A message of healing and hope for The Original Sovereign First Nations People and All People

A lot of people are very scared right now as we wake up to the dangers of the COVID experimental bio agent. We must not despair. We need our Faith to be stronger than the fear. We are SO LOVED.


We’re in the process of restoring Divine and Natural lore, and are holding the energy of Divine Protection and Healing for ALL who are ready to surrender to the full light of truth, and walk forward together in full faith into our most beautiful New Dreaming. #HeavenOnEarth

We know that the evil criminal death cult who have been claiming false authority here in The Sovereign First Nations of Australia and across our Mother Earth, are waging war against We the People; And especially targeting ALL Original Sovereign First Nations People, in their genocidal deployment of the COVID experimental Bio Agent.

The good news is that it is an experimental bio agent, and they cannot possibly know exactly what effects it will have on each one of our Universally unique selves, body, mind and soul. We are Divinely Designed to be self healing. We are conscious loving co-creative beings of Divine Light in our purest form.

While it is 100% best to avoid the bio agent wherever we can; for anyone who has been tricked, coerced, bribed, blackmailed or forced, please do not fret or despair. We are right now in the process of co-creating healing pathways and the energy medicine we need to help our people heal.

In quantum physics there is a phenomenon called ‘the observer effect’, which basically shows that at the most basic level of the way energy behaves, the behaviour of energy changes depending on the expectations/ anticipation / creative intent of the observer/s. Which is evidence that ‘we’ the observers hold creative influence over the behaviour of energy which is what makes up matter.

Together in the full light of truth, we the honestly informed people of our Living Earth, in surrender to Our Divine Creator, hold the absolute power to re-imagine and heal everything now. We need to all come together in surrender to the truth to talk about natural health and healing, peace, freedom and solutions to ALL of the many very real, urgent and important attacks we are under that we need to face end together now.


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