2022/09/22nd  – Australia’s Central Bank Says It Is Bust

I did a special mail to a group  here is the reply –

How this it so ?  the people I sent to are not Bankwest staff

1 – Australia’s Central Bank Says It Is Bust

After the Australian fiscal year ended in June, the Reserve Bank of Australia marked its bond holdings to market – wiping out all its reserves. It has been reported that it has STARTED – make sure you have cash. This means banks may bring in the Bail-In laws that Turdball and every politician agreed to, and you won’t be able to get YOUR money. This may cause a run on the banks and lockdowns coming.
Please be careful and stay safe.
Remember, the staff are NOT responsible for this.
We are ALL in this together.   Kind regards, The AustraliaOne Team


2 – Why Are Walmart and Other Major US Retailers Cancelling Billions of Dollars In Orders?


3 – 24th September 2022           

the uncanny Simpsons again – something must happen before 24th ?? 


4 – Judge tells lawyer in court to put on a mask

5 – Undercover Police Detective speechless as Aussie Cossack returns


6 – Never buy a Tesla 


7 – The Lie   another expose of NASA


8 – Prince Charles COP26 “vast military style campaign”~. The Great Reset

watch if you want – sickening


9 – AI gets out of control, refuses to back down, w Elon Musk.


10 – The Most Realistic Humanoid Robots in The World


11 – Hussein Obama’s Treason | “World War” Coming | New Alliances | Future is Silver & Gold     

well said indeed


12 – 200,000,000 soldiers are coming


13 – Judy Byington intel  Restored Republic – huge update 21 Sept


14 – Q Anon Audio Update #12     Incl. Trump & family charged with fraud.

15 – John F. Kennedy Jr., [Sep 22, 2022 at 10:21 PM] Q Warriors,

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16 – The STARS are DARK! ELECTRIC shock! Castle L@ck perfection! ENEMY in PANIC MODE

Brilliant    20 min in – Q posted 2018   34 min in – Companies gone down

17 – Home Covid test – 



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