April is the first month of the 13 month year. Our calendar is a complete lie. Check this out.

Jim Crenshaw – September 27th, 2022

That is why they call April 1st April fools day. They are fooling all of us. Or they are making fools out of us. They are constantly jacking with our timeline. If they distract us from the truth on the planet we inhabit, then we become off balance and disoriented.

If they lie about our history, then we have no idea of where we come why we are here or what our destiny should be. Everything is by design to disable and suppress our true power. The shining we have inside. We have been suppressed and held back in a life built on lies upon lies. We live in an illusion.

To the point not many really know what is going on! To all the ones ignoring the magnitude of lies wake up and grow a pair! It’s starts in our wording. ITS FULL OF SPELLINGS, WHATS A SPELL? EVERYTHING IS A LIE INCLUDING THE TIME.
Source: [email protected]: https://www.bitchute.com/channel/iouDKO2sAYqj/

SourceSouth Australian Gov Criminal Organisation

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