Alice Springs Court 2022: “where do you derive your authority from”?

liabilitymate – September 25th, 2022

Alice Springs Court 30th August 2022: magistrate fails to answer the question: “where do you derive your authority from”. Then abandons ship by leaving the court room.
More proof this Government is a corporation and the legal system is all about consent.
Listen to this magistrate relentlessly ask the man to “have a seat” this is another trick in which they get you to consent by taking orders from false authority.He was not a lawful judge, he was sitting under a seal that is foreign to the Commonwealth of Australia Constitution 1901 as proclaimed and gazetted, the correct seal is the royal identifier the lion and the unicorn . And it was no where to be seen. That judge and all the purported officers of that court are committing treason. That is a fact of law, even the scribe is committing treason .

SourceSouth Australian Gov Criminal Organisation

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