2022/10/01st  –  What if extreme weather froze your bank account

What if extreme weather froze your bank account – Item 1 + 23

Nothing hurts more than you being DISAPPOINTED by the ONE 

who YOU Thought Would NEVER HURT YOU

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1 – What if extreme weather froze your bank account


2 – Florida Cyclone –

as it approached, people were rushing out to fill their cars with petrol. That would not be a problem if they all had electric cars ?  If the power goes out for a week and it surely did, how are they going to get gas anyway   And you can’t buy up on electricity and store it in drums in drums.  

3 – More Food Chain attacks 

On Sat, Oct 1, 2022, Mark B <underthewire4me@gmail.com> wrote:

A friend informed me today that her neighbour, a dairy farmer, is now forced to vaccinate her herd with an mRNA vaccine! (NSW) She complied and of the 200 head of cattle, 35 died instantly! I would sue the DPI The farmer said it is mandatory for all dairy farms to have their herd jabbed with this mRNA vaccine. Am not yet sure if that’s for NSW or across Australia, but will investigate immediately

Implications? Dairy herd DNA is altered. Milk is altered and you CONSUME IT! Butter constitution, yoghurt, cheese is altered MEAT is altered Will chicken and other meats be next? Time to grow your own folks, and maybe develop herds that are private, none tagged, and never vaccinated. 

Allan reply to Mark   – Mark, when they tested the mRNA vaccine on hundreds of dogs about 10 years ago every dog died. The Covid mRNA vaccination on us humans, in 2021, was never a trial – they ( the New World Order, the UN, the World Health Organisation and the World Economic Forum [ Klaus Schwab ] ) knew what was going to happen. Our Scott Morrison and “Health Minister” Greg Hunt had the long proven cures for Covid conditions, Hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin, banned for use on all Australians – they are complicit in the genocide. 

When are the hangings going to start?

4 – Are the Police short of Hand cuffs ?  Maybe you can do this

5 – The art of misdirection 

The MSM excells   A magician shows how it happens

6 – 9/11 – What hit the Pentagon and the Twin Towers ? 

Washington is nearly deserted

7 – What goes on within the bloodstream following a jab?

8 – More celebrities injured and killed by the jab

Covid has never been isolated and the PCR test is a fraud. Should make you question definitively which variant you’re said to be infected with. It’s all complete bollocks!

9 – Trump visits NY Firemen

10 – Excerpts from Putin’s Address at the Signing Ceremony

Never see this side of things on TV – no wonder the DS hate him. While Prime Minister Putin talks about the greatness of his people having the same Culture, Religion and Traditions, the European Union is trying to replace white people with the 3rd world, migration replacement,.
AND NATO is backing them up.  Go Vladmir (Oh, by the Way, the Prime Minister of Ukraine, Zelensky, a Jew, now has an 8 million dollar home in Israel to escape to, but Ukrainians are not allow to immigrate their because they are not Joos)

11 – General Michael Flynn’s response to 2 important questions

12 – Dr Reiner Fuellmich – statement regarding the past few weeks


13 – Should You Eat Bugs? | Dr. Sam Bailey   No way  20 mins


14 – Caught on Camera – Souls leaving the body.

I have seen Kirlian photography (shows life)  Do you believe in the existence of the soul? Do you think that our spirit leaves our body when we die? Here are 5 videos with that appear to show souls coming out of peoples bodies upon death caught on camera. Do you think there is life after death? These videos seem to indicate that when our body dies, their is a soul or spirit entity that leaves our earthly vessel.


15 -New Aussie Legislation – Quarantine and Jabs at THEIR whims


16 – 5G  need to know – It is not what you might want to believe

UK – Mark Steele, who is a weapons expert, told the committee that the 5G network is a weapon of military technology, used to find and neutralize targets by radar scanning.

17 – Indian Banks will close for 20 days

18 – Did they do this on purpose – Hurricane Ian in Florida


19 – Man made Climate Change –

video was deleted within minutes 23 mins


20 – The Coming Internet Reset: False Carrington Event


21 – Australia Mass Die Off Upsurge


22 – Hugh Hefner was CIA-Mossad Agent and Epstein of the 70’s 

23 – The Coming Money System

Good or bad   Hope for the best

24 – Situation Update 30/9/2022

It will be sooner than you expect
LIVE STREAM with Donald J. Trump, Snowden & Putin.
YOU will get answers to all the most frequently asked questions.
YOU will find out what really happens behind the scenes.
YOU will find out what the world is really like.
YOU will find out what will happen further with the world.
Let’s break the records for most watched LIVE STREAM.





Murder on Music Row

Even the heart and soul of American Country Music is being destroyed – mostly by payola and disc jockeys.  This is how you sing it.

The Big Reset Movie   2hrs 14m


Titantic sinking animation   well done


Elvis 1956   26 Sep Tupelo   for fans and collectors



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