Alan Dershowtiz on Dominion…

Full disclosure, I love Dershowitz. Yeah yeah, all this pedo stuff – I do not believe it at all. Just look at the timing, folks. Alan wrote a book defending The Donald, stopped his CNN appearances (They let him go), started his FoxNews guest “contributor” stuff, DEFENDING THE PREZ frequently (even at the impeachment trial later), and lo and behold, some young gal steps up with accusations!! He has ably and consistently defended himself. He has no fool for a client, either.

But I have a disagreement with him here. He says there are only two facets to the case of voter fraud via Dominion: A) Was there potential? and B) Did it happen?

But Alan, there is a third facet. C) Could it have been easily hidden? Sidney says the only “tell” was when way more Trump voters showed up, breaking their pre-positioned algorithms. If “C” answers “Yes,” and “A” is also yes, “B” is a given, I think, not in a court of law, maybe, but certainly in the realm of public opinion, where bottom-dwelling politicians meet.


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