Breaking News: Mass Voter Fraud Discovered in California


A massive voter fraud conspiracy was just discovered in California. The Golden State might not be one of the big battlegrounds but that didn’t stop MS-13 from helping out the election fraud effort.

MS-13 helps California vote fraud effort

The state might be deep dark blue but that didn’t stop Carlos Montenegro from running for Mayor of Hawthorne on the MS-13 ticket. According to reports from One America News, “two men have been arrested in Los Angeles County, California, for attempting to register over 8,000 voters who didn’t exist.” One of them was Montenegro. The other was Marco Arevalo.

Both men pleaded “not guilty” on election and voter fraud charges for their scheme “in which the men submitted voting applications for dead and completely non-existent residents of the city.” Zombies weren’t just voting in Pennsylvania. California had it’s own election night of the living dead.

County officials report that the fraud scheme was widespread and involved a significant number of bogus ballots. “the men falsified the names, addresses, signatures and identities of thousands.” It was all an attempt to get an MS-13 sympathetic city official running Hawthorne, California. Thankfully Montenegro will be behind bars instead of the mayor’s desk.

Homeless votes matter

Montenegro put out a campaign video which boldly states that “his non-profit organization called Homeless Votes Matter was tasked with the mission of registering homeless people to vote in downtown Los Angeles.” There is only one little problem with that. In California, “no such organization officially exists.”

When Montenegro and his street gang related accomplices “began sending out the voter registration applications in July,” nobody paid much attention and the practice continued through October. That’s when California election officials suddenly “flagged a suspicious amount of ballots registered at the same address.” That prompted an investigation. According to the Los Angeles District Attorney’s Office, “the case is ongoing and some of the conspirators have yet to be identified.”

The prosecutor explains that what they found out was “the operation was being funded by notorious street gang MS-13 in order to place Montenegro in office so they could have an ally in the city.” As if the election fraud corruption wasn’t enough, the case took a decidedly California style twist. “Montenegro is also reported to be an occult author who has published several books containing instructions on how to summon a demon and open a doorway to hell.” That ought to turn out to be a handy set of skills. He can summon up a demon to help him get out of his cell and if that doesn’t work he can open a doorway straight to hell and walk through that.

If none of his occult options work out for him, Montenegro is staring at a bunch of serious charges, including voter fraud, perjury, conspiracy and forgery. He will have up to 15-years in a California state prison to practice his sorcery skills.


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