Adam Carolla Is Reclaiming Comedy

On this episode of The Federalist Radio Hour, comedian Adam Carolla joins Culture Editor Emily Jashinsky to discuss his new show “Truth Yeller” and the state of comedy, Hollywood, and entertainment in a world plagued by wokeness.

“There was no late-night conservative or sort of right-leaning or Fox-watching or you know, whatever you want to label it, it just wasn’t there. All the late-nights skewed to the left. And so all the late-nights were Italian restaurants and Gutfeld opened up a Mexican restaurant and got a lot of hungry people going over there. And that’s just kind of the way I look at it. So much of it is the country is basically split in half, politically, but 92 percent of the comedy is for one half. So it makes sense to do alternative stuff for the other half,” Carolla said.

Carolla said Hollywood knows that it caters to the left but it doesn’t care.

“I don’t know that Hollywood feels threats,” Carolla said. “I mean look at the Oscars. They took a Tiffany franchise and they screwed it up by overwoke-ing it. They just go more woke each year. The ratings go down each year and they don’t care.”


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