2022/01/25th  – Government does a huge backflip on masks


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You don’t get to choose what is happening to you… but you do choose what you consent to… be smart.


1 – If you die after taking the COVID death-shot, it’s YOUR fault!   who said this ?


2 – Australia Call to Arms – the Oath to serve your country – Bosi


I told you about that 2 posts ago   22nd Jan


3 – Former Senator Rod Culleton Served The Governor General In Canberra, Today!


4 – Now the government does a huge backflip. Surprise Surprise. Re mask wearing … now they tell us sorry to THEM  who complied



5 – Worldwide arrests Rockefeller Jnr    

Worldwide Arrest Warrant for David Rockefeller Jr. as Khazarian Mafia Take Down Continues_25 January 2022


6 – Start your engines, the convoy has begun!!



7 – Doctor Finds Treatment For Vaxx Victims, Sees Major Improvement in Blood!



8 – England Ends ALL Mandates All of a Sudden…Here’s Why



9 – The next Variant – sneaky 


10 – Bombshell News – GlaxoSmithKline Owns Google And Youtube   The Cabal is really desperate

International Common Law Group exposes GlaxoSmithKline owns Google and Youtube. Further discussion reveals NWO operations to contingent their agenda to world dominance at any cost.

copy to URL  https://rumble.com/vt86yc-bombshell-news-glaxosmithkline-owns-google-and-youtube.html


11 – Restored Republic 24 Jan



12 – FACT:  There is no SCOTUS …. not seated over 3 years… the CIA makes the decisions.

FACT:  There is no Congress… dissolved 1.5 years ago….the  CIA is making decisions

FACT:  There is no real Biden…he is dead….  ACTORS RUN DC for the CIA.

FACT:  The Media and Press are in on this DECEPTION…under Operation Mockingbird.

FACT:  Governors know this… they are playing along…

FACT:  There were TWO SOVEREIGNS in the USA….the U.S. Inc. dissolved in 2021 and no longer legally exists.. . so we are down to one sovereign… each independent state.

FACT:  The Governors could use the National Governors Association to oust all control by the U.S. Government pundits… and take control of the nation by communication and cooperation with the state governors…. BUT THEY PRETEND this “show from Hell” is okay… while they prepare the digital concentration camps using “contact tracing” vaccine passports. They are paid by the CCP.

FACT:  All elected and appointed officials can be legally ARRESTED FOR TREASON under state and federal laws…. and our Sheriffs work for the citizens by Oath….not “the government”.

Ladies and Gentlemen… read this information… and MOVE ON IT…Your starvation is right at the door…. ARE  YOU GOING TO LET IT IN?  Find the men and women who have the skills to start the criminal arrests…

Reporting.  R.E. Sutherland, M.Ed./ sciences

Freelance Investigative Science Reporter since 1996

Mount Report



13 – In Every Country Worldwide; The More You Vaccinate, The Greater The Infection Rate


14 – 41,009,389 Adverse Events and 861,082 Vaccine Deaths Says Calculated VAERS Data


Steve Kirsch: This “Vaccine” has Killed Over 400,000 Americans



These 3 young men follow their fathers



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