Aussie Prime Minister Served With “Crimes Against Humanity” Arrest Warrant by Common Law Assembly

SonOfEnos – January 27th, 2022

The Australian Prime Minister, Governor’s General, and many others were served with an arrest warrant, informing them of the court date set where they’ll have to appear to defend the 66 crimes they’ve been charged with. Including TREASON. Townsville’s Common Law Assembly has served documents with their local police. Failure to show up means the court will still be presented evidence, then be forced to reach a summary conviction of guilty.

This is the full interview with Channel 7 News

Under international law, a Common Law Assembly is a recognized court which does not require recognition by the government in power. This isn’t the first time that despotic governments have come to power, so the body of international law recognize and legitimize when local communities come together and form Common Law Assemblies.

Video source is North Queensland Freedom, I strongly suggest giving them a follow. They seem to be doing some really great work in Australia, but at this time they only have 46 subscribers. Give them a follow (after you’ve given me one, lol) Here’s the link

SourceSouth Australian Gov Criminal Organisation

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