2022/04/18th – Australia’s Smart Cities revealed

Australia’s Smart Cities revealed – Item 10

Nobody “knows” when what will happen next, everything is event driven.

ANALOGY:  In a boxing match, towards the end when one man is knocked down but still moves to get up, the game continues.  It is only when a man is “DOWN AND OUT” that a match is called.  Today the Deep State is knocked down, almost senseless  and is struggling to stand up with the ‘hocus pocus move in the United Nations to start a war with Russia”.  The Alliance is amused and watching…. but it will end this misery.


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God gave Christians a promise in 2 Corinthians 3:5-6 that He has made us competent as ministers. Even if we may not feel sufficient in ourselves to claim anything, as Paul describes feeling himself, the fact is that God has made us sufficient for the task by His Spirit.


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1 – Biden is malfunctioning these days, saying things like:

“I was in the foothills of the Himalayas with Xi Jinping, traveling with him, that’s when I travelled 17,000 miles when I was Vice President. I don’t know that for a fact.”  


2 – Are Covid 19 Vaxes safe for children ?

click – PDF  are-covid-19-vaxxes-safe-for-children


3 – Extreme Vaxx Warning

THE  UNVAXXED MUST STAY AWAY FROM PHYSICAL CONTACT WITH THE VAXXED at ALL COSTS – ESPECIALLY THOSE THAT HAVE HAD THE BOOSTER  If the UNAXXED want BLOOD CLOTS then KEEP HAVING PHYSICAL CONTACT WITH THE VAXXED Graphene is being transmitted from the Vaccinated to the Not-Vaccinated; destroying Red Blood Cells & causing Blood Clots

In his latest set of slides of blood samples taken from both “vaccinated” and unvaccinated people, Dr. Philippe van Welbergen demonstrated that the graphene being injected into people is organising and growing into larger fibres and structures, gaining magnetic properties or an electrical charge and the fibres are showing indications of more complex structures with striations.  He also demonstrated that “shards” of graphene are being transmitted from “vaccinated” to vaccine-free or unvaccinated people destroying their red blood cells and causing blood clots in the unvaccinated.

Source: https://dailyexpose.uk/2022/04/14/graphene-tranmitted-vaccinated-to-unvaccinated-blood-clots/


4 – If and When you go to Sunday Mass – this is your church headquarters   


5 – Enemies within Western Governments versus Putin


6 – The plan

Leon writes I sent this off to Yvette D’Ath (Qld Health) today because she is apparenty ‘unaware’ why there is a 40% increase in myocarditis in hospitals 

You evil mob of bastards. You want to know why there is a 40% increase in myocarditis in hospitals and death? You don’t know? BS. Of course you do because you are part of the problem pushing the jab and murdering people.

Just in case you think the people out there are so damned stupid that they don’t know what is going on, then maybe you should see the attached file which will clear it up for you.

Your time is fast coming up in the new Nuremberg Trials. You will be hung alongside the rest of the evil politicians in this Nation, believe you me, and I just want to live long enough to see that happen.

There is nothing nice about you, and you will go down in history and one of the most evil people on the planet going along with a murderous campaign of killing and maiming people of this Nation.

No use being nice to these bastards   Leon


7 – AFP-applies-for-qld-premiers-arrest – it’s a bit slow to load




8 – Election campaign goes so far back to the future it’s prehistoric for Morrison and Albanese




9 – Dr. Reiner Fuellmich updates



10 – Australia’s Smart Cities revealed

Remember this is the Cabal plan – not yours or mine – DO NOT GET JABBED


and more reasons not to get jabbed or carry a smartass phone.

Touchless Security Screening advert


11 – Brisbane, Keep The Pressure Up!

For the first time since January 2022, this coming 23rd of April will see the People descend on Brisbane on a Saturday, in a show of awesome unity and strength, to remind the so called leaders, that we DO NOT BUY THEIR DECEIT OR TRICKERY!


The Digital ID based on the total surveillance and control of the People, is being rolled out, as the next phase of their plan to dominate the race and hospitals, aged care and education are still under discriminatory mandates, which have zero logic or science to back them.

Next, the microchip will be pushed on to us by way of coercion, blackmail and trickery, much like the experimental injection which cannot stop you from either catching or spreading the sickness, was forced upon to the susceptible and most vulnerable in our society.
It is absolutely sickening, how this country is being run.   Leon


12 – If any of these Usernames is you,  please email your name and phone and Username


Inthetrenches – MichelleToniolo – iivingSoul – Terence0688 –WILDnarrative – Beware – Hanley1310 – iamman – Judicialcat – CaptJackSparrow – Bellady


13 – clickNews Flash

Tesla Energy Always Existed Med Beds



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