2022/12/07th– Red Alert – are we really facing WW3 or just the Threat

Red Alert – are we really facing WW3 or just the Threat Items 1+2

Q warned us that the Threat of WW3 will be the final sign before the EVENT 

Atho’  there are 2 videos below of a talking head, good to see young men awake

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Just In – Rupert Murdoch and Lachlan Murdoch forced to give evidence under oath in the US. Will they perjure themselves?

1 – Brazilian Military has begun – posted 5 Dec 2022

Rounding up and/or shooting all levels of Deep State – Cant wait for it here


2 – RED ALERT  posted Dec 6, 2022

This guy is a bit negative, but this is interesting insight


3 – US Unveils New Top Secret Weapon That Will Leave Enemies Shaking In Their Boots


4 – PI STORM BREWING: Vax Mandate Treason, Camps, Censorship 

Watch first 11 min. Dr Shoemaker (powerful) He also talks about covid camps Aust.       55 min in – Scott Morrison


5 – SIGN THIS ONE so they can’t bash down your front door and enter


6 – America’s Food Supply Fertilized With Human Remains And Coated With Nanoparticles


7 – Love your Nesle Chockie Drinks

8 – Reporter CONFRONTS Hunter Biden about GOP – Face Says It All

Do people care ??  Maybe not until the Event starts here any day now ?


9 – Your Mask + PCR Test + Booster Kill Shot  compilation

10 – Great Pre-flight instructions

11 – America’s Future Leaders ?

12 – The Christmas Broadcast 1957 – Who Remembers this ?

Things are a lot different today – The Labor Govt wants to abolish the House of Lords



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