2022/07/06 – Sydney floods – Natural, climate change or something else ?


1 – Flood water levels rising faster than previous floods in Sydney 

Sydney floods July 2022 | 7NEWS 

NSW residents say ‘this is our fourth flood in a few months’ There are lots of videos about this flooding. Remember the weather man recently on my Posts predicted these floods. Also Q told to look for the Water Event. Could this be flooding the pedo tunnels ? A Military contact says that is what the Brisbane and Lismore floods did cos they have emptied the tunnels of pedo children etc – I dunno what is true any more ??



2 – Vaccine babies born with Vaids causes crisis in Australia

Vaids – Aids from the Vaxx



3 – Illinois Congressman Sean Casten’s 17-year-old daughter Fully Vaccinated Gwen Casten died Monday morning, his office announced.



4 – Unmanned mechanical body picker-uppers  Why would they want these

because of the Ten years of ongoing pandemics  unless they are stopped, arrested and shot

The World Health Organization has an official agenda for ten years of ongoing pandemics, from 2020 to 2030. They can declare a pandemic whenever they want. During pandemics the WHO becomes an effective one world government, overruling the constitutions and laws of all the nations in the world. The plan is crystal clear. Watch the video now!



5 – Will Australian Doctors be Held Accountable?



5 – Doctors moving away from APHRA and forming their own Industry Association

If you need medical or doctors assistance without the political bias and censorship contact the Australian Medical Professional Society.   This is a breakaway group of doctors and medical professionals.


T: (07) 3251 2495


6 – Do you know People Around Ballarat, Melbourne, Woodend who have taken the RED Pill

I wish to confirm the following:  Tim Dwyer presenting a strategy workshop, change the process change the results.  Millions have Protested, we have written Millions of Letters, NOTHING CHANGED.  Time for a different approach ?  14th July – 5.30pm – 7.00pm (pre-dinner at Customs House Hotel) Gorgeous Jenny is getting a dinner deal together for us. ALL MELBOURNE CONTACTS ARE INVITED TO THIS FORUM! (Please RSVP to me Louise Keramaris at my email if you wish to come to dinner and also the forum – thank you)  louise@infiniteinspiration.com.au

14th July – 7.00 -10.30pm presentation by Tim Dwyer and “workshop/discussion” at the tables.  This will be an open forum invitation to the two major networks in the western region run by Lisa Boicos and Luna & David so perhaps we may get up to 60 or so plus people attending this night!    ALL MELBOURNE CONTACTS ARE INVITED TO THIS FORUM( Please RSVP to me Louise Keramaris at my email if you wish to come to dinner and also the forum – thank you)

17th of July – Tim and Arlyn travel to Ballarat for a 1.00 PM start @ Shooters Pool Hall 502 Howitt St,  Workshop & Strategy Session drinks and snacks available for purchase,  in the evening of 17th @ 5.30  in Woodend @ The Full Moon Saloon 69 High St Woodend. 

Looking Forward to meeting You All.    Tim.


7 – Carlos Santana collapses on stage  several short vids here

Carlos Santana collapses on stage…


8 – click these  New Vaxx Rules and Mitchell Williams Teacher


9 – God bless the QLD police and their members’ ongoing court case

against the State of Emergency (SOE). People were showing support for the people who protect us and their just cause, at the Queensland Police Headquarters, 200 Roma St., Brisbane 4000 City, Thursday 16 June between 12 noon to 2 pm.

Queensland Peoples’ Protest… – Queensland Peoples’ Protest | By Queensland Peoples’ Protest | Queensland Peoples’ Protest was live.



10 – All the news the Heath Depts want you to know    1 min 11 secs


Sutherland Shire Council refuses cheques as payment – opportunity for legal redress ?

11 – A Sick New World



12 – US Military Helicopter Pilot Confirms What Earth Is – July 2022

Remember that most Flat Earth vids on ytube are done by globullists pretending to be Flat Earthers. – they put up stupid “proofs” to confuse those seeking the truth.  Spend the time to watch this and unlearn however many decades you have believed lies on a multitude of subjects 8 hrs – 30 mins per day

copy and paste to URL   https://www.larryhannigan.com.au/?s=what+on+earth


13 – If this is true, we are facing unprecedented changes

I don’t know of Pastor Gates, but, considering all that is going on, & the rapidity with which all agendas are moving, I wouldn’t dismiss what he is saying.



14 – click to open –  Update July 4 and 5 ,2022



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