“Yeah – got a little lost there, but I’m good”
“That sign says 5 miles to Guadalajara…”
“It’s a shortcut. Kick back, have a beer. I would.”

“But… we’re all from Northern Idaho!!”
With that, I had to stop my said bus.
“Everybody chill. Overheatin, doncha know”
And I got into my pre-positioned Prius,

And drove off, leaving them all behind –
Thirty drunk illegal aliens, all in Mexico.
Thirty fewer Biden voters. Hope you don’t mind.
They’re busy building back Bolivia better, for all I know.


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