AUSTRALIAN CLOSED: Thousands march for freedom in Melbourne

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The sweltering heat didn’t stop Victorians taking to the streets again in Melbourne as part of the Worldwide Freedom Rally.

The protest in Melbourne, often referred to as the sporting capital of our nation, happened mere kilometres away from the Australian Open tournament where the world’s No.1 tennis player Novak Djokovic was drastically booted from our shores on grounds his mere presence would agitate anti-vaccination sentiment within the community.

It’s no surprise that the tennis star’s absence didn’t stop the strong crowds we have seen long before Djokovic made his way to Australia to play in this year’s Open.

The Australian open, with its embattled boss Craig Tiley, has been full of controversy and low on attendees since the embarrassing saga unfolded with Novak Djokovic.

Now with multiple stars have admitting that they are not testing themselves and world No.3 Alexander Zverev claiming that some players are stepping on to the court with the virus.

It was just a political stunt,” said one protester which set the tone for the feedback from most of the people I talked to today. 

We deported Novak Djokovic ’cause they were scared of what he was thinking,” said another.

The irony of nation-wide staff shortages in many industries causing empty shelves and hospitals declaring ‘Code Brown’ wasn’t lost on some of those at the protest, some of whom were let go due to the mandates.

“Ready and willing to work, but they don’t want me … 21 years of experience,” said one protester.

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