2021/05/03rd – Ding Dong the Witch is Dead – which witch ?

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For those who missed it in last night mail,  I added the PDFs for the W.A. Govt ridiculous new laws which violate Referendum 1946

1 – The New World Order 2021 exposed in less than 1 minute

2 – The Night Hillary Was Hanged 

This was a very long video, I reduced it and added some pics

82 – 2018 The night Hillary was hanged

3 – FBI Seizes Giuliani’s Video of Clinton Hanging


4 – A Tribute to an American Hero – Sidney Powell


5 – Doctor refuses to accept vaccinated patients


6 – India filmed by a resident – no lockdown, no panic

7 – Henry Kissinger & Bill Gates Call For Mass Vaccination & Global Governance

We are in the middle of the worst global health pandemic of our lives according to the Media, the Government and the United Nations. We are witnessing an unprecedented global lockdown in response to the Coronavirus outbreak known as COVID19.

In this video there are the NWO Demons (Bill Gates, Fauci, Kissinger & minions) actually ADMITTING their plans to vaccinate EVERYONE on Earth  No virus has ever overtaken the entire planet at the same time! So this is PROOF that it has NOTHING to do with a ‘virus’ but everything to do with a planned World Wide “Agenda”.

8 – Trump Inauguration July 4, 2021  Let’s hope and assume this will be so



The architects of the New World Order have added a Covid language to your vocabulary. Most of us are Covid literate but for those who don’t speak Covid, here’s the Covid A to Z dictionary.

AIRGASM – Having a breathing orgasm when you take off your mask after wearing it for hours.

ASYMPTOMATIC – Spreading the killer Covid virus even though you are perfectly healthy with zero symptoms.

ANAL SWAB – a synonym for sodomy. The alternative is nasal swab (nasal rape). Pick your orifice.

BOOSTER SHOT – Boosting your synthetic genetically modified immune system.

BUBBLE – Isolating yourself with other bubble heads.

COUP – The theft from bank accounts by a handful of wealthy psychopaths.

CENSORSHIP – Bye bye first amendment.

DISTANCING – Avoiding other human beings like they are Jack the Ripper.

DOG SNIFFING – Dogs trained to sniff you for Covid.

END TIMES – The new normal.

FAUCI – Funded Chinese scientists at the Wuhan Institute of Virology.

FLATTEN THE CURVE – A bra that’s too tight

GLOBAL RESET – A synonym for ‘Global Coup’.

GMH – Genetically modified humans

HAND SANITIZER – killing healthy bacteria that keep your immune system healthy.

ILLUMINATI – a Bavarian secret society founded 1 May 1776 that infiltrated the lodges of Freemasonry and has taken control of world government leaders and finance with the help of Jeffry Epstein.  1st May is celebrated by Unions, Socialists, Communists and Idiots

JAB – another term for STABBED with a needle.

KLAUS – Klaus Schwab, evil leader of the Great Reset, transhumanism, depopulation and human enslavement.

LOCKDOWN – a synonym for house arrest.

MASKING – wearing a diaper over your nose and mouth and reducing your oxygen supply. Three masks are 90% more effective than one mask at reducing your oxygen supply and suffocating you.

MRNA COVID VACCINE – An experimental, untested way to replace your natural immunity with artificial immunity that can kill you within a year like it did with animal testing.

MUTATION & DOUBLE MUTATION – Twice as likely to kill you.

NEW WORLD ORDER – The NWO is a dystopian world order ruled by a communist brotherhood of oligarchs, also known as the Evilocracy.

NEW STRAIN – A variant that escapes testing and shows no symptoms which requires everyone to wear a mask.

OLIGARCHS – The Pope, Rothschild, Windsor, Rockefeller, Soros, Buffet, Musk, Bloomberg, Gates, Kissinger, Bezos, Zuckerberg and other conscienceless c-suckers.

PLANDEMIC – The planned development of Covid-19, a highly contagious cold and flu virus that 99% of the population recover from. The fake pandemic has been used to lockdown and bankrupt nations and to stage a global coup. Also called a SCAMDEMIC.

QUARANTINE – a synonym for imprisoning people.

RIOTS – BLM, Antifa and other rioters are corporate sponsored idiots who are paid to cause chaos and justify the need for martial law.

SUPERSPREADER – People who gather together to have fun.

SIX, SIX, SIX – The vaccine is the forerunner to 666 mark of the beast. Vaccine passports will be necessary to buy food, shop and travel until the vaccine eventually kills you.

TRACING – is a synonym for STALKING.

TRANSHUMANISM – Extinction and replacement of the human species with cybernetic organisms (Cyborgs).

THIRD WAVE – Worse A Covid tsunami of attacks from variants, mutations and double mutations worse than the first and second wave.

UNDERGROUND CITIES – Underground 5 star hotels, cities and tunnels with high speed maglev trains connecting the cities that have all the above-ground luxuries and comforts including spas, fake sunshine and starry nights. You’re not invited.

VARIANTS – Fake variations of Covid-19, Covid-20, Covid-21 etc, to scare the hypnotized population into endless cooperation.

WUHAN – The city where Covid-19 started from Chinese people munching on bats. Uh huh.

XENOPHOBE – Racial hatred taught by the fake media to divide and stop people from uniting against the global coup.

YEAR 2020 – The start of humanity’s Orwellian nightmare.

ZOOM – Zooming into a virtual world of no hugging, touching or physical contact.

ZOMBIES – Anyone who continues to cooperate.



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