2022/08/08th  – Australia Who are You ?

Charlie Ward video last night – it appears to be totally psyop – We are at War  The DS in every country is desperate and will resort to anything, but good is winning. See Charlie’s Newsletter below

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Only a few items tonight so you are not drowned. Pls see Item 2 from last night if you didn’t already.


1 – Australia Who are You ?

If people learnt to read we would have a Parliament that represented us

click to open and save  Political Party Counterfeit Dollars 


2 – Charlie’s Newsletter  

3 – Hoover Dam is now Empty 

Major flooding happened in Las Vegas this weekend too. Lots of hidden things have been taken place in the desert there — from taking out DUMBS, underground tunnels, Hoover Dam, etc.   

Here is Ling Carpark under the famous Strip


4 – HRH Majesty Queen Romana Didulo,   

Commander-in-Chief,  Head of Government,  President, Queen and  National Indigenous Chief of the Kingdom of Canada

Russia just came out with a statement similar to the comms from Pompeo and Grassley. Russia just made sure to reiterate that they only recognize the People’s Republic of China, and not the CCP.  Russia and pro-Trump white hats are all in unison today, making sure the People know there is a distinction between China as a whole, and the CCP.China has a Deep State too.




5 – Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of Sun. 7 Aug. 2022




We are close and what we need to do at this point is to turn our vision towards a time after the RV when we will be looking at a better new world as it should be

The need to know it all right now, the need to have definitive answers that are not available to anyone, only leads to agony and then depression.  So, please just know that there are many White Hat people in every community, even yours, who are working relentlessly on this 24/7, seven days a week.  They are doing it for humanity.  

They don’t have to tell us the dates. Please consider the scope of what is being done.   

Turn your thoughts to the world that is being created for us.  Turn your thoughts to the vision that those who are doing this for us can see.  This process is about the entire planet and we have to see it in that respect.  Sure, you will have more capital than you have ever had and I see that you want that.  But that is not the objective of this.

Think humanity.  Think about yourselves in terms of them.  Think about the people who will finally have food and a place to sleep at night.  Think about the children who will have a chance to have a beautiful life.  See the effect of this that is beyond your house, your neighbourhood, your city, your state, your nation, your country.  It might take another day or another week for the completion.  It’s all good!  

God bless you all!!



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