2022/12/04th– So many shills, who do you trust ? 

Misinformation is coming from all sides –

a – Deliberate from the Deep State shills –

b – Deliberate from Q to confuse the enemy – of course Q and General Michael Flynn will not reveal their moves in this war

c – Info from sincere gurus who have no access to the truth, military or otherwise so who do you trust ?

My world did not end when I took last  night off. I asked a neighbour, ex-military, if he had access to any info. He put his index finger to his lips, sshhh, then smacked his hand and said – “I am not even permitted to ask” 

So how can one know what is truth. Well my mate Wyatt also known as Minute Man on his Telegram channel, decided to actually go there to see for himself regarding the Brisbane Port   see item 2

DISCLAIMER  – Items here are in good faith – no claim for 100% truth

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1 – 12 Doses of Christmas


2 – Who do you trust?   Wyatt – MinuteMan

We are being lied to and we are falling for it. They want us pacified so that they can control us because they are scared of us. This is a giant Psy-Op. Please watch the entire video below and share it everyone you know. We need to expose the Shills and “Died Suddenly” has been exposed as a D33PSTATE PSY-OP.

Wyatt here  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UaxPm2Fxkqo

This is the link he refers too watch next  


3 – Beware of the New Comers

About SG anon…this guy doesn’t like him.  He says   I don’t trust Michael Jaco either


4 – Dear Tyrants, You’re LOSING


5 – Nancy Pelosi and other Deep Staters arrested   TRUE ?


6 – JAG charges Nancy Peolsi with treason etc at Gitmo   TRUE ?

7 – Martial Law is coming to Brazil next week    TRUE ?


8 – SGAnon With our mates down under   

SgAnon ?   Bosi – obviously knows more than he can say

copy to URL https://rumble.com/v1yhpje-sganon-w-huge-intel-for-our-mates-downunder.-must-share-w-everyone.html

9 – DeSantis DeSantis 


10 – Q and A with Riccardo Bosi


11 – 432 Hz. at 440 Hz the music really hurts    Item 3 on

25 – 432 > 440 – God’s Music and Numbers

12 – Every tree, every plant receives radio waves

The radio gets a signal and we can hear the broadcast. Where we are on the ground, there is no mobile network coverage. This tree is surely 30 to 40 meters high and works as an antenna. This is a giant Black Forest Fir. There are still people who say that nature does not interfere or interact with radio signals. Every tree, every plant receives radio waves, no matter what.

13 – End Times Warning ?




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