Be Aware of the Pysop Being Pushed Upon You To Get Jabbed

Be Aware of the Pysop Being Pushed Upon You To Get Jabbed

By Staff Reporter

This is a message to Australians.

You know there’s a propaganda campaign ongoing in Australia around the injection program.

I’m not sure if you realise how deep and on how many levels you’re being assaulted by it daily.

Lots of it is subliminal and on the radio. I assume they think people will be mindlessly listening so it’ll get into people’s subconscious.

If you aren’t consciously listening then it could get in there.

For weeks now I’ve heard a breakfast show sound bite which says ‘you’re listening to the new world audio here on ……’

That’s seeding New World Order into your subconscious mind.

More shockingly, 10 mins ago on Triple M – the rock radio show.

They now have a feature called ‘Double Jab’ – ‘Double jab, 2 songs by your favorite artist back to back’

It even said ‘get your double jab now’

They then play some nostalgic old classics which make you feel nice. This time was 2 cold chisel classics.

The idea with this is to get double jab and get your double jab now, into your subconscious if you’re mindlessly listening along or on with it in the background.

Your subconscious will connect the nostalgic ‘feel good’ feelings from the songs to the words ‘double jab’ and ‘get your double jab now’

Be aware this is a PsyOp on all of you. They are going hard with it and it’s not just in television, media, news, and social media.


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