Breaking News: 132,000 Ballots Likely Ineligible… Could Change Entire Situation


Serious red flags were raised, calling somewhere around 132,000 ballots from a furiously contested battleground state into question. Each and every one were probably counted anyway. Fraudulently. This could change the whole situation.

You can’t count illegal ballots

Joe Biden allegedly leads in the state of Georgia, but only by a razor thin margin of 10,000 ballots. According to Kyle Becker, thirteen times that number votes were cast by people who are “highly likely ineligible to vote,” because they “have moved.”

Becker relays freshly released and still developing reports, by Peoples_Pundit, that 132,000 “Change of Address” codes raised official “red flags” in Fulton County, Georgia. The bottom line is that the outcome of the state’s election could be wrong. Biden only chalked up 10,000 votes more than Trump there, so invalidating these ballots could easily flip the state back in favor of the incumbent.

Not only is this a serious game-changer in Georgia, it also shows how widespread the election fraud was nationwide. Every day, more and more evidence is surfacing to prove that this election was heavily rigged. Ballots were tampered with, lost, and apparently manufactured to fill the gap. Lawsuits are being filed by the Trump campaign in several places. Most notably, Pennsylvania. Over the weekend, Team Trump held a press conference in Philadelphia, detailing specific instances of both voter and election fraud in the Keystone state.

President Trump the rightful winner

Once these ballots are deemed ineligible, and sources are convinced they will be, President Donald Trump should be declared the rightful winner in Georgia. That’s based only on the voters who have moved but voted anyway. On top of that Georgia is under investigation for an “illegal ballot harvesting” scheme which could also have a significant impact on the ultimate outcome.

In Antrim County, Michigan, voting software malfunctioned, flipping Trump votes to Biden. Election officials there are furious that not only are their investigations stonewalled, the same software was used in other hotly contested places. Along with that, also in Michigan, The United States Postal Service seemed to be part of a scheme to collect left over ballots, back date them and get them to the counting rooms through the back door. They are expected to all have been for Biden.

The numbers aren’t adding up in state after state. Arizona is one where the battle is really heating up. Now that most of the ballots have been tallied, a state which was once designated a firm win for Biden by the media, has become “too close to call” and probably destined for an automatic recount.


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