5G – Health or Wealth?

by Felicity Hingston

An advertising article by Bruce Jackson on MSN today tells of the rise of the wealth of Ray Kroc, McDonald’s “Burger Baron”, through “buying and leasing restaurant space to its franchisees!” Of course, any McDonald’s setup needs a physical ‘venue’. And many of McDonald’s investors have done well indeed.

Jackson writes “we’ve spotted one company that’s in the unique position McDonald’s was in 70 years ago.” With the enticing line “the US$12.3 trillion “leasing” opportunity of 2020”, he writes:  the “revolutionary breakthrough” of this “under-the-radar company” could “potentially make fast-acting investors rich.” (Here)

“It’s none other than 5G technology – or, what PC Magazine calls, “the investment for the next decade.” “5G will be like the gold rush of the 1850s.”

The article advocates loudly all the (same old) irresistible attractions of 5G without a mention of its unproven safety (of course!)

Then comes the real “sales pitch clincher” – “5G can’t operate with its current infrastructure”.

For those of us who’ve been paying attention, there has been world-wide push-back against 5G, for the health risks, environmental risks AND surveillance potential.

Perhaps this has led to a need to solicit the “opportunistic, greedy, selfish would-be rich”?

It has been mooted that, under the cover of COVID, 5G infrastructure has been rolling out – despite public objection – as these links seem to confirm:

Or  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s01LivKt4Yw   and https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ovlDv96BlHU

I it’s ok, why ‘sneak it in’? (25m is a bit long but worth a look – how 5G will aid and abet COVID) and then there’s an aggressive unwillingness to answer a citizen’s questions:

Whether this has been occurring in Australia, I don’t know.

No doubt, as we’ve seen the devastation of our economy – allegedly due to COVID – there will be plenty of people licking their lips at such a “quick financial fix,” both private and government.

Jackson continues:

“We here at Motley Fool Australia are convinced we’re only in the VERY early days of this company’s trajectory.” “…even if 5G doesn’t take off (which is unlikely), this company has secured long-term leases that could potentially cause a massive stock surge in the months ahead.”  “…to access the name of this stock…. Click Here to Learn More!”

IN SHORT: According to Motley Fool, 5G needs locations for their towers and there’s big money to be made.

The global jury is still out about the safety and necessity of 5G, not to mention the unknown surveillance potential and intention(but understood by those looking).

But it wouldn’t be the first time that the appeal of a fast buck takes precedence over common sense now would it? I.e., greed over health consequences!

Since NIMBY seems to be a popular trait, let those willing to invest prove their ‘trust’ in the safety of 5G technology, by allowing the towers to be built in their back yard.

Rather than assault our public spaces like schools, parks, our main streets (think George St and Martin Place, Sydney), perhaps first up, we could have a ring of 5G towers around “Canberra Hill”. It would be telling, how many would maintain the ‘work from home’ opportunity!

Afterthought: Wouldn’t it be interesting to know which politicians and ‘big wigs’ have ‘vested interests’ already?


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