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What a great day out at the Freedom Rally!!

Time to relax & wind down on Sunday 21st with a Family Fun Day put on by our friends from Adelaide Rises & Trumpets of Patriots at Thorndon Park, Paradise.

For children – jumping castles, face painters, live entertainment. Food, coffee vans & sausage sizzle available.

For grown-ups – live music & entertainment, with some extremely talented performers including an X-Factor finalist!

Join us for a great day for the whole family with activities for children and opportunities for networking with Adelaide Rises and Adelaide Freedom community on Sunday 21st.

Coming Rally – 27/11

We’ll have some information out to the list in the next day or two on next Saturday’s Rally (27/11), outside Channel 7 – Pencil it in for 12pm again.

We could be wrong – but did Ch7 news offer NO coverage last night of the rally ? (we’ll correct this if we are wrong) (let us know if you found a news builtin by 7 covering the Adelaide rally(.

Adelaide South Australia Freedom Rally 15,000 strong

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Adelaide Nurses & health care workers protest – Ch9 2-11-2021


Adelaide South Australia

Saturday July 31st, 12 noon, Rundle Park / Kadlitpina (Park 13)
we gather to march and chant!Lockdowns and restrictions are crippling small business!Masks are robbing our children of oxygen!Hospitals are filling with vaccine reactions!We are fed up!”We’re in a very serious and dangerous situation in South Australia…WITH POLICE COMMISSIONER GRANT STEVENS SIGNING OFF ON MANDATORY COVID
AUSTRALIANS, WITH SA POLICE ENDORSEMENT AND CONTROL?South Australians are being held hostage by Premier Steven Marshall and
Chief Public Health Officer Nicola Spurrier, who call lockdowns at their
whim. Free movement and association are being denied to South
Australians on very questionable evidence.It appears lockdowns around Australia are being used as a tool to bully
Australians into submitting to the covid injections.


From Elizabeth Hart, Independent Researcher.

Be there, tell everyone!  Now is the time to show our numbers!

Adelaide Freedom Rally

Pop up Protest Against Mandatory Masking in Schools tomorrow (Friday 30th July) at 3.15 for 3.30 start at Catholic Archdiocese of Adelaide, next door the St Francis Xavier Cathedral in Victoria Square, 39 Wakefield St, Adelaide.

Bring your children even if they go to non-Catholic schools.

Parents need to get their Governing Councils active and mobilised or demand parent reps resign!

Don’t let the Archbishop and Catholic Church ignore your demands for your children to be free of government abuse!

Tell the Church that our children do not belong to the State or the Church & the church must never override parental authority or consent!


Adelaide Freedom Rally

Hope you can join us at our next AFR event, 24th July .. see attached flyer



Adelaide Freedom Rally Car Rally 24-7-21


Thurs June 17 & Sunday June 20, on the website Events page and also via email to those on our AFR email list?

Dr Judy Wilyman (PHD, author) from WA, will be speaking. (if no border closures).

These 3 hour presentations are well worth attending with power point visuals, excellent information, impact strategies & also provide opportunity to strengthen our Freedom community connections.

Check out the links below to find out more and attend a positive uplifting event.
*There is a small charge to cover venue hire.


See you at one of these events soon.

Adelaide Freedom Rally team


Adelaide Honours the National Day – Saturday May 29


Tomorrow thousands will gather at the Malls Balls at 12 noon to march to
Victoria Square for rally speeches at 1pm as part of the Worldwide
Millions March Against Mandatory Covid Vaccinations

We say a loud and public NO to vaccine mandates for work or to visit
loved ones in aged care facilities!

We say a loud and public NO to tracking and tracing based on the flawed
PCR testing regime that inflates phony Covid case numbers in people with
no symptoms!

We say a loud and public NO to the lockdowns and restrictions that have
destroyed small businesses and escalated the incidence of domestic
violence and suicides with the despair they bring!

We say a loud and public NO to vaccine passports that will require
people to have a dangerous experimental jab that does not provide
immunity in order to travel!

We demand an end to the State of Emergency when there is no emergency
and there has never been an emergency!

We demand transparency and accountability for the adverse reactions
including deaths that have already occurred because of these

We demand an end to Covid vaccinations!

This is what is happening right here in SA and this, according to our
Chief Public Health Officer, does not meet the criteria for an adverse
reaction to a Covid vaccine!

“My Dad, William Clive Haddon was taken to the Modbury Hospital by
ambulance late Thursday night with severe abdominal pain and profusely
bleeding and blood clotting from his urinary tract. He was sent home
with a suspected urinary tract infection and told to get antibiotics.

He bled and suffered for another day and was taken back to the Modbury
Hospital by ambulance on Saturday morning. He had to have blood clots
removed from his urinary tract and was in immense agony as he wasn’t
allowed any pain medication.

After persevering through a blunder of inadequate care he was
transferred (handballed) to the Lyell McEwin Hospital at around 5pm.
Triage was extensively delayed and no tests were done to see where his
bleeding was coming from.

Once this disgrace of a sideshow was over he was given minimal pain
medication and was told he couldn’t have anything stronger although
still having major abdominal contractions.

The nurse told him to not cause any trouble over the night as her shift
was ending and she wouldn’t get much sleep and she’d be back in the
morning to hear about it. He asked when he would have any test to see
what was happening and she said maybe tomorrow maybe Monday who knows…
its the weekend!

**I informed her that he had had his Covid Vaccine and she shrugged and
said “yeah I’ve had mine too and it didn’t bother me.”**

His wife and I were told to leave the hospital after visiting hours
although no information was given on what was happening. Just before we
left he had a really bad cramping pain which was agonising for myself to
watch and when it subsided he said he wanted his light left on so he
could try and read his newspaper The Australian because he knew he
wasn’t going to get any sleep.

It then took 3 hours to transfer my dad who had a stroke in a hospital,
untreated to the Royal Adelaide Hospital. He suffered major damage to
his brain all the while still bleeding into what he sarcastically
referred to the day before being his rose’ bag.

They performed an operation to clear the blood clots in his brain which
was unsuccessful. Information and communication or lack of from
participating hospitals only added to the lack of fastness or even
knowledge of what to do for him added to the undue care that had been

Told once again to a nurse that he had the AstraZeneca Covid vaccine to
which I got a shoulder shrug reply. Then began a long and tortuous day
and night of insurmountable pain, agitation and what I can only describe
as a hell of a fight to live and breathe.

He was moved to the ICU in the early hours of Monday morning. When I
spoke with the ICU doctor he had no idea of all this information and had
to follow up to find out, no information from Modbury Hospital has been
given to us at this stage.

Monday afternoon he was put on a ventilator and has been hanging on like
the bloody trooper he is.

The doctors have now told us there has been severe swelling in his brain
caused by the clot and there will be no recovery. He has only hours/days
to live. Heavily sedated on a ventilator.

My Dad is True Blue Aussie and deserves more respect than this
disgraceful service the SA Health Departments have provided, all the
while trying to disregard and sweep the Covid Vaccine under the rug.
Well that is NOT going to happen and he may not be able to speak but my
voice will not be silenced.

Tag away and talk it up because this should not happen to anyone. This
man is not a statistic, He is My Dad! This is not a urinary infection
Modbury Hospital, his tests showed no infection, he had low blood
platelets profuse bleeding and blood clots throughout his poor body.
This is not good enough!! Where is his duty of care??”

This is not good enough. These are crimes against humanity.

Adelaide Honours the National Day – Saturday May 29

Adelaide Freedom Rally team

Reminder this Saturday is the national Millions March against Mandatory
Vaccination rally.

Come along and stand up for freedom. Bring your placards so we can be
highly visible.

Meet at Rundle Mall, Malls Balls at 12noon on Saturday 29th May to march
the streets.

For more information and to download colour or printable black & white
A5 posters (half A4 size) please visit our web page:

Adelaide Honours the National Day – Saturday May 29

Download flyers using links below:

A5 Flyer – Black & White:

A5 Flyer – Colour:

Please share with others.

See you on Saturday.
The Adelaide Freedom Rally Team

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