BLM and Antifa Attempt to Murder Several Patriots

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The radical Left has struck again. The latest shocking incident took place on election day after a “mostly peaceful” night of protests in Washington, D.C. BLM and Antifa members assaulted a group of Trump supporters just a few blocks from the White House. Three patriots were taken to the hospital with stab wounds.

Election night violence in DC

It’s been several days since Americans cast their vote and we still don’t know the outcome of the election. Anger is growing in supporters of both candidates and America feels like a powder keg that can erupt any moment.

Cities across the country have been boarded up in anticipation of large scale riots and civil unrest. Gun sales have surged to historic levels in 2020. “Civil War” was trending on social media November 3rd.

On election night, hundreds of BLM and Antifa protesters took to the streets of Washington, D.C. Trump supporters also arrived at the nation’s capital to show their support for the President. The night ended with several violent clashes between the groups. In the graphic video below, you can see multiple Trump supporters being assaulted and stabbed by BLM thugs.

Thankfully, their wounds were not life threatening. According to D.C. Police, the three victims of the stabbing have identified themselves as members of the Proud Boys, a Right-wing patriot group that supports President Trump.

One was Enrique Tarrio, a chairman of the group. The Proud Boys have been labeled as a White supremacist hate-group by many in the mainstream media, despite being a multi-racial organization that condemns racism. Enrique Tarrio, the chairman of the group, is an Afro-Cuban.

The Left likes to ignore these inconvenient facts while making their ridiculous accusations. Another stabbing victim was Beverly Beatty, a Black female Trump supporter who went viral online after she painted over the BLM mural in front of the Trump tower in NYC.

BLM is a terror group

The victims claim their attackers were part of the Black Lives Matter protests in D.C. Apparently, not all Black lives matter to them if they’re willing to stab a Black woman because she supports for Trump.

The suspects are still on the loose. Police have described them as two Black males wearing all black clothing. One was armed with a knife. Well, that certainly narrows it down.

This attempted murder is not the first act of politically motivated violence perpetrated by the radical Left and it certainly won’t be the last. On August 29, Aaron J. Danielson was shot dead in Portland by a far-Left activist who claimed allegiance to Antifa and BLM.

The Shooter, Michael F. Reinoehl, claimed he was “100% Antifa” in his social media posts. He also had the BLM fist tattooed on his neck. Days after the shooting, Reinoehl was hunted down by police and fatally shot when he aimed a firearm at officers.

On October 11, a Patriot Rally in Denver ended in gunfire when 30-year-old Mathew Dolloff shot and killed 49-year-old Lee Keltner in front of his son. Keltner was a patriot, a veteran and a supporter of President Trump.

His shooter was an outspoken Left-wing activist on social media for years, often calling Trump and his supporters “racists.” He’s been charged with second degree murder. The trend is clear. Americans are growing apart. How can a massive multicultural country of 330 million people all be governed by the same policies? This election just might be the breaking point.


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