Bloomberg Shows Just How Desperate He and The Commie Democrats Are Right Now

Failed Democratic presidential candidate Michael Bloomberg is pouring millions of dollars into several swing states in a desperate attempt to turn them blue this election. The Texas Tribune has reported that Bloomberg just dropped a whopping $15 million dollars on television ads in the final days leading up to the election. The ads will be focused on two of the most tightly contested swing states, Texas and Ohio.

Neck-and-neck only days away

The latest polls show President Trump and Democratic candidate Joe Biden neck-and-neck just days away from the election. Rasmussen’s weekly White House watch survey shows Trump just barely pulling ahead by a single percentage point. The breakdown is as follows: 48% favoring Trump. 47% favoring Biden. 3% of voters are supporting a third party candidate and 2% are undecided.

According to the polls, this race could go either way. Every vote counts and the outcome of some of these key swing states could be decided by a few thousand voters. President Trump won both Ohio and Texas in the 2016, but the Democrats are now within striking distance of a win.

In 2016, Trump secured a win in Ohio over Hillary Clinton by approximately 445,000 votes. He won Texas by a slightly wider margin with approximately 800,000 votes. Texas in particular with their 38 electoral votes is a must win for President Trump.

The Lone Star State has been traditionally Republican ever since the election of Ronald Reagan back in 1980. They have reliably voted red for the past forty years, but demographics are shifting.

2020 presidential election

Can Bloomberg turn Texas blue?

The Latino population has been steadily growing in Texas, a demographic that traditionally votes Democrat. In 2018, Texas gained roughly nine Latino residents for every one White resident. By 2022, Latinos are expected to become the state’s largest population group.

The state is also seeing a massive influx of new residents, many of them fleeing traditionally blue states like California, New York and Illinois. There’s even a movement online plotting to “turn Texas blue.”

The left knows how important the state is and they want to flip it Democrat by any means necessary. If they succeed, it could be a while before we see another Republican president in the White House.

Michael Bloomberg, who President Trump refers to as “Mini Mike,” is absolutely loaded with cash. Forbes estimates his net worth is $54.9 billion dollars. His financial company Bloomberg L.P. has been extremely successful and now he’s throwing ungodly amounts of his capital at the 2020 presidential election. Can money alone decide the winner? If Mini Mike’s failed presidential campaign is any indication, the answer is no.

Bloomberg reportedly spent more than $1 billion dollars of his own money during his three months on the campaign trail. This was more than all of the other Democratic candidates combined.

In comparison, Obama spent roughly $760 million dollars over the course of his entire campaign. In the end, Mini Mike won just 55 delegates and one contest. Ouch. It’s refreshing to see that a rich and powerful person can’t just buy their way into office in America.

You need to be a strong candidate with a good vision for America’s future. Michael Bloomberg is out of the race but he’s still doing everything in his power to turn America blue this election. Let’s see how far his money gets him this time.


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