2022/09/24th  – Some days are unique and you can feel it in the air.

John Durham – Some days are unique and you can feel it in the air. Today is the day of TRUTH and FREEDOM. Today we will have the chance to taste HOPE once again. Many will face justice and punishment for their betrayal. God bless you all.    See 17

We should always PRAY for  HELP but we should always LISTEN for INSPIRATION and  IMPRESSION to provide in ways DIFFERENT from those of which we MAY have thought.

1 – ANZ closed ?

Toowoomba ANZ posted a notice on its window – Closed, re-opening Oct 3   They are merely doing a refurbishment – such is not unusual


RBA is Bust – but we know that is BSThe Reserve Bank is to create and distribute the interest free money system to match the requirements of the national daily needs for commerce in the economy    See Earth + 5% on this site – Larry’s videos on the right  DVD-01 >>>>

2 – How Victoria’s Health Minister was put in check, in court with the Virus Question.


3 – Is this what’s up next with AI ?


4 – How the media works – history

5 – How the media works 1991

6 – Magnetic Graphene Oxide found in prescription medication. 

7 – Bill Gates lied to Trump in Office 

CRIMES OF FRAUD: Bill Gates told the President of the United States twice in 2016 and 2017 not to investigate the ill effects of vaccines. He said “No that’s a dead end that would be a bad thing, don’t do that.” That action has resulted in harm and death.

8 – Adrenochrome predictive programming

9 – RIP to a young Sarah

Sarah’s mother made her record a video encouraging children to be vaccinated. (Mum probably was paid)  Sarah ended up in the ICU soon after being vaccinated and passed away. Of course, News agencies reported that Sarah had COVID and not a reaction to the vaccine (6 days after the vaccine?) RIP

10 – If Titanic sank in 2022

11 – The NWO has decided that Climate Change is their perpetual crisis

12 – Lord Mountbatten – What the Royal Family Won’t Tell You About King Charles’ Most Influential Mentor. The British Royals are not descendants of King David

13 – AUSTRALIAONE PARTY (A1) update with Ricardo Bosi   Sep 23


14 – Q drop 2262 dated Sept 21, 2018 says…

“MUSIC IS ABOUT TO STOP. 202-456-1414”

  1. The phone number is for the White House South Lawn.

  2. Elton John is set to perform MUSIC on the White House South Lawn this Friday, Sept 23.

  3. Elton John’s current tour is called “Farewell Yellow Brick Road”.

  4. Yellow Brick Road is the biggest child trafficking route out of China, to all over the world.

15 – Smartass phone – probably a waste of time putting this up –  because I do not know anyone who hasn’t bleated a justification for owning and using one –  Arrgh. I need it for work. I need it for my emails 24 hrs in my situation  bla bla


16 – General Mike Flynn

You may recall General Mike Flynn saying that #Q (https://gab.com/tags/Q) was a #PsyOp (https://gab.com/tags/PsyOp) and while many #Conservatives (https://gab.com/tags/Conservatives) and #TrumpSupporters (https://gab.com/tags/TrumpSupporters) were up in arms about his comments, the General was correct.

There are #PsyOps (https://gab.com/tags/PsyOps) that have been used on people for generations ie. Predictive and Projective Programming through #Television (https://gab.com/tags/Television) (Tell Lies Vision) and Movies … Point in case; The Simpsons who have an uncanny knack of predicting future events.

Television and movies use #NLP (https://gab.com/tags/NLP) and #SubliminalMessaging (https://gab.com/tags/SubliminalMessaging) to program you to be obedient little slaves by keeping you asleep.

So yes, #Q (https://gab.com/tags/Q) is indeed a #PsyOp (https://gab.com/tags/PsyOp) to reverse the #Demonic (https://gab.com/tags/Demonic) #Cabal (https://gab.com/tags/Cabal) influence and to get you to think critically and to wake you up to the #Demonic (https://gab.com/tags/Demonic) #Cabal (https://gab.com/tags/CAbal) and their influence and infiltration into every aspect of society and Government around the world.

Sadly, still to this day a large number of #TrumpSupporters (https://gab.com/tags/TrumpSupporters) and people who respected General Mike Flynn have not awakened to this fact.

The coming days are going to be turbulent as hell, many are going to be caught off guard, others will want to #REVOLT (https://gab.com/tags/REVOLT) because of what they are about to learn and it aint pretty.

There is a reason you have been told continuously to #TrustThePlan (https://gab.com/tags/TrustThePlan) and to #HoldTheLine (https://gab.com/tags/HoldTheLine) (Keep faith). Now do you get it? Are you strong enough to do it? #TheMilitaryIsTheOnlyWay (https://gab.com/tags/TheMilitaryIsTheOnlyWay) and #ItHadToBeDoneThisWay (https://gab.com/tags/ItHadToBeDoneThisWay).

My advise to you is the mantra of #HoldTheLine (https://gab.com/tags/HoldTheLine) and #TrustThePlan (https://gab.com/tags/TrustThePlan) as well as look to the heavens and #Pray (https://gab.com/tags/Pray) and when you do you will find that #God (https://gab.com/tags/God) resides within us all. Every Man, Woman and Child can find their #GodEnergy (https://gab.com/tags/GodEnergy) within themselves if they would only open their minds and hearts.

The world needs the #GodEnergy (https://gab.com/tags/GodEnergy) now more than any other time in history because this is our very last chance of redemption and to rid the #Earth (https://gab.com/tags/Earth) of the #Evil (https://gab.com/tags/Evil) that wants to send us into the #Abyss (https://gab.com/tags/Abyss).


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