Biden’s Chief Of Staff: Trump has ‘definitely set back the democratic norm’ in US

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“Trump has definitely set back the democratic norm here in the United States,” said Ronald Klain, Joe Biden’s newly appointed Chief of Staff said on ABC’s “This Week” on Sunday.

“[Trump] has been doing that for four years, and that’s ramped up since the election,” continued Klain.

Klain continued to bash Trump, saying that “he could not really run on his record, and the voters rejected his leadership, and since then Donald Trump has been rejecting democracy.”

“We know we have to reach out to republicans, we know that we have to bring this country together,” continued Klain. “In fact that the entire essence of Joe Biden’s campaign for the Presidency. Trying to heal this nation, repair its soul, restore its backbone, united the country. And uniting this country is what [Biden] is doing.”

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