Bill Maher gets Zinged by Jenna Ellis on ‘Beijing Biden’

November 14, 2020

President Donald Trump’s legal advisor appeared on HBO’s Real Time with host Bill Maher. (Nov. 13, 2020 screenshot)

HBO”s ‘Real Time’ host Bill Maher sparred with President Donald Trump’s legal advisor Jenna Ellis on Friday, as she outwitted the comedian on “Beijing Biden.”

“First of all, I do admire you for coming on,” said Maher to Ellis. “This is a tough argument you have to make. Would you acknowledge that?”

Of course, he was referring to the November 3, presidential election and the media’s President elect Joe Biden. Ellis didn’t flinch, even if being on the liberal HBO show could be a little nerve wracking she didn’t show it. She stuck to the argument regarding the irregularities during the election based on the facts.

She reminded Maher of the most important fact that the states have yet to certify the election results and it’s not the main stream media’s place to do so. Moreover, she reminded the late night talk host, a number of the preliminary election results are being contested by the Trump campaign in multiple states and those lawsuits are now before the judges in courts of law.

Maher, however, couldn’t help himself and tried throwing Ellis a fast ball that she promptly crushed.

“Why do you think so many people on the right, including people like Rupert Murdoch, Karl Rove, Erdoğan – the strong man of Turkey – the Pope, China now congratulated Biden, why have so many people come over to this idea, ok, America had a free and fair election were congratulating the new guy, that’s the way it works, you win some, you lose some, why,” asked Maher.

“Well, China is definitely congratulating Joe Biden because they definitely control him, ‘Beijing Biden’ is something that actually really needs to be looked into.” answered Ellis.

“Well, I walked into that one, didn’t I? Alright Jenna, you got me there,” said Maher.

“Yes, I did,” smirked Ellis.

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