Bernie Marcus: Trump and His Economy Are Strong Enough to Beat Covid-19

“President Trump is now presiding over one of the fastest economic recoveries in the nation’s history,” writes Bernie Marcus, the retired co-founder of the Home Depot and founder of the Job Creators Network.

In an op-ed for Fox News, Marcus writes that Trump and “the economy he created” are both “healthy and strong and can recover quickly from coronavirus”:

President Trump’s efforts have created the best economy in recent American history. New Census Bureau and Federal Reserve reports show a record increase in American median earnings (especially for minorities), a historic fall in the poverty rate, and reducing income inequality in 2019.

These are just the latest indicators of how the Trump economy’s foundations are well-built and can withstand a pandemic shock — to the nation and its leader.

President Trump is now presiding over one of the fastest economic recoveries in the nation’s history. His capital ‘V’-shaped rally is helping Americans quickly get back on their feet, a stark contrast to the slowest recovery in the nation’s history under Obama and Biden following the Great Recession.

Though buried by today’s COVID-19 news, the Labor Department released its monthly jobs report today, revealing that the national unemployment rate has fallen below eight percent — nearly a 50 percent drop in just five months. This is a remarkable achievement. The unemployment rate didn’t get below eight percent under Obama and Biden’s leadership until September 2012 — nearly four years after they were elected.

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