2022/05/27th – Not good news, but it won’t go away if you pretend it’s not happening

Not good news, but it won’t go away if you pretend it’s not happening I usually try to give positive news but this Post looks like a bleak immediate future. Ignoring it will not make it dissolve.  2nd Chron 7.14 is now more relevant than ever before.   You should know it by heart now.   

If you want some hope see 11 and 12


Nobody “knows” when what will happen next, everything is event driven. Today the Deep State is knocked down and is struggling to stand up with their hocus pocus move in the United Nations to start a war with Russia.  The Alliance is watching, see below, it will end this misery.


People are  not  ADDICTED  to alcohol  or drugs  they are ADDICTED To ESCAPING  REALITY 


1 – Inside China’s ghost cities | 60 Minutes Australia

Feb 21, 2019 In 2013,   60 Minutes visited China’s eerie ghost towns. An entire city – all the buildings, the roads, schools, hospitals, you name it – except the people. There is not a soul to be seen. Why do all the streets have Australian names ?



2 – From an Australian soldier –

When I read about the planned Chinese invasion of California, I immediately thought it was more likely they would come here.
From a strategic perspective, Australia and China together, have 95% of proven rare earth element deposits.
China is moving to a Space-based economy with mining, manufacturing and distribution from space-based facilities.

We are so dumbed down with fluoride and MSM, no one really considers this a possible risk.

Had a good chat with an ex Senator friend in the SA Government, whose name is Gary. He said we are in real trouble no matter which of the two Parties win. Both have sold us out to the Chinese, way more than anyone knows.

A friend of his who worked on the new cities being built in China (47 of them) at the completion of his work he had a drinking session with the Chinese Official in charge of the building of these cities. He asked why the streets had Australian and Aboriginal names.  The Chinese guy was drunk by this time and said “that is for you Australians in 2025 under the Lima Agreement signed by your Government. (Whitlam in 1973) All Australians the 25 million of them, will be shipped to China and live as slaves in these cities. His friend said like hell they will. The Chinese Official said “oh yes, this will happen”. You only have 25 million people in Australia. We have 240 million Army personnel. Those Australians who do not come will be shot, simple as that.
So, his friend came back to Australia absolutely terrified and of course went to our ever loving Government Officials who said to him, one word of this and you will be killed.

He is now running scared, He said   Most of our top police are corrupt to the core and nothing can be done. Nothing he says. It is too late.

Also, China owns almost all of Australia now. Even Kangaroo Island in SA. Why there? It is almost entirely LITHIUM. China wanted to mine it. The Greenie mob said you can’t do that, too many native species of animals. What happened – Remember the fire which swept through Kangaroo Island? No accident. What happened next?

Well, no point with the environment anymore, the Chinese have the mining Rights. No Australian will be getting a cent out of this production of lithium. So, that’s where we stand now.

Hearsay – Mr Albanese was promised AU$25 Million more on Albo below

Hearsay – Mr Morrison was paid AU$50 million for his efforts.  

Larry Comments – What do you suggest? I had already made my decision before I read this. The Whitehat plan is to take out UK, Israel and the CCP.   Sounds messy?

If you earnestly and prayerfully read 2nd Chron 7.14 – Are you one of His people and what Tribe are you part of ?  Better find out – ask your pastor he should know how to check ??   yeah right eh ?  

I am 4th gen Australian, I started searching 30 years ago – I am an Israelite descended from the Tribe of Ephriam     

Are we the blessed lucky country or are we cursed because of apathy?       Your Choice

The Bible refers to Australia as “the land of Sinim,” in Isaiah 49:12. The Vulgate renders it “Australi.” Australia is one nation of the “company of nations,” the commonwealth, referred to in Genesis 35:11. 



3 – A sign of things top come ?


4 – Wuhan Lab was Experimenting with Monkeypox Last Year 

Published Research Report in International Journal in February



5 – Can someone explain what this is on the radar yesterday.  Victoria beware and prepare

Dunno about HAARP ?  oh my.


6 – The day the warning sirens blared out of your phones.  Are you ready for this…

The REAL POWER PLAY that will put national decision-making powers in the hands of WHO, took place on 22 May 2022, when the world’s governments all sign off on the Biden Administration’s proposed amendments to the International Health Regulations in Geneva. 

Read Revelation 16.2 first 

Once the amendments are signed, she warns America, WHO technocrats will have the authority to intervene in the policies and laws of “any nation in the world without its permission.”

Chinese-style lockdowns (which WHO has NEVER criticised or condemned) .could be mandated “for whatever pretext they want, they don’t have to show data, they could do this”, Bachmann said.

Why is there almost no public discussion or debate on this issue in Australia or New Zealand?

What is the REAL reason world governments suddenly, and ‘in lockstep’, toned down their previously harsh rhetoric on the virus, and even lifted many of their restrictions and mandates?

Was it all just to lull people into a false sense of security? 

Putin is probably the reason we have had a break from the mandates etc – his mutiny against the NWO

I tried to tell everyone about this but nobody seems to  give a twit because it’s too fantastic to be real – but it’s there in plain sight on government website (1957 Health Act Amendments)


7 – The Joo Cabal is determined to cut the World population by 90%  Why    

Very clear in Scriptures – Lucifer wants every Adamite dead –

more on that in  https://www.larryhannigan.com.au/churches/ 

They Live   1988  a glimpse into their WHO future plans  


A Semite is a descendant of Shem – how can any discussion of them be labelled Anti-Sematic ? 

Christ identified them in John 8.44


8 – This is the danger of a one-world government



9 – The story of Anthony Albanese

May 24, 2022 Anthony Albanese has been sworn in as Australia’s new Prime Minister. The 59-year-old ‘working class activist’ has broken the Australian Labor Party’s 9-year losing streak. Who is he? What are his views?



10 – The dark side of Electric Vehicles

Are Electric Vehicles really clean? They run on dirty energy and blood of children as young as 6. Electric cars drive human rights abuse and child labour. China is one of the villains in this story. Are electric carmakers equally guilty too? Palki Sharma Upadhyay tells you.



11 – Pray this is true

Restored Republic



12 – New I Pet Goat 2… May 25th It Begins… Everything is Coming!




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