2022/11/28th – Voting is the adult version of writing to Santa

There is a report going around that a bigger than ever plandemic of measles is coming ?  Hopefully that will be the trigger for the WW Lockdown and arrests.

DISCLAIMER – Nothing is claimed to be 100% truth. only 1 Victorian knows all

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Most human beings have an almost infinite capacity for taking things for granted.”   ALDOUS HUXLEY


Protests are erupting across China as people have had enough of the draconian zero Covid lockdowns. This is what eventually happens when people power mobilises against oppressive governments that take away freedoms and human dignity



1 – Victorian Elections – Have you seen this ?




2 – Q Tower Nuremberg  What’s going on ?

not sure if this is what I expected but it’s early. The back door?

3 – U.S.  Military Arrests and Executions Update November 2022


and   https://rumble.com/v1xa8as-q-jfk-jr.html

4 – They lied to children and parents who willingly killed their children. 


5 – US Attorney confirms over 500,000 deaths

MILLIONS injured around the world with neurological disorders, thrombosis, myocarditis, autoimmune diseases and many more. The CDC and Pfizer knew in advance what it would do and hide the data


6 – TGP Caught Corrupt FBI Inserting Docs during Mar-a-Lago Raid to Make Trump Look Bad – But Now They’re Gone!


7a – Jay Leno, a credible show host.  JFK said he would reveal himself

7b – JFK Jr.: He’s Still Alive And Is Q, Is This     A lot to see on this link


and    https://rumble.com/v1xa8as-q-jfk-jr.html


8 – AustraliaOne Party – Geoengineering #1: NASA Cloud Seeding


9 – Why you don’t answer dog walker needed ads in Portland.

I wonder if it has had its rabies and covid shots… her also. We can only hope. Didn’t even let him…it…whatever it is stop at the fire hydrant. Remember when Portland used to be a beautiful, safe place to raise children and live the American


10 – Instant KARMA: The ‘PENETRATOR’ the best anti-theft invention

Beware of a drugged up Tranny


11 – According to Klaus Schwab, God is dead and Jesus is fake news.


12 – Man Dies In Car Crash; Taught About Creation And The Quantum World


13 – click to open    Update Sun. Nov 27 2022



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