BILL GATES and COMMON PURPOSE – the Dark Side of Modern Leadership

by Felicity Hingston

At a time of mounting distrust of Bill Gates’ motives, his agenda, his rise to ‘fame’ during the Covid-19 ‘event’ and his focus on the ‘holy grail’ vaccine, I was fascinated to see an article by Marcel Schwantes, dated February 14, 2020,  proclaiming Bill Gates a ‘great leader’.

Marcel Schwantes is the founder and chief Human Officer, Leadership from the Core (2014). On Linkedin, Schwantes is described as an “internationally-recognized thought-leader”. The article advocates a style of leadership we have seen embraced over the last decade at least – INCLUSIVE, in the pursuit of a COMMON PURPOSE.

Schwantes seems to attribute ‘greatness’ to Gates and quotes the “prophetic Gates” from before 2000: “As we look ahead into the next century, leaders will be those who empower others”. Schwantes poses a very interesting question: “empowered to do what?”

Gates has indeed become a powerful ‘leader’, not just regarding health (with no scientific/health background himself, although he has the likes of Fauci in his inner circle) but it was announced earlier this year by New York Governor Andrew Cuomo that Cuomo would get the Gates Foundation to help him ‘reimagine’ the state’s education policy.

Despite an argument against this, by John Warner on 28 June 2019, and scepticism by Valerie Strauss, on 17 April 2019.  It seems that Bill and Melinda Gates have had their finger in the Education pie for over a decade. In particular, they pushed for the “Common Core” State Standards during the Obama administration. Strauss said: “They had enough clout to work with state governments and the federal government. It didn’t matter what experts said.”

The Gates’ position on textbooks was even explicit and transparent in their 2019 annual letter: “Thanks to software, the standalone textbook is becoming a thing of the past.”  (Whose software I wonder? And what greater boost than the online learning facilitated by Covid school closures?)

What is NOT clear to me is IF and HOW Gates has empowered anyone other than himself, while pushing the point of COMMON GOOD – and Common Purpose? – on all things global from health to climate change to education and to 5G?


What is ‘Common Purpose UK’? Caroline Stephens, in a video on November 11, 2020, takes a close look at this organisation:

Caroline Stephens is a UK Constitutional upholder and advocate, including Australia.   She has faced severe censorship and now relies on the Videobanned platform, endeavouring to wake people up

Caroline alleges that information ‘slides’ from secret zoom meetings of this organisation in May 2020 have been found on social media and she feels compelled by moral duty to expose the contents.

Common Purpose UK is a registered charity, but these secret meeting ‘notes’ reveal an agenda that flies in the face of deserving charitable status – and public funding. A Disturbing agenda indeed!

Reading from the notes, Caroline reveals the attendees at the meetings and their ‘roles’, as well as details of the actual agenda and how they intend to go about it – much of which we have seen actualised in recent months. Caroline reminds us that the ‘Dark side’ has to tell us, so these slides are floating around on the internet – but they aren’t easy to find. A friend found them for her, from which Caroline reads out a ‘slightly abridged’ version of what’s in them. I am not able to verify or refute it.

Common Purpose was founded by Julia Middleton in 1989. The website offers the following information about the organisation:

  • devoted to developing leaders who can cross boundaries (geographies, generations, sectors, backgrounds, beliefs etc) both at work and in society.
  • face-to-face and online leadership programmes for multiple generations throughout 100 cities worldwide, working out of four global hubs.
  • 90,000 alumni, 7,000 participants annually
  • links to more about the various country licensees
  • completely independent and non-aligned
  • a not-for-profit social enterprise, recover costs through programme fees and organisations who commission the programmes (includes businesses, universities and foundations)
  • a bursary fund to ensure accessibility is not limited to those who can afford the full fee
  • their vision is to create a space where people (open to everyone, every sector of society) come together and act for the greater good. In an unhealthy society people leave decision to governments. In a healthy society, people hold institutions and the powerful to account. Common Purpose opens a space where people can think and act for the longer term and in the wider interest of society.
  • Believe that developing such leaders will counterbalance the forces of fragmentation in society, getting communities to work better together. Most change emerges from the accumulation of many small shifts.

This all looks pretty admirable, though two ‘teensy’ points to ponder:

  • aim to develop leaders who can lead beyond their direct area of authority.
  • The internationally recognized Chatham House Rule is respected on all programmes. (This means you are not to discuss the groups meetings with outsiders.)

It seems I am not alone is my doubts.

More about – Common Purpose: What Is Its Real Objective?

The following is what I gleaned from an article by Tina Brooker, dated 10 Aug 2019.

She belongs to Forti est veritas – Truth is Strong . Looking at several “Common Purpose Exposed” articles, Tina points us to some allegations about Common Purpose – CP –  which would lend credence to Caroline Stephens ‘alert.’ For example:

  • CP is a political charity using behaviour modification. “graduates can use their learning to lead outside authority”…
  • Children, teenagers and adults have their prejudices removed
  • CP claim to have trained 30,000 adult graduates in the UK and changed the lives of some 80,000 school children and young adults. “Using behavioural and experiential learning techniques, the view of graduates can be remoulded to conform to the new Common Purpose. Most won’t be aware this has happened! Trained and operated under the Chatham House Rule.

(Mind control?)

  • CP is an elitist pro-EU political organisation helping replace democracy – in UK and worldwide – with their chosen elite leaders. Their hidden networks and political objectives are undermining and destroying our democratic society and threatening “free will” in adults, teenagers and kids.
  • Funding comes from public money, big business (including international banks)

From the many and varied sources in Tina’s article it seems verifiable that:

  • Common Purpose is secretive. They admit on their own website to hold ‘Chatham House Rule’; it was criticised in 2009 for trying to stop people from investigating its activities. It sent details of 18 people, who had made FOI requests, to public bodies, demanding that officials should not respond to them.
  • Common Purpose is a taxpayer-funded charity whose “graduates”, associates and advocates sit in some of the most powerful positions in public life.

(The links below to dailymail and wikileaks expose several of these names as well as connected organisations)

Tina Booker’s FortisestVeritas (Truth is Strong) article concludes:

Common Purpose appears to have had close links to some of the most high-profile scandals of our time.

Here are two examples of such scandals:

  1. their alleged ‘improper influence’ over the Leveson Inquiry – three of the six assessors had CP connections.
  2. The Orwell Prize (2008) and the Newsnight’s McAlpine (2012) debacles.

We are witnessing chaos and abject failure within many institutions today – Could Common Purpose have some involvement?

Sidenote: like many alternative websites seeking to expose the truth, Tina hopes fortisestveritas will “survive the savage censorship of the Tech giants…”

A very disparaging detailed account of Common Purpose is provided by Wikileaks:

goes so far as describing Common Purpose as “a hidden virus in our government and schools”, and alleges the organisation is “identifying leaders in all levels of our government to assume power when our nation is replaced by the EU, in what they call ‘the post democratic society’” and that it “specifically targets children from the age of 13”.


GreenMedInfo published an article November 15, 2020:  Who funds Facebook Fact Checkers? Washington-based independent journalist Tim Schwab had investigated Gates’ Foundation funding of the media and found Gates grants to many outlets.

Tim Schwab’s article at The Nation on October 5, 2020 is entitled “While the Poor get Sicker, Bill Gates just gets richer.”  Tim says: “the billionaire’s pandemic investments, like much of his work, remain a secretand gives some ‘interesting’ information on the tentacle-like investments of Gates. (emphasis added)

Gates’ long-time involvement in and work with vaccines and his sprawling financial ties saw him asserting a huge influence early in the Covid pandemic. He seized that leadership and gained a lot of power in doing so – praised for his leadership by the media.

In one of Common Purpose’s own articles, dated April 27, 2015, Robert Care writes of the generosity of the Bill and Melinda Gates, “the pair hope to eventually donate 95% of their personal wealth”, an example of people who redefined their purpose from wealth generation to …social responsibility.

Dr Robert Care is Arup Principal, Act and Strategic Geographies Leader, Australasia, Arup and Chair of Common Purpose Charitable Trust.

I looked a little into Arup, and no surprise to me, they’re well onboard the 5G train.  “In a post-Covid-19 world, we have the opportunity – some may say responsibility – to give marginalised groups (would that include the countless businesses who’ve lost all to shutdowns?) equal consideration in our planning as we reshape our communication networks and our wider cities”.

Here’s the rub – the article continues: \

our cities will combine physical facilities with virtual environments and services.

“5G networks are starting to give us greater capacity and reliability.” They ‘ll improve the accuracy and effectiveness of disaster response! And they’ll “underpin an ability to respond better and faster to all the changing social and economic needs of those who live and work in our cities”.

Does that reek of digital surveillance to you?

There is a plethora of ‘doubt’ on the internet about Bill Gates:

“Who is Bill Gates? A software developer? A businessman? A philanthropist? A global health expert?.” GreenMedInfo May 3, 2020.

Plenty of Australia’s growing ‘conspiracy theorists’ link him to 5G. There is also Gates’ connection to Wuhan Institute; his ties to Jeffrey Epstein; his aim to control the world (and control population).

Clearly, Mr Gates and his foundation wield an almighty power, but there seem to be massive ‘armies’ in support (collusion?) – WE ARE TRULY IN A BATTLE!


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