All Roads Lead to Zurich.

J.G.Olsen / Financial Expositor

The “Great Reset” is barely understood by many beyond its promotional catchphrase, “You Will Own Nothing“.

This announcement emanated more than two years ago from the Swabian royal, the now world-famous Klaus Schwab.

Bismarck, starting out on the federation of German kingdoms project about 1867 said “Die Politik ist die Lehre vom Möglichen.”

Politics is the art of the possible, a confident sort of statement, considering the outcome was the Second Reich.

More mundane politics is effectively the art of being in the right place at the right time.

It involves simple survival up to the point of election, where public sentiment should align with all the contrived perceptions of the politician, who in that case wins, and whose post-political career aspirations are driven by prizes like the Ambassadorship to London or New York.

In that moment of time, the stars must align, assuming the election is actually legitimate.

The anointed, Emanuel Macron, President of the Republic of France, formerly Inspector of Finances, is well known as a servant of the Rothschilds banking empire. In 2010, Macron was put in charge of Nestlé‘s acquisition of one of Pfizer’s largest subsidiaries based around baby drinks. Ah, baby formula again. His share of the fees on this €9 billion deal made Macron a millionaire.

Back in government through the revolving door, he rose quickly through the political landscape. Like a rugby footballer, he brushed away the competition on the way to the goal and installed himself to follow an agenda, seemingly to make the French work harder for less. Most recently the retirement age was raised to 64, before that yellow-vest marches overwhelmed the nation, culminating in the Easter burning of the world-famous Notre Dame before all such material was finally eliminated from the Globalist television news.

One of the secrets of French success was recently highlighted by the new Italian President.

“Far right” Georgia Meloni suggested the French give their gold back to Burkina Faso (and 9 other French African states). The French have been “buying” real commodities from Africa since colonial times using printed money, which is a form of empire taxation, which obviously pays for the military policing of the French African colonies.

Meloni makes a case for fairness, while Macron pushes the French to work harder. Both may well be focussed on the end game, which is to take France off the free money arrangement they have enjoyed for so long. The reason is, Africans are to be given CBDCs or Central Bank Digital Currency, in the form of a credit card account or perhaps by 2030 an implant-based “social credit score” account. And so are the French.

In the empire of the USA, politics is far more complicated and physical survival itself is not guaranteed. The campaign for Trump’s re-election in 2024 has been running for two years already. Like any North Korean dictator, Trump has in his mind a list of threats which need to be neutralised. He cheerfully broadcasts the evils of his political competitors but is much more cagey about offending the extremely powerful figures who run America. So the entire Trumpian “movement” is reduced to the usual political theatre, pending a 2nd American Revolution, or 3rd, if you like to include the efforts of President Jackson, who defeated the banks in 1835.

Trumps’ ostensible purpose is not to deliver Nirvana to Americans but to consolidate his bloodline and eliminate as many threats as possible, added to which should be, satisfying his own ego. The mighty US$ post-war hegemony is ending, courtesy of the communist super-states, Russia and China. Will Trump, therefore, defeat the international banks, or will he simply procrastinate – enter Nesara-Gesara.

NESARA is the NESARA National Economic Security and Transformation Act. This law was passed by the American Congress in 2000. While GESARA stands for the Global Economic Security and Transformation Act, which has been enacted by all 209 sovereign nations of the world and will be the most groundbreaking transformation law that will sweep the entire planet.

This sounds a lot like the groundwork for the WEF Great Reset of 2030. Various alternative news sources claim this will result in banks having to return interest to their clients and other pennies-from-heaven scenarios. From what universe do they get these ideas? It seems we are moving steadily toward the Globalist Bankers’ utopia, and no-one else’s.

One thing the Globalists are well known for is their groundwork, which normally stretches over years and generations, while the public attention span is measured in hours and minutes. If the WEF is promoting their Great Reset of 2030 and NESARA dates from year 2000, how is Mr. Trump expected to swing it the other way? His tenure does not run over multiple decades, like Putin’s. The chaos of the Biden years has taken the US economy nowhere. The debt keeps rising in leaps and bounds and all we ever saw to indicate a way out was a picture of Andrew Jackson on the wall in Trump’s Oval Office. Not much use here in Australia, though it gave some of us hope, something would come of it.

In Australia, talk of a republic is on the rise since the disappearance of Queen Elizabeth II on 8 Sept last year, the first day of her next life commencing 9/9 2022. Evelyn de Rothschild also slipped away on 11/11 2022, leaving all his pounds behind, or so we are told.

Years ago Australian Treasurer Joe Hockey said life expectancy is to be around 150 years – if you can afford it.

The Bank of England is headquartered in the City of London. Throughout the 19th century, the City was the world’s primary business centre. Not so now.

The Australian Republic was advanced by Malcolm Turnbull, himself well-known as an extremely personable and media-trained merchant banker, and postponed by former PM John Howard due to the assumed sensitivities of Her Majesty. Now, there is talk of the republic being resurrected. Parallel to this, we have a  rewriting of the Australian Constitution, this is framed, nay, disguised, as a national reconciliation with Aborigines, which is almost an annual event since they were allowed citizenship and access to social security payments many decades ago. This wonderful gift from the Globalist-controlled ALP will inevitably be a Trojan Horse for any number of stealthy Constitutional changes, to also advance Australia toward the Great Reset.


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