2022/08/14th –  New Australian $1 Q coin is not QAnon

1 – The all New Australian $1 coin – not QAnon 

6 – Will they arrest Trump ?


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1 – The all New Australian $1 Q coin – It’s not from QAnon


Read all here   copy link to URL


2 – Why so many new graves ?

As mentioned last week – small town SE Qld, 1000 people – 48 funerals this year – all died within days and weeks from the jab

3 – Replica Clones and look alikes  How it works  

13 – Replica Clones and Lookalikes

4 – Bi carb solution.

Our (unjabbed) son recently attended a rodeo of where he remained for 25 hours- many hundreds of attendees camped over night. Next day he was so ill, vomiting water, no food, chronic aches & pains, no sleep, all over 3 days. I gave son 1/2 teas bicarb in 1/5 glass water via a straw. He managed to get some sleep after a couple of hours, awoke next day….fit as a fiddle !! 

He has continued to take one dose of bi carb a day, checking pH level every second day. Remaining in  good health. My grandparents both lived into their mid- 90s. Grandma used to put a good pinch of bicarb in with the greens to boil…can not ever recall them seeing a doctor .Great work re website. You’re very much appreciated.

5 – Strange clot removed from beating heart

This should wake up a few people.


6 – Will Trump be arrested ?  probably (it’s in the plan)     

click They Are Going to Arrest Tump

7 – Future Proofing Education – Let’s have this discussion




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