Bevelyn Beatty stabbed by Antifa (raw)…

Here come the Dem voters rising again from the cemeteries. This election should not be even close. If Trump does lose, and I suspect this is a real possibility, we a nation have put our selves into a situation were we will not likely recover. The Republicans will be too chicken too fight like Trump does.

A large percentage of our population wants happy shiny people signing Kumbya versus serious debate. These same people think government is our savior and provider. The media and deep state will have won and stopping them will not be done at the ballot box, unless lightning strikes at least 15% of the population. The Dems are going to legalize illegal immigrants by the thousands and most of the “red” states will be blue.

Trump unfortunately shot himself in the foot with a number of bullets from his Twitter account. The Karen’s were turned off.


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