2022/01/28th  – Two little girls dead after jab on Gold Coast


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1 – Two little girls dead after jab on Gold Coast

click  Editor, cairnsnews


2 – WA People really love Mark McGowan


3 – Police confirm Pallychook was served  

Note – I am told that generally, police are receptive and cooperative with the Arrest Orders – we’ll soon know


4 – Queensland Police have Accepted the Charges of Every Politician, Health Dept etc


5 – Do you or your kids watch Disney ?


6 – Man denied entry to major stores as jab segregation hits Victorian retail   

The traitorous cowardly staff can be arrested too


click the green words   Daniel Andrews warned unvaccinated Victorians could continue to be locked out  “for the entirety of 2022”,  and if the energy of these staff members is anything to go off, perhaps indefinitely. Some private businesses, such as restaurants, have already taken the lead with these directives. However, now we are beginning to see state rules for patrons being handed down.

Vaccinated people in a restaurant or shop don’t have anything more to fear from an unvaccinated person, than a vaccinated person. It is only the unvaccinated person ‘at risk’. Locking access to retail or restaurants for unvaccinated people goes too far, given the ‘risk’ primarily carried in the current situation seems to be their own.  Yet the state pushes ahead, with mass employment mandates also coming into effect today.

All above are illegal and unlawful

see Referendum 1946  Category – Referendums     and    https://www.larryhannigan.com.au/remedies/



7 – David Crisafulli Qld MP​ 

Today we’ve called for a Royal Commission style inquiry into the integrity concerns surrounding the Queensland Government. We need Fitzgerald 2.0



8 – Victorian police have betrayed the public


Siding with Tyranny

Now, after blocking a business from opening their doors this week, Victoria Police are showing their true alignment to a corporate-fascist, UN-driven agenda. Victoria’s police state saga continues to get worse with each passing day. The true colours of the enforcement squad force are coming to the surface, giving a glimpse to a future UN-driven regime. 

An interesting element left out from the news stories was shocking footage showing police blocking the business premise and harassing supporters.  They also arrested a man for simply waving an Australia/UK/US flag as he walked down the street.

It has often been said that the police force is the biggest gang in the world. Mafia thug men. Racketeers of the highest order. Some could argue the purpose of fines is of a similar psychological extortion. Each police officer needs to take a hard look at themselves in the mirror. Is this what you signed up for? To deny people their basic fundamental rights as a human? This is just the latest example in a shift by police that is reaching dystopian proportions.


9 – Young Unvaxxed unjabbed  Dad Denied New Heart: Brigham & Women’s Hospital Intends to Kill D.J. Ferguson




10 – Brussels 27 Jan – how the media lies with selective editing  


“FallCabal” – Original video: http://bitly.ws/o95f
Bitchute-Channel: http://bitly.ws/ani8


11 – Cabal gear up for Genocide, freedom Rallies and Vax Horror Stories



12 – Canadian Trucker Legends

Canada’s PM Justin Trudeau is isolating himself for 5 days. His excuse?  COVID exposure. We all know why he’s self isolating. He’s scared shitless because for the 50,000 trucks are rolling into Canada’s capitol city to remove the mandate or remove Turdeau!

The Cabal in every country know every dirty trick in the book and they’ll use their controlled media, our tax money, the law, the military. They’ll provoke infiltrate, alienate, fear monger. Whatever they think they can get away with. Truckies and hundreds of cars could have blocked access to parliament by Politicians & caused some real disruption

Come on, lets get the thinking caps on.

Australia’s truckers tried but didn’t get the numbers. Maybe its time to try again but really get publicity going around the country first so as to get the numbers, & we motorists ought be supporting them, just as all the cabbies ought do


13 – Dr. Derek Knauss: “COVID is Fake; Sick Actually Have Influenza “A” or “B”” , 10 April 2021


14 – Whitehouse Prepares for something big ?

PS – A local says – The white fence is around the fountain, not around the whole white house, but construction continues.


  • Strange goings on at the White House: Last night Tues. 25 Jan. a person was videotaped bound to a chair on the upper floor of the White House. Today Wed. 26 Jan. loud jackhammers were heard from the North Lawn fountain at the White House. Yesterday new construction began in front of the White House behind the newly installed ten foot high cement fence – the same fence that was constructed around the Canadian Parliament at the same time.

  • All week at night there have been strange flashes of light filmed from the windows along the main floor of the White House, which has been empty since Trump left a year ago. At that same time before Biden’s so-called “Inauguration,” the Army National Guard constructed an eight foot high metal fence topped with barbed wire facing inward, guarded by the troops.

  • At one point last year children were filmed coming out of the White House under National Guard supervision in the middle of the night. Biden has never lived at the White House, nor was he allowed to enter the Pentagon. He has been filmed at “movie set like” replicas of the White House in Hollywood, Georgia, CIA Headquarters in Virginia and Washington DC.

  • Headlines for Thurs. 27 Jan. 2022:  Benjamin Fulford

    Very soon they would be blowing up the White House according to the CIA. “The concrete blast barricades being placed around the White House is so the detonation blast (when the WH is imploded) won’t go out into the street and surrounding area.” It’s coming soon. You have seen the videos online of the late-night detonation flashes going on inside the WH on the second floor. The pillars are being weakened, in preparation for the upcoming implosion. 

  • The last 10-15% of the tunnels in U.S are the HARDEST battles through Cali, Texas, Florida (water world) N.E U.S. (five finger sub/maglev lines). The mini tunnels through the N.E. Cities NY, DC, Philadelphia, Montreal, Finger lakes, Chicago. etc MASSIVE mini tunnels lines. Small inner city Tunnels Lines (U-Ts) NY:150, Boston:45, Hartford:50, Baltimore: 50, DC:70, Montreal: 60 they all connect to maglev & Sub tunnels.

  • The N.E. U.S is the oldest Trafficking tunnels since British control + the Queen, the Vatican, CIA, FBI. Thousands of soldiers lost since 2014 destruction of the Underground tunnels and bases. Thousands of children and adults in underground lost and dead through Deep State Explosions. Tornados in the last weeks were cover patterns silencing the Deep State booms.

  • Copy to URL    https://www.larryhannigan.com.au/?s=dumbs


15 – Craig Kelly interview   YouTube removed this,



16 – Second earthquake hits Tonga few days after massive volcanic eruption 



17 – Click for updates

Restored Republic via a GCR as of January 28th, 2022


18 – What can you communicate with your mouth shut ?



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