2022/08/06th  – Do you remember freedom BEFORE the Covidhoax ?

Do you remember freedom BEFORE the Covidhoax ?

The future REWARDS those who PRESS ON – I don’t have time to feel SORRY for MYSELF – I don’t have TIME to COMPLAIN – I’m going to press on

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The Seekers lead singer Judith Durham dies aged 79: (lung complications they say)

VAERS data released Friday by the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention show 1,371,474 reports of adverse events from all age groups following COVID-19 vaccines, including 29,981 deaths and 249,116 serious injuries between Dec. 14, 2020, and July 29, 2022.

1 – Do you remember freedom BEFORE the Covidhoax ?

2 – Prime Minister Anthony Albanese is “having a bit of a break”

Mr Albanese will be on leave from August 6 to 14, with Deputy Prime Minister and Defence Minister Richard Marles taking on acting Prime Minister duties.  “I will be on leave next week, travelling in Australia, having a bit of a break – the first break I’ve had this year,” the Labor leader told ABC Melbourne on Friday.  “And Richard Marles will be doing a great job, I’m sure, in my absence as acting Prime Minister.”

We can only hope this could be one of the Q code messages ??

3 – Is Putin using body doubles ?

Quite likely I would think – for all the right reasons ?

4 – Penny Wong being sued by Russian billionaire over sanctions

5 – Gravitas: China fires missiles over Taiwan


6 – I have no email to respond to for this friendly advice

The video he gave is super compressed – but the sound is ok  someone is desperate to destroy our hope that any good men exist who take notice of Eph 5.11

Hi Larry, I’ve enjoyed SOME of what you post, but mate, with all due respect, I think it’s time you push pause on Trump Q etc and you should post this video because there are lots of OPPOSITION CONTROLLERS out there     https://worldtruthvideos.website/watch/q-gesara-nesara-psyop_tqQ46dwnFZfbeD3.html

My reply – Of all of us who are awake, no one knows the dogmatic facts of what is happening, we can only try to logic it out.  No we are not depending on Trump and Q. There are White Hats in every community. God may use them or someone else He always does. My people perish for lack of knowledge   Without faith there is no hope.

7 – FIRST LOOK: Jaw Dropping Movie Trailer “These Little Ones”

Most people cannot even imagine this horrific trade – The industry driving it is adrenochrome

8 – Australia’s Climate Change Bill has passed the Lower House. 

The Bill sets out to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, contribute to pursuing efforts to limit the “global temperature increase”, and a whole load of other hogwash that really translates to:

  • Limit your movement

  • Limit your time and activities outdoors

  • Lock you in a smart city

  • Control what you eat (BUGS)

  • Link your “emissions” to Digital ID which will punish you for stepping out of line with financial penalties (restrict you spending your money)


9 – Global warming is ‘not producing predicted disasters’

Now see what the Deep State is planning

10 – The WHO Pandemic Treaty is TERRIFYING and we all need to stop it 


11 – By 2023 we will reduce the population by 50% says WEF

12 – Adriana Takara’s death deserves the truth to be revealed  by the NSW Health Hazzard team

13 – Father who lost his family to vaccines tracks down the Doctor who gave them the shots

This footage was apparently taken by someone in the Doctor’s car – I sold footage once TV channels pay big $$ for newsy items.

I recall this incident on Ch 9 News making him out to be an angry jerk – no mention of the reasons were revealed.  We will surely be seeing more like this  I heard someone say they expect many Death Jab pushers will be hunted down like rabid animals, It has been said – you always get what you deserve.

14 – Father challenges Pharmacist after jabbing his 7 year old – No informed consent


15 – How to remove Graphene Oxide, the dangerous & undisclosed ingredient in COVID Vaccines, from the body


16 – Todd Callender – Medical Martial Law Incoming Worldwide

Q said this would happen – don’t panic – EBS and arrests underway while everyone must remain at home 


17 – WHY Q?

“Those who cannot understand that we cannot simply start arresting w/o first ensuring the safety & well-being of the population, shifting the narrative, removing those in DC through resignation to ensure success, defeating ISIS/MS13 to prevent fail-safes, freezing assets to remove network-to-network abilities, kill off COC to prevent top-down comms/org, etc. etc., should not be participating in discussions.” Q

18 – Situation update 5 July 2022


copy yo URL https://rumble.com/v1ex82h-situation-update-8522.html

19 – You might make people uncomfortable, even those you love them most and it will hurt.

The masses will likely misunderstand you and as a result they will judge you and even lash out at you and you may have to walk alone sometimes.

Your joy, your freedom and your magic will infuriate those who feel trapped in a life they secretly hate.

When your truth threatens someone’s belief system, they will come at you like a storm and you will have to stand and let them roar all around you.

If you’re creating change, the people benefiting from the current system will likely try to stop you. Be brave. Stand. Hold space for change.

Keep writing. Keep dancing. Keep singing. Keep shining your light on the world.

We need your beauty and your truth.  We need you – the real you!

B Hampton 



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