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The current Australian Psychological Society President has thrown together a token response to the outcry against her blatant support for ex-APS President Bob Montgomery who was convicted of anally raping three young boys. Ros Knight outraged Psychologists who are subsequently calling for her resignation. Read more about the background to this story in my previous article.

Here is the email Knight sent to 24,000+ psychologists this afternoon:

30 June 2020

Dear [APS Psychologists]

I am reaching out to all members to inform you that the APS Board is establishing the Taskforce into Child Sexual Abuse and Psychology.

Recent events relating to crimes committed by former psychologist and former APS President Bob Montgomery have highlighted that no profession is immune from harmful behaviour by individuals, and psychology is no exception.

It is well established that the sexual abuse of children can have lifelong impact, and is a well-documented determinant of mental and physical ill-health.

Assisting survivors to overcome the far-reaching legacy of sexual abuse is an important part of the work of many psychologists, and for many survivors, psychological therapy is a crucial element of their recovery.

The APS has an opportunity to effect change, and the opportunity to truly demonstrate support and understanding to survivors of not only these crimes, but survivors of childhood sexual abuse broadly.

The APS must always follow a proactive agenda that ensures nothing less than the most safe and highest quality of care for survivors.

It is from this position, and for these reasons, that I will be engaging a taskforce to consider our overall approach to the issue of child sexual abuse.

Broadly, the Taskforce will:

*       consider the APS’s engagement with members and survivors on the issue of child sexual abuse
*       consider practical changes that assist the APS, our members and the public to manage this issue effectively
*       consider any conduct or influence by the former President, in the past or continuing, in relation to governance, policies or practices of the Society
*       conduct a review into past and current governance, policies and practices of the APS to identify any shortcomings and areas for improvement.

​Chair and representatives

The Taskforce will be Chaired by Simon Brown-Greaves. The Taskforce is seeking three other representatives from the APS membership.


At this stage it is anticipated that the first meeting will take place in late July/early August. The frequency of meetings will be determined during the first meeting.

The Taskforce will most likely meet over a two-month period, depending on outcomes.

Requirements for applications

We are seeking three APS members who work in the area of child sexual abuse and governance change.

How to apply

Please send your CV and outline your experience with child sexual abuse and governance change to taskforce@psychology.org.au <mailto:taskforce@psychology.org.au>  by 5pm (AEST) on Monday 13 July.

Terms of reference

The Terms of Reference can be found on the APS website <https://aps.cmail19.com/t/r-l-jktdjlkt-ojrkluhkuk-y/> .

This Taskforce is, I believe, essential to ensuring that survivors of child sex abuse can feel validated and supported by psychologists, and that members can feel adequately resourced to address the issue. The APS has an opportunity to effect change. I look forward to receiving your applications.

Yours sincerely

Ros Knight FAPS
APS President


The APS has a long sordid history of being staffed by pedophiles and their protectors, and promoting the pedophile agenda of child abuse denial and coverup. Read all about this in my free book EYES WIDE OPEN.

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