2022/11/26th – Every day it gets closer

Every day it gets closer – There are reports going around about an imminent bigger than ever plandemic. Hopefully that will be the trigger for the WW Lockdown and arrests.

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1 – Aussie Cossack Report   Military Aircraft circling over Sydney CBD

Zelensky media shooting an “atrocity scene” in Ukraine.  Graphic scene

2 – Military Arrests Another Cabinet Member

See others who have been arrested/executed


3 – The scum in charge executed the policy of the Covid 1984

Scam-Plandemic cabal. Protesters had every right to resist such a totalitarian policy, by all means.  Victoria’s police chief commissioner, Shane Patton, said officers used pepper balls, foam baton rounds, smoke bombs and stinger grenades which deploy rubber pellets.  Australian riot police fired rubber bullets to dispel a crowd of people demonstrating against Melbourne’s coronavirus lockdown, on orders of the scum in charge. Now, the scum in charge will be again Premier of Victoria, thanks to his scum-folk who voted him in again.


4a – Sack Dan Andrews Party’ is a dirty trick to keep this dictator in power


4b – Avi Yemini talks about the Sack Dan Andrews Party.  A monster scam


5 – My Biggest Regret | George Christensen


6a – Official UK document from the Ministry of Health

6b -Vast Majority of Covid Deaths now occurring in the Fully Jabbed

Copy to URL  https://www.naturalnews.com/2022-11-23-vast-majority-covid-deaths-occurring-fully-jabbed.html

6c – Antifa Member calls for Forcefully holding Unvaxxed people to jab them   

Sounds like Pallychook amd McGowan goals


6d – San Francisco authorises Police Robots to use deadly Force


7 – Vatican Allows Statue of Molech, Pagan Deity of Child Sacrifice, at Colosseum

There is heaps about the Vatican we all know about – no need for more of the same


8 – Do you buy bottled Water ?

Bottled water is one of the biggest scams of the century and it can also be dangerous to your health. Studies from Germany show that in addition to the well-known BPA, bottled water can contain over 20,000 other toxic chemicals. Among them is diethylhexyl fumarate (DEHF), a chemical that interferes with the work of the human hormonal system. 16 of the 18 samples were found to block androgen receptors in the body by an astounding 90 percent. We can safely say that not only bottled water, but also plastic as well is very harmful to our health, as it is VERY ESTROGENIC, so no wonder some men are starting to feel like women these days.

Best water to consume is spring water, if you can find one locally the better, and make sure to use glass containers. Spring water = Energetically live water The equipment used in this video is Electrolyser for testing Water quality & impurities, which you can buy online.

9a – Smart Meters are not what you think

9b – Smart Devices are Everywhere


10a – Another Pilot Dies at the Controls – No Paramedics Needed


10b – THIS is what our military members are struggling with every day just to survive.

Big Pharma’s biggest customer?  DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE! – Military Freedom Keepers

11 – Electric/Green vehicles debunked in 58 seconds


12 – NASA Artemis Moon Mission Exposed


13 – Check this interview and info out as to the real cause of getting nowhere with regulatory bodies and people and governments and courts. 

It’s all about the overhead contract with the DoD in the US. The design and build contract had no requirements for health, safety or efficacy or any regulatory standards.  Sasha (interviewed by Maria Zeee) who has had extensive experience with government and Pharma contracts and knows the regulatory process for new products etc explains. 
This is why. DoD set up ALL the contracts for cv xxxxx and no standards or safeguards apply whatsoever. Here’s the source of the problem plus the controls above them. Only ONE person in the DoD is responsible and they are accountable to no one else as the vxxx comes under a “prototype” for mitigation (defense weapon) purposes. No liability, no safety checks, no proper trials, no manufacturing controls or standards, no delivery/admin protocols as to the stabilisation and transport, temperature control of product. Anything goes. 

“The press has not made it clear to Americans that the COVID vaccines are DOD products.  Helps us understand why there is such a “militarist” approach to public vaccination. Mandates. No exceptions and so on.  Sasha Latypova explains.” Zeee media




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